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  • Dumbest show on tv

    I watch it for a laugh now and remember why I don't!

    The spend all "season" building their stills. there some reason these putzes don't build their toys stills during the OFF season to make money when season opens?? Like its deer season. Laugh!

    They all seem to get the same price for their "regular run shine". Must be price fixing!! Again, go to a liquor store and buy some cheap LEGAL bourbon. It will cost you less than $100 a it won't make you go BLIND! That's the dangerous thing kids. This show is a joke, half of the idiots that make REAL " liquor " (that is what they really call shine, or moonshine, Yes, I know it for a fact, my dad was a fourth generation bootlegger!

    A few old people still make a little liquor up in the hills that won't kill you or blind you. But not many, no REAL money in it. Everyone grows pot now! Harder to find than the heat signature put off by a running still. The only real moonshiners left make it in 500 to 1000 gallon batches at a time. 100 gallons of liquor wouldn't make you enough money to pay your bail. Laugh!

    Really kids, don't try to drink this crap. Most of these little guys use old radiators instead of copper worms these days. The old antifreeze in the is what blinds or kills you.

    These guys are actors, we all know that. And it's fine if you like to watch it. I don't because its insulting to Southerners, and to my intelligence as well as MOST others.

    I was born on top of Roan Mountain in east TN. All my relatives still live in that area, and though I live in NY now I still visit when I can. When I asked a few old timers why they didn't cook anymore they all told me the same thing. Cops and choppers! Heat signature nailed them every time. They would start a run, come back and find it all blown to hell by the cops.

    So they started planting tobacco "for their own use" so its in small plots. But, it and pot puts off almost exactly the same heat signature!! So they seldom even bother to check on small grow spots now. They dontvraisd much, maybe 50-100 plants. They make a years living off of it because there have been NO jobs in that area in the last 50 years!

    Sure, people cook meth up there those are the young people that don't care who they kill with their product. If the older folk stumble on a meth lab on their property they wait till its empty and burn it down. Keeps most of that crap out of that area.

    Again, if you find it entertaining by all means watch it. But don't for a second believe it's true!! That is just stupid!
  • Fun show

    It's just entertainment, folks. Dang. Anyway, I could do without Mark, Jeff (I call him Mumbles, cause you can't make out half of what he's saying) and his disgusting, morbidly obese son. They're so boring that it hurts. There was one time when Mount Big'un ran for a little bit in an episode (DUDE, BUY A BRA), and it was entertaining for a bit, but otherwise he just takes up space mumbling like his good ol' paw-paw. Tickle and Chico are a lot more entertaining.
  • No way this is real

    As entertaining as it can be, the situations & events are ridiculous. It all has to be scripted & rehearsed. Nobody who makes moonshine as these guys supposedly do would have a camera crew following them around revealing their names, actions, & methods to the general public & law enforcement. No member of law enforcement in their right mind would have a camera crew following them around either, documenting their tactics for criminals & actual moonshiners to see. Having sheriff's deputies who only look for & pursue moonshiners seems like a big waste of taxpayer's money. In the first season ABC agents busted an alleged 'nip joint' where they found narcotics, a lot of cash, illegal firearms, and just a gallon of shine. The house was probably more of a drug den than a speakeasy. The "moonshiners" probably make more money just being on the show than they would from selling the moonshine they allegedly make, which is probably why they agreed to be on the show. The plot holes, or rather hole in this alleged reality, are rampant. How does Tim have his 16 year old son involved in all this without being charged with corruption of a minor? Why is Jim Tom suspicious of a guy he's supposedly meeting for the first time when this guy has his own camera crew following him around? Why are they so concerned about making noise in a vast wooded area? Sounds of generators, gas-powered water pumps, & chainsaw don't carry "for miles" in a densely wooded, hilly area. They don't see as concerned about the noise of the ATVs they use. Speaking out which, if they need the money so bad, maybe they can sell their newer vehicles that they would be making payments on? Everyone is said to be behind schedule, so why don't they prepare more in the 'off-season'? They all seem to procrastinate & waste time. Make stills, gather ingredients, and stash things away beforehand, and don't make mash that will supposedly go bad quickly when you don't have a still yet. Josh & Bill went through a lot of trouble to build a "hidden" room under the stage that anyone can find (it's at the site of the Plum Hollow Festival) but didn't really use it to make moonshine. They spent a lot of money on a stainless steel still that now they're not going to use. All the guys are concerned about having their stills spotted on the road, yet their tarps & camouflage keep blowing off or coming undone. If you don't want to draw attention to yourself, don't have a camera crew following you around in public. Last season Tim ingeniously stashed shine in hollowed out round hay bales (that authorities will now look for), which Tickle conveniently needed later to pay back a guy he owed money to. Now Tim's working for/with a legal distiller and that situation is so full of staged situations that I won't even get into it. In the last episode I saw Mark & Jeff were trying to drive a side-by-side UTV up a steep bank towing a trailer that's big enough to haul the UTV itself. The weight alone made it impossible, not to mention the ground clear of the trailer. The episode before that, Tickle supposedly drove 6 hours to meet a guy Tim put him in touch with & the guy got mad that Tickle walked up to him in a public place talking about moonshine. Everything smoothed over though when the guy actually talked to Tim, and now he's even cool with being on camera. Shouldn't Tim have talked to before Tickle got there? There must be dozens of cameras and a couple cameramen with each group of moonshiners to film what someone says & the others' reactions without moving the camera, then there's all the stationary cameras on the vehicles getting the perfect shot. Every few episodes the narrator reiterates that you need a thump barrel, a copper coil, and water to keep the coil cool. We get it, alright?
  • it is good

    I have been watching this show an i like it an want it to go on for years an i can't wait until it starts up again , the show is a hit in my house.
  • FAKE!!!!!

    This show is fake and stupid. Anyone who loves this probably needs help counting to twenty without taking off their shoes. They don't need help tying their shoelaces, because they probably don't wear them. If they did, it would be velcro territory. Prohibition ended decades ago. The people who would be running stills are now operating meth labs most likely. There is no getting caught because law enforcement is not after them. This is completely fake and scripted. If you believe this drivel, you are what is wrong with this country. You deserve to lose all of your money to people smarter than you. Fools.
  • Moonshiners just Tickle me

    Bestest show I ever seen! love them all . Pray they never get caught it would ruin it all!

  • theres nothing better than watching moonshiners

    I love moonshiners,,, but mostly i love tickle,,,,, just dont get no better than a natural person down to earth,,,,, man man is that moonshine good,,,.......................
  • like them ALL!

    My absolutely FAVORITE better than Andy Griffith!

    I think I am Tickels biggest fan. I love him so much it's crazy. Is he single. I would love to go and propose to him if he is. This is my dream man. I also love love love this show. It is AWESOME!!! Sure hope he finds this out. Would be best Christmas present ever.
  • Shiners Beware

    I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this show!1
  • Hypocrites beware!

    Paul, u are a preaching idiot! care to cast the first stone one more time u muslim acting butthole? Glad u are so perfect! Alcohol does cause problems, but depends on the person. God forbid the cheating government doesn't get there unlawful cut. Alcohol started this gov. check the history! What a person does on their own property should be their own business, and the gov should mind their own business, like taxing us to death for dumb shit!!! Get a clue, they are feeding their families like they know how. You feed yours off what, food stamps? or acting like a preacher and living off good moonshiners donations?!!! HYPOCRITE!!!!
  • PaulK

    Well you got Tickle, Always a Drunk, Then there is all the rest. Still a bunch of Drunks brewing Mash. ll-eagle as hell, but claim its to make a living brewing rotgut in rusted barrels and drums. Then they pass the crap to a bunch of other drunks who are only in it for a buck washing it down with bleach. These jerks are no better than people making Meth. I hope they do get caught or better yet shot. Sure it may cost more at a liqueur store but its safer to drink and the tax's actually go into the Government rather into their pockets. I know many of people that died from drinking this crap. Its no big secret to make the stuff for your OWN use. But to spread the crap that it is to make a living is an out right lie. No better than Sons of Guns shows. Look i have a machine gun, Cool? No it just makes the Criminals want one. Like we don't have enough guns on the streets now. Now we have machine guns on the street shooting innocent people over stupid crap like drugs and alcohol.
  • Pretty good

    Watched the pilot last night and it's off to a good start. Interesting and entertaining.