Moral Orel

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Monday 12:00 AM Nov 20, 2006 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

While at the park with his family, Orel, busy playing catch with God, finds a stray dog who immediately takes an attachment to Orel.

After being permitted to keep him as a pet, Orel names him Bartholomew and the two become inseparable, with the dog being very popular around town.

Later, Reverend Putty delivers a sermon, announcing that God wants the faithful to "love Jesus more than anything else in the world". Orel takes this message to heart but soon develops a conflict; he loves his dog more than Jesus and is unsure what to do.

Orel first goes to his father who tells him that love is merely temporary and so Orel tries to distract himself. He attempts fail, but Doughy, whom Orel told his problem to earlier, arrives with a group of adults (who all hate the dog for the love and attention he gets from the children).

The group of adults convince Orel to give them the dog, Bartholomew, and they then take him away for his destruction. After feeling sad, Orel perks up realizing that they'll see each other in heaven. This realization is dashed by his mother who informs him that because animals have no soul, they can't go to either heaven or hell and are meant to be eaten.

The episode ends with Bloberta boiling a lobster who shrieks with agony, attracting Clay who is excited about dinner.