Season 4 Episode 10

Tracks of My Tears

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 1988 on ABC
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Tracks of My Tears
Maddie returns to Los Angeles by train and spends the time daydreaming about her future and pouring her troubles out to a sympathetic fellow passenger.

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    The only reason this episode got as high of a rating it did from me is because of the hot dream sequence part and it is the one where Maddie FINALLY comes home! Other than that I would have rated it a 5 or lower!!!! WHY Glen Gordon Caron?!!!!! WHY?!!!! !@#$$%%^&*; Is he to blame for this or has other writers taken over now because Cybill got the show's creator kicked off his own show. That's what I heard. That it was somewhere around this time or soon! Okay, must calm down long enough to explain the episode. Maddie is coming home by train. YAY! Agnes only finds out beforehand because she calls Maddie's mother who lets her know Maddie's on her way back! Of course this hurts David that she didn't even call to tell him anything. BOO!!! Maddie has a funny dream where I believe Pat Boone takes David's place pretending that he's David saying that Maddie has changed him into a different person! I love the part where Maddie says to Pat that she should be happy but she's not. That all he did was give her what she asked for. This girl is nuts of course. You give her what she wants and she doesn't want it! Seriously, are us women really like that?! I sure hope not! She now wants a hot, incredibly sexy David which isn't the complete David either! I'd say David is more than that too. Maddie you've got the best! Why are you confused?! Have to admit that the scene with David breaking the french doors down to get to her was HOT!!! Why does this show love to tease us?! Were the writers angry with the viewers now? If they were they should've been angry with the ones that stopped watching. Not the fans that were still hanging on with them! Hoping to see a little happiness in our favorite detectives' lives! Then she meets Walter. Who looks a little like the poor man's Sam/Mark Harmon. !@#$%%^ She pours out her woes to him. Tells him about all her confusion. Oh, and also tells him that the baby is NOT David's!!! AHHHH! Does pregnancy really make you go that looney tunes?! Better yet when she FINALLY for real makes it back to the office she tells David to wait even more! Right back into the arguments again. Oh, and even better yet tells David she's married to man she met on the train for three days and that she KNOWS the baby is not his! LOL! That's it! I feel like David at this moment! Haha This show has gone down the hole!!! (SPOILER) If you've seen this whole series you know who's baby that it! How does she know for sure?!! She's just trying to get on David's nerves. Isn't she?! Excuse me, I'm going to put on my diaper now and make blubber sounds with my lips! BLUB, BLUB Coo coo! Coo coo!moreless
  • Maddie is returning back from Chicago and have doubts about how it will be to face David again.

    Maddie has a lot of dreams in this episode. She\'s pregnant and confused, the hormones are playing tricks on her. Like for instance when she returns to the Blue Moon office to meet David he has become a totally different person, he is also played by another actor (Pat Boone). Maddie then thinks that it was wrong of her to make him change, she still have the hots for the old David who also makes an appearance in one of her dreams. A very hot dream that is the first on screen reunion between those characters since Maddie left for Chicago in A Trip To The Moon.

    The storyline is that Maddie gets married on the train on her way back to LA I have yet to meet a viewer who thought that was a smart move.moreless
  • Totally destroyed any David and Maddie plot continuity...that train\'s gone off the rails, big-time.

    Imagine this: it\'s been many long, strained months. You\'ve been put through tones of Season 3 repeats. Then they throw in the bombshell- Maddie\'s gone off and got married. Well, thankyou. That makes just so much sense after all the turmoil and indecision, after her desire not to commit to anyone. She found someone to pour her heart out and \'cause of that he\'s good enough to commit her life to.

    David doesn\'t need to have the heart poured out, one look and he knows it before Maddie needs to say a word. Just one reason why this episode (and the plotline) made no sense.

    Those dream sequences that everyone holds dear are lovely and lovely little patter covering for the fact that the writers were running out of ideas on how to drag out waning sexual chemistry.

    It takes a couple of average script writers a couple of average weeks to write an average Unresolved Sexual Tension plotline- but it takes some brilliant writers some brilliant months to work out how to deal with \"what comes after\" the UST is over without resorting to \"the cowards way out\" (killing or getting rid of someone). Yes, Maddie\'s got a lot of hormones whizzing around her body right now, and that has and can be used as an excuse for some abnormal behaviour. But a complete 360 and recklessness involving her future, sorry, that train\'s gone to the wrong station. The wrong universe.moreless
Allyce Beasley

Allyce Beasley

Agnes DiPesto

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

David Addison Jr.

Cybill Shepherd

Cybill Shepherd

Madeline "Maddie" Hayes

Curtis Armstrong

Curtis Armstrong

Herbert Quentin Viola (seasons 4 - 5, recurring previously)

Henry G. Sanders

Henry G. Sanders

Man on Train

Guest Star

Pat Boone

Pat Boone

New David

Guest Star

Dennis Dugan

Dennis Dugan

Walter Bishop

Guest Star

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    • (Maddie has finally returned after several months. She and David go to her office. He tries to kiss her.)

      David: Does that door of yours lock?

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    • While getting Maddie caught up on everything she's missed, Agnes says, "Bert and I did our own episodes." This suggests that Here's Living With You, Kid, the episode focusing on Herbert which aired the following month, had been filmed before this episode. (In fact, it does have an earlier production code.) It was common to film the Agnes/Bert episodes out of order and save them for use in one of the many weeks when the scheduled episode hadn't been completed on time.


    • The dream scene in which David breaks into Maddie's house is borrowed from a similar confrontation in the 1981 film Body Heat.