Moral Orel

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Monday 12:00 AM Oct 10, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • Heartbreaking


    This show is up and down for me. It has its moments, but I've never seen anything that put it up there with Aqua Teen or Robot Chicken. They took a step away from the satire with this episode and it's the most beautifully sad thing Adult Swim has been a part of.

  • With only 12 episodes left to go, this show is off the rails... And it's EXCELLENT!

    This show began as a parody of the 1960s stop-motion Lutheran show Davey and Goliath, as well as wholesome family sitcoms like Leave It To Beaver. The first season, as well as most of the second, was a clever but obvious inversion of the morality plays of those shows, playing off of simplistic value lessons based in an imaginary, wholesome white Christian America. The resolutions of the episodes were bitter and ironic, and the soundtrack played along excellently, but overall it mimicked its source material by resetting at the end of each episode.

    At the end of the second season, lines were crossed that totally broke the underlying concept. The last episode was difficult to watch, and bewildering it its departure from convention. I was sure that the series was finished at that point, but now it appears that there will be one big 13 episode wrap-up... And I couldn't be happier. This first third season episode (I don't know why it's listed here as the second) is a brilliant companion piece to the final second season episode, and an indicator that the creators intend to follow up on the convention-breaking leaps of that episode. It's dark and bleak and pessimistic, and I have NO idea where they're going to take the show, and that's exactly how I like it! Nothing encourages creativity like knowing your story is coming to an end soon, and I'm looking forward to the final 12 episodes more than any other show I'm watching now.
  • Truest, saddest thing I ever saw.

    When I watched this episode, I trully wanted to cry. I've never seen a show so blunt, so real. Bloberta tortures herself to feel anything other than numb, and no one tries to help her, no one wants to it seems. When Clay walks past the door to hear his son question his father's character, and Bloberta comes out crying after she herself has been through hell... It really is alot, especially with that song playing. It was just genius. A lesser show would've had the Doctor sleep with Bloberta and everything be just fine; "Moral Orel" has her be dumped and has her cry at her own terrible life. This episode proves that cartoons are not just about stupid, inane things which are funny but lack real substance. I know people who go through this everyday, who are in terrible marriages and who are trully numb. Maybe this show got cancelled because of this realness, because alot of people called in because they didn't like the show not because of it's vulgarity, but because it held up a mirror to their lives and showed them in perfect clarity how empty and sad their lives are.