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  • Dumbest show on tv

    I watch it for a laugh now and remember why I don't!

    The spend all "season" building their stills. there some reason these putzes don't build their toys stills during the OFF season to make money when season opens?? Like its deer season. Laugh!

    They all seem to get the same price for their "regular run shine". Must be price fixing!! Again, go to a liquor store and buy some cheap LEGAL bourbon. It will cost you less than $100 a it won't make you go BLIND! That's the dangerous thing kids. This show is a joke, half of the idiots that make REAL " liquor " (that is what they really call shine, or moonshine, Yes, I know it for a fact, my dad was a fourth generation bootlegger!

    A few old people still make a little liquor up in the hills that won't kill you or blind you. But not many, no REAL money in it. Everyone grows pot now! Harder to find than the heat signature put off by a running still. The only real moonshiners left make it in 500 to 1000 gallon batches at a time. 100 gallons of liquor wouldn't make you enough money to pay your bail. Laugh!

    Really kids, don't try to drink this crap. Most of these little guys use old radiators instead of copper worms these days. The old antifreeze in the is what blinds or kills you.

    These guys are actors, we all know that. And it's fine if you like to watch it. I don't because its insulting to Southerners, and to my intelligence as well as MOST others.

    I was born on top of Roan Mountain in east TN. All my relatives still live in that area, and though I live in NY now I still visit when I can. When I asked a few old timers why they didn't cook anymore they all told me the same thing. Cops and choppers! Heat signature nailed them every time. They would start a run, come back and find it all blown to hell by the cops.

    So they started planting tobacco "for their own use" so its in small plots. But, it and pot puts off almost exactly the same heat signature!! So they seldom even bother to check on small grow spots now. They dontvraisd much, maybe 50-100 plants. They make a years living off of it because there have been NO jobs in that area in the last 50 years!

    Sure, people cook meth up there those are the young people that don't care who they kill with their product. If the older folk stumble on a meth lab on their property they wait till its empty and burn it down. Keeps most of that crap out of that area.

    Again, if you find it entertaining by all means watch it. But don't for a second believe it's true!! That is just stupid!