Moral Orel

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Monday 12:00 AM Dec 18, 2008 on Adult Swim



  • Trivia

    • The woman who is apparently Orel's wife seems to be Christina from the episode "The Lord's Prayer" and "Closeface".

  • Quotes

    • Coach Stopframe: (after seeing visions of Clay) I think I got a problem.

    • Coach Stopframe: Orel, what's wrong with your face?
      Orel: Golly, why?
      Coach Stopframe: It looks just like you.
      Orel: Oh yeah, it's been like that for a while now.

    • Coach Stopframe: I can't believe you kept this from me.
      Clay: It's true, shot it with my own two hands! Would have been my own one hand if Orel hadn't got in the way. That kid loves animals like he's Saint Francissi of whatever. Can't even look at him anymore.

    • Orel: Dad?
      Clay: And another thing, growlie, always honor thy father. That commandment wasn't even lost so there's no excuse not to remember it.

    • Reverend Putty: Today's Christmas sermon is about family. What is family? Well, a lot of times, family is just a bunch of people who are forced to be together just because they came out of each other, but every so often...a miracle happens. A loving family, just like that-out of nowhere. Now, what causes this? A belief in God, a strong moral structure, blind luck? Who knows? Who cares? Ah, you're not gonna get any answers out of me. I'm just a puppet for the Big Guy. I don't write this stuff. The end. I mean, Amen. Nah, who am I kidding? The end.

    • Clay: Everyone, get dressed! We're going Christmas caroling!
      Bloberta: What do you mean? Now as a family? Cheerfully?
      Clay: Yes!

    • Bloberta: Why here of all places? And shouldn't Orel be with us instead of that bear?
      Clay: Look... (to Shapey and Block who are singing) Can it!

    • Orel: Dad?
      Bloberta: Orel?
      Clay: What are you doing here with my son?
      Orel: Stop!
      Clay: The thought of the two of you makes my skin crawl!
      Orel: Please, all we were having a nice time for the first Christmas in I don't know how long. I felt relaxed and full of joy.

    • Clay: This is rape! You raped my son!
      Bloberta: What?
      Clay: With niceness in order to get to me!
      Orel: Um, dad...
      Clay: Well, it worked! You got to me! Now you stay away from him! He's not yours! I am!

    • Orel: Dad, it's too late.
      Clay: No!
      (Clay steps on a picture, creating a crack between him and Coach Stopframe)
      Coach Stopframe: He's right. It's too late.

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