Moral Orel

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Monday 12:00 AM Dec 18, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • The final episode's final minutes bring a touching close to a twisted series.

    Throughout the times I watched Moral Orel, mostly what kept me watching was the sheer profanity and religious immoral humor that the show offered, however the true message of the show comes out in the closing. While watching Clay deal with the Coach breaking up with him and hanging out with Orel was funny, the parts that really got me was the Reverend's sermon at the end and the credit sequence. One year after the start of the series with the Christmas episode, after a myriad of tragedies, horrible (but funny) misunderstandings and betryals, Orel begins to grow up and realize his dad isn't all knowing, and the things he's told him aren't entirely right, as usual he goes to various people for help but this time he can only find one person who can see the good in his father, and that person has had a falling-out with Clay recently due to another previous (and disturbing) relationship. The relationship between Orel and his coach drives Clay crazy and he eventually confronts him about it, only to be led away, leaving things unresolved and imperfect as they often are in real life. However, at the end, Reverend Putty narrates a final sermon showing Orel growing up and making his own "truly loving family" through everything that happened in his childhood. And there in lies the final message and dedication by the creators, that through whatever seemingly horrible things happen to a person, provided that they have love and good intentions, they may find a group that is truly caring. In the ending credits, Morel packs up his bible figures and stop motion camera and wraps them as a Christmas present to his brothers, effectively handing off the tools of his experience to the next generation so that they too, may find a truly loving family despite tragedy, corruption and conviction.