Moral Orel

Season 1 Episode 10

God's Chef

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Jul 31, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

In order to masturbate and still go to heaven, Orel has a scheme that turns Moralton topsy-turvy

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    Scott Adsit

    Scott Adsit

    Clay Puppington, Doughy, Clicky the Janitor

    Carolyn Lawrence

    Carolyn Lawrence

    Orel Puppington

    William Salyers

    William Salyers

    Reverend Putty

    Tigger Stamatopoulos

    Tigger Stamatopoulos

    Shapey Puppington

    Britta Phillips

    Britta Phillips

    Bloberta Puppington, Nurse Bendy, Miss Sculptham

    Jay Johnston

    Jay Johnston

    Coach Stopframe, Sal Figurelli, Principal Fakey, Miss Censordoll

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • The sign in the school hallway reads 'Annual Arms Length Dance!! November 18th.'

      • The book in chich Clay consults when talking to Orel is 'Fake Facts of Life for Ages 5-15,' which lists these explanations for ages 5-11:

        • Babies are little bowls of smiles that fell over in a garden.
        • Martians shoot goo-goo rays into mommies' tummies.
        • Faeries make babies out of bubbles.
        • Babies are made from the skin that flaked off God's foot.
        • You were born because a stork got pregnant.
        • You were born because mommy swallowed a watermelon seed.
        • Babies are made by God's chef visiting ladies at night while they are asleep and injecting him with the delicious glaze from his holy pastry bag.

      • The display sign at the front of church reads 'Latin - And why it's the Devil's language.'

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Clay: (after Orel is caught by the police) I'll take it from here, Roger.
        Officer Papermouth: Well...
        Clay: To my study.

      • Clay: And of course, it's the all-important lost 12th Commandment. Thou shalt only have sex face to face, man on top.
        Orel: That explains a lot. I was on top, though.
        Clay: (holds up pastry bag) Yeah, well it's also a sin to use fun equipment.

      • Reverend Putty: Haven't you heard the handy rhyme? "Number one, gold like God made the sun. Number two, Good Lord help me go poo. Number three, the Devil sets my sperm free."

      • Reverend Putty: It's been bastardised over the years.
        Orel: By who?
        Reverend Putty: Bastards! Fatherless bastards.

      • Principal Fakey: Number one, gold as the sun. Number two, I have to go poo. Number three, set my sperm free... Orel! Were you masturbating?

      • Principal Fakey: Orel, there are some things that are burned so deep into a person's subconscious that you forget just why they're there. You only know that they've scarred you in such a horrible and personal way that they must be right.

      • Revrend Putty: Sperm... heh heh.

      • Doughy: Hey Orel, what you put for question 3?
        Orel: Jesus.
        Doughy: Of course!

    • NOTES (2)

      • Show creator Dino Stamatopoulos thought that this episode is the funniest in the entire season.

      • This episode is actually one of the earliest episodes of the show but it has been rejected by standards & practices every time it has been submitted. The masturbation content of this episode was actually hinted at months prior to the airing in a commercial [adult swim] ran for Moral Orel, consisting of an edited montage of scenes from other unrelated episodes, which when taken out of context, changed them to mean something else.

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