Moral Orel

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 12:00 AM May 15, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

After getting shot in the eye with Shapey's BB gun, Orel's father tells him to be more repsonsible and mature. In order to learn more about maturity, Orel goes to the local pub and drinks alcohol which is known to him as Maturity Juice.

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    Carolyn Lawrence

    Carolyn Lawrence

    Orel Puppington

    William Salyers

    William Salyers


    Tigger Stamatopoulos

    Tigger Stamatopoulos

    Shapey Puppington

    Scott Adsit

    Scott Adsit

    Clay Puppington, Doughy, Various

    Britta Phillips

    Britta Phillips

    Bloberta Puppington, Miss Sculptham

    Jay Johnston

    Jay Johnston

    Sal Figurelli, Officer Papermouth / Various

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      • Clay: I don't know what's gotten into you lately, young man. My talks just don't seem to be helping.
        Orel: But, dad, I thought I was what you wanted.
        Clay: Why on earth would I ever want you to take my precious alcoholic beverages?
        Orel: Because you wanted me to be more adult.

      • Orel: (about to spank Shapey) Shut up, you woman!

      • Orel: (to an old man) Yeah, try being 12!

      • Ms. Sculptham: Orel, you're acting like a child!

      • Clay: I'm a man.

      • Doughy: Did you get enough notes yet, Orel? I wanna go. It smells like pee and poo in here.

      • Orel: Hey look over there mister and misses Joynson they're married let's watch them.
        Mrs. Joynson: How was your day?
        Mr. Joynson: It was a day.
        Mrs. Joynson: What does that mean?Why don't you talk to me like a person?
        Mr. Joynson: I am.
        Orel: Amazing!
        Doughy: It's like they have their own language!
        Orel: That language is called maturity.

      • Orel: Shapey be careful! Don't blow the tigger!
        Shapey: Shut up!!
        Clay: Orel you know the rule. Don't upset your brother until your dad has had his first highball.

      • (the song heard over the closing credits)
        Marks Rivers - The Sad Song

        Sad, sad, and sadder than sad.
        I'm sadder with each passing moment.
        I'm much sadder now than a second ago.
        Sadly even sadder now still.
        I look back at life twenty seconds ago.
        When I first sang of my sorrow.
        Was a happier time that I'm living through now.
        Which is bliss compared with what's to follow.

      • Clay: Oh son, behaving like a grown up is many things. First and foremost it means doing things that you hate doing.
        Orel: Like what Pop?
        Clay: Well, like dealing with people who make you unhappy, being stressed about things you have no control over, and working soul-numbing jobs.
        Orel: Ooh...
        Clay: Then gradually as we endure these hardships and accept them as normal, that's when we finally earn the right to get drunk and be emotionally distant from our families.

      • Bloberta: Have a good day at school dear.
        Orel: Ehh, have a good day yourself.
        Bloberta: Hmm... now where have I seen that behavior before? Have a good day at work dear.
        Clay: Ehh, have a good day yourself.

      • (Orel Opens the door and turns on the light)
        Everyone: Surprise!
        Orel: Great, another year.
        (Orel turns off the light and closes the door)

      • (pours a glass of alcholic beverage)
        Orel: Yep, maturity juice.

      • Clay: That kid gets more action than I do.
        Bloberta: I'm still whinning him Clay.
        Clay: Bloberta, he's seven! He should not be using your milk to wash down his meatloaf which I pay for by working that stinkin' dead end job.
        Bloberta: Ha-ha I'm so sick of your complaining. Why don't you just quit your job and quit being such a crybaby.
        Clay: Oh, thanks for the sympathy. You have never been on my side!
        Bloberta: Why would I be on the side of a self destructive alcholic?
        Clay: I can't believe I gave you the privilege of satisfying me every night.

      • Doughy: Gee, why are we sneakin' around this tavern Orel?
        Orel: Because Doughy, I need to observe maturity and I figure there is no more mature place then...
        (gets cut off by two guys stumbling out of the tavern fighting and arguing about which is better; hockey or football)

      • Officer Papermount: Don't get me wrong being alone is great. It's just that I don't know what to do with my money.
        Waitress: Oh, I can think of a few things honey.
        Officer Papermount: That's what I'm saying! I'll give you money!

      • Doughy: Gosh, Principial Fakey is kissing Nurse Blinkless. I don't understand, isn't he married to Mrs. Fakey?
        Orel: Don't question your elders Doughy. Principial Fakey is in his 50's he must know the best. We just don't understand yet.

      • Clay: Excuse me family, daddy needs to powder his bladder.

      • Clay: Drinking on a daily basis is not the only way to be an adult.

      • Clay: You need to start behaving like more of an adult around here.
        Orel: But dad, I'm only twelve.
        Clay: That's no excuse. Why your own personal hero, Jesus, was very mature at your age.
        Orel: He was?
        Clay: Of course. At twelve he was already busy proving the Jews wrong.

    • NOTES (3)

      • The original un-cut version of this episode that appears on the Volume 1 DVD includes a scene where Sal Figurelli is hitting his wife. However, Clay's line of not upsetting Shapey until he has had his first "highball" in the opening scene is removed. This is because when the episode was completed, Standards and Practices sent back the episode asking for the Sal Figurelli scene to be removed. Dino removed this scene, but also added Clay's line. When the Uncensored DVD was being created, Dino and [adult swim] reverted back to the original version with Sal punching his wife, and without the different version of Clay's line.

      • There are only two epsiodes in season 1 in which the Puppington family do not visit the church, this being one of them. The other being episode 3 "Waste."

      • This was the first of three episodes of Moral Orel held over by Standards and Practices which is why it aired in May instead of March.

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