Season 2 Episode 2

The Lady in the Iron Mask

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 1985 on ABC
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The Lady in the Iron Mask
A mysterious veiled woman asks Dave and Maddie to find the man who disfigured her twenty years ago on her wedding day -- so she can marry him!

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  • Beauty is only skin deep. Enmity goes to the soul.

    Blue Moon is, once again, hurting for cases, to the point where the employees get in fistfights out of boredom. Maddie is on the verge of firing two of them when a client finally calls.

    Barbara Wylie tells them she wants to find the man who threw acid on her face years ago as revenge for her plans to marry someone else. Maddie is afraid the woman wants to retaliate.

    She needn’t worry. Barbara actually wants to leave her husband and marry the attacker.

    Hayes is flustered by the bizarre news, but David suggests they give the case a try. They need money, and besides, helping strange or unpleasant people is pretty much what private detectives *do.* David wins the day.

    Off they go through the desert, on their way to the target’s last known address. Maddie says part of her reason for her antipathy on this case is the feeling of being trapped or controlled by someone else—as she was by a short-term boyfriend in college, who later broke into her room. “He took away my ‘no,’” she explains. “The man who took away Barbara Wylie’s face took away her ‘no,’ too.”

    They find the man, Frank Harbert, working as a tour guide at a historic mission church. He says they should tell Barbara they never saw him.

    They go back to town, and share a nice dinner. While walking up the block, David notices some tv’s in a shop window. The news is on: Frank Harbert was found dead.

    Maddie panics, thinking it’s their fault the killer found Harbert. David reassures her that can’t be true. Next day, though, they stop in to say hello to the Wylies again.

    “You double-crossed us, lady, you killed him!” David yells. Barbara swears she never went to their office. Her husband, Ben, is likewise furious.

    Maddie is upset alternately over David’s initial enthusiasm for the case, and their inability to close what had once looked like an easy solve.

    They decide to scope out the Wylies’ hotel. They notice Barbara taking a stroll by the lake…and doing something that’s rather against litter laws. The gumshoes trace her back to the hotel, where something else looks different: her walk. It’s a bit less ladylike. When the “Mrs.” stops to take a drink, things *really* get interesting.

    Maddie is now thoroughly aggravated over what she sees as the agency’s failure—and her habit of being persuaded by her partner’s way with words. She even doubts the worth of keeping the company open.

    David takes it personally. “You really don’t want to be partners with me, do you?” he seethes. He is tired of the idea he should have to ‘prove himself’ to her—although she founded the company, he was working there two years before she walked in. He thinks he knows the business far better, and that she does not respect him.

    Maddie admits she might not pick him as a partner if she had her druthers.

    “You think you can do a better job without me?” David bellows. He challenges her to finish the case without his help.

    Maddie heads off in an outfit that mimics Barbara’s. She gets a key to the hotel room and hides.

    So does David.

    It’s a meeting of the minds. Or, the mindless.

    Then Mrs. Wylie herself makes an appearance, followed by the Mr., and the gig is truly up. Ben protests that he could no longer stand the pained atmosphere of his marriage to poor Barbara, and thought he could remove the one obstacle to their happiness. Permanently.

    But he’s not one to stick around for long goodbyes. He hotfoots it out the door. Everyone rushes to follow.

    After a long race down the halls of the elegant establishment, they wind up careening into the laundry room. Here come the cops.

    Back to the office, where apologies are in order. And not forthcoming.

    Both detectives try to write out their thoughts, but can’t quite manage. Maddie sends Agnes out and insists on some quality time with Dave.

    “I’ve never had a man put on a dress for me before,” Hayes avers.

    “And you say you’ve been around!”

    Having soothed some badly ruffled feathers, Hayes bestows a kiss goodbye.

    This ‘togetherness’ thing just might work after all.moreless
Allyce Beasley

Allyce Beasley

Agnes DiPesto

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

David Addison Jr.

Cybill Shepherd

Cybill Shepherd

Madeline "Maddie" Hayes

Curtis Armstrong

Curtis Armstrong

Herbert Quentin Viola (seasons 4 - 5, recurring previously)

Dennis Christopher

Dennis Christopher

Benjamin Wylie

Guest Star

Joel Polis

Joel Polis

Frank Harbert

Guest Star

Judith Hansen

Judith Hansen

Barbara Wylie

Guest Star

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    • (In David's office and talking about the aftermath of the case)

      Maddie: What are we going to do?

      David: About what?...

      Maddie (crossing to him): The first clump of dirt on your coffin—I want to be the one to throw it... I'm sorry, all the things I did, all the things I said. I've never had a man put on a dress for me before!

      David: And you say you've been around!

      Maddie: I'm sorry, partner.

      David: Yeah, partner.

      Maddie: I'm glad you're my partner…(leans over to kiss him) Partner.

    • David (crash-landing in the wave of soap at the laundry): Anybody want to play Twister?

    • Ben: Twelve years of marriage to a woman who wouldn't let me see her! I couldn't do it. I can't do it!

    • (When the case wraps up, the detectives get some dinner, then take a walk. Maddie compares the success to the feeling of being on a magazine cover.)

      Maddie: It doesn't have to have a name. All it has to have is a headline and a picture. 'Madelyn Hayes, More Than a Pretty Face—Solves Case. Has Nice Dinner.'

      David (smiling): Yeah, I heard of that magazine. Can't get a copy—sold out... I had a nice dinner too.

      Maddie: You're unusually giddy tonight.

      David: The night, the stars, the wine…

      Maddie: We didn't have any wine.

      David: The tab…

      Maddie: Look, I know I'm not good at apologies and thank you's, but I'd like to thank you for making me take this case. I know sometimes it seems like I say 'No' more than I say 'Yes' professionally, but what I'm trying to say is, I appreciate what you bring to the agency, and I'm really glad you're my partner.

    • (The detectives get paid, but Maddie still doesn't feel too good about the case)

      Maddie: Why isn't this more fun? Our first legitimate case, and we solve it, we find the guy—I still feel so empty inside!

      David: Cashing that $5,000 check would help fill you up.

      Maddie: That's what it's all about, isn't it.

      David: Welcome to the real world, Maddie Hayes.

    • (The detectives drive out through the desert, on their way to try and find the case subject. Maddie tells the story of a jilted college boyfriend who was found hiding in her room.)

      Maddie: He took away my 'no.' The man who took away Barbara Wylie's face took away her 'no,' too.

      (Awkward silence, then:)

      David: Look, if you don't want to do this, we don't really have to.

      Maddie: Are you kidding? I love driving through Mars. Besides, there's no one I'd rather see die of thirst than you.

      David: I'm so touched.

    • (Since Maddie is wary of taking the case, David says all they need to do is find the person in question; then it's up to Maddie what to do)

      Maddie: No arguments?

      David: Lady, you're the boss. I work for you. You pick the tune, I do the dance. No income, fine with me. You want to sleep on benches with newspapers for blankets, I'll give you all the magazine sections.

    • (Maddie is reluctant to take the case, but David tries to talk her into it)

      David: I feel an obligation here! (Points to his heart)

      Maddie: That's your breakfast. Where's your humanity?

      David: I had to hock it to pay my rent.

    • (After witnessing the fight between the workers)

      Maddie: We give them a title, we give them a paycheck, but they don't do anything to earn it! There's a part of me that thinks we'd be doing these people a favor by firing them—if you need me, I'll be out in reception, making sure that the inmates have no sharp objects with them.

      (Agnes calls to say a client has walked in)

      Maddie: A client? If she tries to leave, shoot her.

    • (At the Blue Moon office. Maddie walks in to see two employees, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Simmons, having a huge fight. Agnes steps in to stop them.)

      Agnes: I'm sorry you had to see this, Ms. Hayes. It's been brewing for a while!

      (Maddie goes to David's office)

      Maddie: Do you realize what a morale problem we have on our hands?

      David: You're kidding? I thought for sure the big fight would take care of that!

      Maddie: I don't believe this.

      David: You've gotta believe! I've got ten bucks on Lewis!

      Maddie: I'm not here. This is a dream.

    • Agnes: Are you and Mom having a fight?

      David: Uh-huh.

      Agnes (to David): Are you going to leave us?

      Maddie (from the doorway): I hope not.

    • David: We're a team. We're partners. Now. Forever. Come on. That first clump of dirt on my coffin--I want it to be thrown by you.

    • David: Do you think it's easy doing nothing all day?

    • David: Miss Dipesto, give me the number of the state parole board.

      Agnes: Right away.

      Maddie: Cancel that.

      Agnes: Right away.

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