Season 3 Episode 15

To Heiress Human

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 05, 1987 on ABC

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  • Very funny ending! Safe? Hmmm. lol!

    The case to prove to a wealthy doctor that his shy daughter's bar tender boyfriend really loves her is just a background for the problems Maddie thinks she's going to have now that she and David are becoming a couple. Maddie's confused whether what the two of them did the night before should continue but in the end David and Maddie can't keep their hands off each other. Happy times for the detectives. Love it now fans for it will soon be gone! (SPOILERS) I love how in the ending scene they talk about having safe sex when not much later she will become pregnant. It's funny how the BMW rolls down the hill because David wants to make her comfortable. One sad thought though. Earlier in the same car the two have a conversation where Maddie mentions if they have a normal loving relationship "they'll move us to Sunday nights!" Well they do Maddie and they did. :(