Moral Orel

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Monday 12:00 AM Oct 22, 2008 on Adult Swim



  • Quotes

    • (On the radio, during the ending credits)
      Rev. Putty: Amen...OK, I'm outta here.
      Man: No. Whoa, whoa, wait, wait.
      Rev. Putty:What? I said "Amen". Don't you listen?
      Man: You have a half a minute to fill here.
      Rev. Putty: Look, I already said "Amen". That means "the end" in Bible jabber.
      Man: You're scheduled to the top of the hour.
      Rev. Putty: Boo-hoo. When I'm done, I'm done.
      Man: It was too short.
      Rev. Putty: You're too short.
      Man: Hey, come on.
      Rev. Putty: What's the matter--kidney problems? How's the weather down there?
      Man: Same as--
      Rev. Putty: Hey, don't you midgets (In a squeaky voice) usually sound like you inhaled helium?
      Man: All right, look. I don't have--
      Rev. Putty: Oh, sorry. You shrimps prefer "little people", don't you?
      Man: Is this because you're bald? Is that it?
      Rev. Putty: (angrily) I have hair on the sides!
      Man: OK. Time's up. Thanks for filling.
      Rev. Putty: I'm gonna kill you!