Moral Orel

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Monday 12:00 AM Dec 18, 2008 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

The episode opens with a flashback to the ending of "The Best Christmas Ever,"


In actual time, Orel is getting his bandages removed and is informed by Doctor Potterswheel that he will have to deal with a permanent limp from the gunshot wound. After being asked if his father is coming to get him, Orel says no and heads home on his crutches.


Meanwhile, in Forghetty's, Clay has told Coach Stopfrrame that he shot a bear and blames Orel that he got in the way due to his loving nature towards animals. Stopframe asks him if he can have the bear and Clay agrees. Miss Censordoll arrives and Clay talks about having business with her. Stopframe catches the two of them kissing and is greatly upset by it.


When Orel arrives home, he sees his father drunkenly ranting about Orel's violating the fifth commandment [honor they father] and seeks guidance from Reverend Putty as to how he can do that. Putty directs him to seek out a disconsolate Stopframe, whose fury over the perceived betrayal is causing him to view everyone as being Clay. As such Stopframe tries to avoid the subject every time Orel brings it up, eventually taking him ice skating where he shows Orel how to skate without crutches.

Meanwhile Clay, unaware that Stopframe wants nothing more to do with him, continues to act like nothing is wrong and brings the dead bear skin to the skating rink where he spots Orel and Stopframe bonding. He follows them around and watches their every move, becoming enraged. In his fury he forces Bloberta, Shapey, and Block to go Christmas caroling with him to Stopframe's house.

Inside his apartment, Orel sees a picture of Clay and Stopframe together and finally discovers the truth about their hidden homosexual affair. After saying that his father has never done anything honorable, Stopframe tells Orel that he created him and that is honorable. Outside, Clay creates such a ruckus that Stopframe opens his door to confront him, revealing that Orel is with him and having a great Christmas season for once. Clay accuses Stopframe of raping Orel but is finally forced to confront his lies about his infatuation with Stopframe. Clay, however, continues to deny the affair and can't bring himself to tell Coach Stopframe how he feels in front of his family. As Orel tries to get Clay to leave because it's getting late, he steps on the picture and cracks the frame, signifying to Stopframe that it is indeed too late and he must leave. The Puppingtons return home, with yet another Christmas seemingly ruined by Clay's actions.

As Reverend Putty delivers a Christmas sermon about family, Orel is shown morphing into an adult. His story has a happy ending as he marries Christina Posabule and formed a happy family together with two kids, a 12-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl, and a puppy. The three pictures show of what happened to the rest of Orel's family. Block becomes a firefighter and Shapey become a policeman, signifying that the two will become functioning adults. The third picture shows Orel's parents, Clay and Bloberta, getting older and frowning, showing that they're still married, but unhappy.