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  • Season 1
    • Lyndon Lion has grown a little bored of his regular tail and Mopatop's Shop is just the place to get another. He soon finds out though that if you really want a change it might be easier to simply change your hat! / Mansell Monkey should be the star of the big bicycle race but he's more interested in Mopatop's invisible machine. Can an invisible monkey ride a bicycle? Mopatop's Shop is the place to find out!moreless
    • 4/7/99
      Galloping Gordon the speedy Gnu is keen to whip up a few swift items for Mopatop's Shop but all the departments seem to be full. When Dermot Dog comes in feeling a little slow, there could be a job for Gordon after all! / Teasy Sneezy wants to sneeze. He has an aaaaah... but not even Pippa Pepper can help him find the choo! to go with it.moreless
    • Charlene Chicken may be a bird but chickens don't usually want to fly. At Mopatop's Shop anything's possible and when Charlene steps into a basket of balloons her wish is about to come true. / Mr. Hoofit has hundreds of dances in his case but Mopatop & Puppyduck just can't make up their minds which to choose. The mice have a dance of their own that everyone is about to learn!moreless
    • Mud / Whistles
      Episode 29
      Marvin Mudmaker is delivering a fresh consignment of mud to Mopatop's Shop but seems to be leaving it just about everywhere. When Mrs. Crocodile is missing something special from her swamp, Marvin has the answer! / The Little Frog is feeling small and insignificant. At Mopatop's Shop a pair of stilts will help him walk tall but it's a surprisingly loud whistle that will really get him noticed!moreless
    • 3/26/99
      Mopsy Swapsie wants to bake a yummy, scrummy cake but all he's got is wool and knitting needles. Topsy Swapsie wants to make a cuddly, duddly woolly mouse but all he's got is eggs, flour and sugar. / Bonnie needs some special items to make her party go with a swing and Mopatop has everything in stock, of course... including a surprise in a box. What is the surprise? Moosey's the first to find out.moreless
    • 3/24/99
      A Penguin comes in looking for some cold. Puppyduck has been washing the floor and soon the Shop is a skating rink! Mopatop and the Mice are enjoying sliding around but Puppyduck won't be happy until they've found some warm! / There's a strange smell in the air at Mopatop's Shop and the Sniffly Whiffler would like it for her collection. In the mouse loft the mice think they've sniffed out a pungent piece of cheese - could there be a connection?moreless
    • 3/22/99
      Just because a Genie is Teeny doesn't mean he isn't magic - unless he's run out of wishes. At Mopatop's Shop all they can find are flash-of-lightning wishes but it seems a flash of lightning is enough to make a pig and a horses' wishes come true! / Lamont the Sloth is tired of his delivery job and wants to work in the shop instead. When Busy Fizzie comes in for a list of things to speed up his busy life Lamont finds that the pace at Mopatop's Shop might just be too much!moreless
    • 3/18/99
      Doreen Warthog thinks her tusks are too short and her warts are too small. She comes to Mopatop's Shop to make a change but Flash Harry, the photographer, thinks she looks perfect just the way she is! / Manny Rabbit's sister, Minnie just can't keep a secret. At Mopatop's Shop there are lots of places where a secret should be safe but none of them seem to be strong enough.moreless
    • 3/12/99
      Dotty Monster wants to play in the snow but soon finds that snow is a little bit cold! When Moosey takes a pair of scissors to a roll of white paper, warm snow could be on the way! / There's a noisy fly in the shop but try as they might Mopatop & Puppyduck can't find it. Even when they learn a little fly language they still have to wait for a friendly frog before that fly will finally buzz off!moreless
    • 3/12/99
      Mrs. Flibbertigibbet needs some bright ideas and Mopatop can find some bright things for her while she's waiting. Once a Mole starts looking for presents for his mother Mrs. Flibbertigibbet has some very bright ideas indeed! / Singalotti, the Opera star needs a singer for his All Green Singing Show and Moosey thinks he might just fit the bill - even if that singer needs to be small, green, round and leafy!moreless
    • 3/10/99
      The Mice are in a flap about a box full of jumping fleas that have arrived at the shop. Moosey finds a way to give the Fleas a new home and Dermot the Dog a good scratch at the same time! / Bossy Boots gets himself a Do-What-I-Say at Mopatop's Shop and pretty soon everyone's doing just what he says. Everyone except Moosey who's wearing his father's ear muffs!moreless
    • When the Happy Flapper's new song is missing a certain something Mopatop and Puppyduck send for Ed. Once he's come up with a tune and lyrics all that's needed is Moosey and ten green bottles to provide the perfect musical accompaniment. / It seems as though the shop has sprung a leak. Mopatop is so busy trying to stop the shop from flooding that he has no time to find a puddle for Ozzie to splash around in his new boots.moreless
    • 3/4/99
      The shop's phone has a broken ringer and Claudia can't get through. Odd Job Gerald has a briefcase full of exciting rings but none of them seem quite right. / Kevin Canary must sing tonight at the Flying Feathers party but he's been struck by stage fright. What will Mopatop find in the shop to make him feel brave?moreless
    • Wind / Surprises
      Episode 19
      Puppyduck has let the wind out of its box and it's causing havoc in the shop. If only a customer would turn up who wants to take it away. / A Young Monster's on the lookout for something exciting. In Mopatop's Shop it's not the sharks and pirates that provide the thrills - just what it is that turns out to be exciting is the real surprise!moreless
    • No Sea / Horns
      Episode 18
      There's a mountain in Mr Holiday's do-it-yourself beach kit but no sea. When Ms. Trekker comes in with a very soggy do-it-yourself mountain kit, it becomes clear that there's been a mix-up. / Billy the Bull sets a puzzle for Mopatop and Puppyduck. Just how do you play a tune on a bicycle?moreless
    • 2/24/99
      Trevor needs a really good night's sleep and Mopatop has shelves full of things that might help. In fact they're so helpful that soon everyone's asleep - everyone except Trevor! / A walking waste paper basket should make you worried - especially if there's a Worry Wart underneath it! Before long everyone's worrying and only something from Mopatop's unusual stock is going to save the day.moreless
    • 2/22/99
      Mrs. Warthog needs a cake for her son's birthday so Mopatop's Shop's the place to go. But with an army of ants on the march the ingredients might not all stay in the same place at once. / Puppyduck's not too sure about a noisy holiday that has the mice on the hop! But when a few friends show her how much fun it can be it's not long before she changes her mind.moreless
    • Puppyduck may like some unusual things in her garden but when it comes to kitting out a Mole's garden, Mopatop's shop is just the place to go. / If you're the coolest bee in town a simple buzz just might not be enough and at Mopatop's Shop there's a whole department of sounds to choose from. But when you pick a cockerel's raucous cry it might take a musical mouse to get you back on track.moreless
    • 2/9/99
      When the Shakes start shaking Mopatop and Puppyduck just have to join in. But when they're so worn out they fall asleep, how is Moosey going to wake them up again? With a good shake of course! / Not everyone thinks Mother Mouse has the finest squeak in town. But when Mr. Whisper comes into the shop looking for a voice then it could be music to his ears.moreless
    • Flowers / Hiccups
      Episode 13
      When Mrs. Warthog and Mrs. Chicken try to say it with flowers from Mopatop's Shop those excitable flowers don't say quite the right thing. When it comes to the three most special words it's a bashful Thistle's who finally comes through! / Rudy Monster's jealous of his friends' hiccups and picks some up at Mopatop's shop.moreless
    • 2/3/99
      When a bug's got the blues there's nothing that'll put a smile back on his face. At Mopatop's Shop though, sometimes the simplest remedies are the most powerful. / When a gorilla dreams of becoming a fairy princess, Mopatop's Shop is the obvious place to try. There's wings and a crown and -once that wand gets waved - for once it's not Puppyduck who makes those Strawberry Jam Sandwiches 'disappear'!moreless
    • 2/1/99
      When Lamont delivers a Thingamajig to the store everyone seems to think they know what it's for. As Puppyduck struggles to open a box it seems that the Thingamajig may have one more use. / Puppyduck's feeling just like a fearsome jungle cat and when Mrs. Tiger needs something special for her daughter, Mopatop's fierce assistant catches her eye.moreless
    • Mr Grizzle, a grumpy monster with nothing much to smile about comes into the shop looking for a good laugh. Mopatop & Puppyduck try to cheer him up. / Mr Easy Peasy is feeling down because everything's just so easy to do. Jigsaw puzzles and towers of bricks are simple, but a Fish that whistles with its lips?moreless
    • 1/26/99
      Granny Rose wants something that should be easy to find - nothing! But it seems like there's a little something wherever she looks - even if it is only Moosey! / When Miss Leaf comes in looking for a plant she finds Mr Seed has already swapped a seed for the last plant in the shop.moreless
    • 1/22/99
      Sophie and Ollie come into the shop for a nice, big balloon but when they can't agree on who's going to hold it their friendship might just go 'pop' along with that balloon. / Puppyduck accidentally lets all the Musical Sounds out of their boxes and no-one can speak without producing a tuneful note. When a musician comes into the shop looking for inspiration, perhaps he'll be the only one who can catch them.moreless
    • Monty's having trouble sleeping because of those strange nighttime noises but he's outgrown his furry fuzzy wuzz. Mopatop tries to find a replacement but it's not until the mice decide to replace their big, old rug that Monty finds what he wants. / A Pink Monster just wants to be green and a Green Monster just wants to be pink. When a Monster's fed up with his color, Mopatop's Shop's got the answer.moreless
    • 1/18/99
      The smell of a sea breeze brings Captain Woof into Mopatop's Shop in search of an adventure. The thought of a journey on the high seas gets everyone excited but maybe the best trips are all in the mind. / When a snail gets tired of his old home Mopatop and Puppyduck have a few alternatives in store. But it turns out that it's just a little decorating that's needed.moreless
    • The Lickety Spit is looking for some teeth and at Mopatop's Shop they have all sorts - long ones, sharp ones, even sets for beginners. But when a Lickety Spit's favorite foods are custard and mashed bananas maybe he doesn't need any teeth at all! / Puppyduck's disappointed when Mopatop opens the box that she'd wanted to open herself. To make it up to her he decides to hold a Grand Opening.moreless
    • 1/12/99
      A rattlesnake comes to Mopatop wanting a new rattle to replace his broken one. When Odd Job Gerald arrives to fix a broken shelf the rattler suddenly finds his rattle has been repaired. / What's a ghost to do when his boo's just not up to scratch? The answer's at Mopatop's shop and never fear - there'll be a use for that tired, old boo before the big clock chimes!moreless
    • 1/8/99
      Dreams are magical things especially if the moon's your home. Where can you find a replacement for a missing moon dream? Mopatop's Shop, of course! / Mr Fox has ordered a whizzy, the fastest thing there is. When it escapes from its box everyone runs around as fast as they can to catch it.moreless
    • 1/6/99
      If you're looking for a nice bit of upside-down then Upsy Daisy's the lady for the job. Trouble is, sometimes an upside-down button doesn't work quite as it's meant to! / Mr Cheetah's looking for a song to serenade his friend Lazlo Lion but all the tunes in Mopatop's Shop seem to have been written with other animals in mind.moreless
    • Miss Corner is rather partial to squares so when Puppyduck orders a bag full of circles by mistake it seems there's going to be a problem. / A Vulture with an appetite comes into the shop looking for something small and furry with a long tail. Meanwhile nobody wants to join Moosey in a game of 'Can't Catch Me' - except maybe the hungry vulture!moreless