Season 1 Episode 5

The Next Murder You Hear

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 1985 on ABC

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  • The Next Murder You Hear is yet another very funny episode!

    In the beginning, Maddie is desperate for a case. David tries to talk her out of that while taking up a yellow flower, smelling it, and then uses it to illustrate a gun. I thought that was funny, reflects on the relationship, haha.. it can be both beautiful like a flower and hurtful like a gun. Later David gives the flower to Maddie. :) This is also the episode where "great-great" and "whatever curdles your cream" was said and who doesn't love those expressions? "Come here, come sit by me", also sweet. SHe cant resist and they get stuck in the bed. Oopsie.

    "My name is Agnes, but my friends call me Ms Dipesto." When Agnes comes back to D/M stuck in the bed they yell "Ms Dipesto!" and she thinks it's her grandma.. Even her grandma called her Ms Dipesto! When she acts like that I forget that she isn't the reason I'm watching this. Ms Dipesto is an amazing character and that she adds a lot to the show is clear here.
  • "Radio, life's transmission..." The detectives appoint themselves to solve the murder of a controversial man of the airwaves.

    Late-night radio host Paul McCain is known for his blood-curdling stories, his cynical but sporting outlook on love and his way of offering something for every type of listener. Lonely, funny, angry, just looking for answers, give him a try and you’ll be hooked.

    Some of those tuned in will not be so friendly.

    One listener sees fit to cut him down in a hail of gunfire.

    David Addison picks up a newspaper and is enraptured by the case.

    Fellow sleuth Maddie Hayes is not, and she has her reasons. For one, nobody’s paying them to track down the killer. For another, she finds the late talker to be beneath repute.

    David wins her over, however, and they set out to piece together the victim’s past, his lover’s future and the turmoil at the station.

    Hayes falls in love with a memory, listening to tapes of McCain’s show. Addison becomes deeply jealous and angry, for the first but certainly not last time, and in what will turn into a sadly common response, tries to drink away the pain.

    The solution to the case takes them through uncanny plot twists and another look at the best and worst of human nature. For once, it’s Maddie who gives in to her imagination and David who must play the stoic realist. In the end, they will have more paying clients—as well as more danger—than they know what to do with. And they will wonder, is love worth dying for?

    A tense and heart-wrenching episode that well explores one of the central ideas of the series—the real hearts and minds of its characters.