Moral Orel

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Monday 12:00 AM Apr 01, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • Someone please edit the summary. Orel is NOT in hell during his death -- he is simply nowhere!

    In my view this is the finest episode in the entire series.

    I think this episode represents the philosophical/spiritual view of the creators of Moral Orel: that one's own intelligence -- not organized religion -- is all that is needed to attain spiritual enlightenment. In "Grounded", Orel finally comes to a very important spiritual realization that one doesn't necessarily need "Church" in order to understand God. This, however, is sadly beaten out of his memory because it does not conform to the religious views of Moralton.

    Excellent episode. Excellent (unfairly canceled) series.

    Since I can't post this without reaching a minimum word count, the following words are simply filler: one, two, three, four...
  • More background on the previous season's finale, leaving me wondering where this is all going.

    The second episode of the final season continues to fill in the back story of the total break from reality shown in the last episodes of the second season. Orel's role as unwitting subject of his parents' -- and in a way his world's -- religious delusions is brilliantly and heart-breakingly illustrated.

    In any sort of realistic world, Orel would be spared the craziness of his parent figures' delusions... But instead, we see those delusions laid out in horrific detail. Orel is a victim of religious fundamentalism, and we root for him to overcome his bonds and join the rational world at the same time we fear that he never will.

    With 11 episodes left, I wonder where the creators will take this show.