Season 3 Episode 15

To Heiress Human

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 05, 1987 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • (Maddie is in the shower. David asks if she wants some coffee. Maddie says no.)

      Maddie: I just remembered, I have an appointment.

    • David (to Maddie): Is it my fault women will fall for any load of peat moss you hand 'em as long as you tell 'em you love 'em first?

    • David (to Maddie): Now I know why you're still by yourself and you're thirty-six. You're nuts!

  • Notes

    • David and Maddie agree that they could never have a normal relationship (like their client and her boyfriend), stating that viewers would lose interest and the show would get dumped onto Sunday nights. Although the couple never had anything remotely resembling a functional relationship, Moonlighting did end up moving to Sundays for the end of its run in the spring of 1989.

    • For his work this season, Bruce Willis won an Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Drama.

    • Music: David sings "Double Shot of My Baby's Love" by the Swingin' Medallions; "Money's Too Tight to Mention" by Simply Red

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