Moral Orel

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Monday 12:00 AM Nov 19, 2008 on Adult Swim
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Orel is shocked to discover that his own dad, Clay Puppington is in fact the mayor of Moralthon! And Clay is shocked that despite the fact that he hates his dead-end job, that Miss Censordoll is in fact campaigning against him to replace Clay as a new mayor in the upcoming town elections! And with Orel disgusted by his dad's behavior, decides to campaign for Miss Censordoll instead of his own father!moreless
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      • Clay: (after having visions of his mother) Okay alright, you win! I'm disgusting! I mean, it's disgusting! Eggs are disgusting and illegal, okay?! Ya happy?!

      • Mr. Figurelli: Um, anyone wanna buy anything?
        Ms. Censordoll: No need for your lifeless three-packaged items, Figurelli! The seeds of spring have been well planted. See you in the fall, Orel.

      • Clay: Orel, I've been a bad dad! I admit, okay? I'm sorry about shooting you, I'm sorry about the ignoring, blah, blah, blah! All of that! Now that we've made up, you gotta tell me what that witch is up to! You gotta, Orel, please!

      • Clay: (after Orel says that he doesn't know Ms. Censordoll's plan) Uh-huh, don't know? Okay, well, I take everything back! And I'm glad I shot you!

      • Clay: Stinking dead-end job!
        Bloberta: Dinner will be a tad late tonight, dear.
        Clay: How tad?!
        Bloberta: Oh, about a half hour. I need to finish this banner for Orel.
        Clay: Save it!

      • Orel: This is great! Now you can outlaw eggs!
        Clay: Whoa now, my young man, that's serious business. It may make me unpopular with some very important people.
        Orel: Like who?
        Clay: Like Miss Censordoll, for one. She loves eggs.
        Orel: Oh yeah, I know, but she still agrees with me.
        Clay: She does, does she?

      • Clay: Reverend Moderator, citizens of Moralton, friends, I have been criticized quite intensely for the outlawing of our little gooey breakfast buddies. I have been called a calloused hunter by my esteemed opponent. Does hunting and death really pose such a horrible threat to this town? Death, dear friends, is the best thing ever! Death is the beginning of our everlasting life. The only eggs I smash are the eggs of filth, the inhuman eggs that squeeze with vile evil, through the tantalizingly moist passage of feminine foul temptation, protruding from our mother, bit by bit, with wrongful, erotic succulence. Completely enveloped by that soiled, evil, maternal opening.

      • Orel: Mr. Mayor, I have a suggest...
        Clay: Orel?
        Orel: Dad?
        Clay: What are you doing here?
        Orel: You-you're the mayor?
        Clay: Don't remind me. Stinking dead-end job!

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