Season 5 Episode 8

Those Lips, Those Lies

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 1989 on ABC

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  • David's brother Richard is back and in love and David and Richie have some brother time! Ugh! David and Maddie's relationship continues to go down the drain. :(

    The little joke at the beginning of the opening credits was cute but gave me the feeling they're even running out of breaking the 4th wall gags in this season. Fun but still a little awkward and stale for some reason! :( Onto the episode! David's brother Richie is in love but by the end of this episode we learn that Richie's love has taken him for a ride. David is there for his brother during his pain in a long montage that ends the episode. It was nice to see Charles Rocket again as Richard Addison. It was nice that David gets closer to him by the end of the episode but what David says to Maddie about how their past together has messed up their present was really sad and shocking. One of them has finally came out and said it now! This cements the speculation that the writers were wanting to break these two up! WHY?!!! Why mess with a wonderful formula? These two actors still had chemistry. Why mess with something that pulled the fans in by droves?! They wanted more ratings in this season right? Then why do everything humanly possible to screw up what made ther show popular with the people in the first place? I sometimes get the feeling that this was done on purpose. Bruce was a star now and wanted to move on. Cybill was having trouble finding a nanny for her twins (that's what one magazine was saying at least if you want to believe it). Also, Bruce and Cybill were probably arguing and the atmosphere was probably not the best ever since the creator GGC was gone. Other writers were leaving as well. Why didn't they just give us what we wanted and say goodbye?! Better way to end it than make what viewers they had left go through this pain! Ugh! :(
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