Moral Orel

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Monday 12:00 AM Nov 06, 2008 on Adult Swim
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A look into a young Clay Puffington's life, showing his loving mother and uncaring father. Clay has to learn first hand what 'passing' is.
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  • Disturbingly funny...sad and sweet...this is pure Moral Orel!!!

    A dark look into Clay's youth. He was quite the Christian momma's boy (her precious only ever) but a disturbing secret revealed later, and Clay gets angry at his mom...pulls a prank that ends up killing her because of her Christian paranoias. His dad, who is supposed to be the sane one in the family takes his frustration over his wife's loss by slapping his boy which Clay misinterprets as a means of feeling worth something by his dad. There's lots of funny as these revelations are made and is a great setup to explain Clay's fathering approach towards Orel.

    It's a sad but realistic look at reality as we see that the way our parents grew up affect the way they raise their own offspring.moreless

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    • Arthur: (looking at the pictures of him and Angela in high school) To you, gold dust, cheers...

    • Arthur: (after showing Young Clay of Ol' Gunny) Now, remember, not a word to your mother. You know she has a weak heart.

    • Angela: Only God could explain why you stayed here with me, and your brothers and sisters didn't. It must have been all that praying I did during the pregnancy with you. Do you know I didn't even smoke? Imagine being that preoccupied that you forget to even light up a cigarette every once in a while. My stomach was tied in such knots, and...I was so steeped in all my prayers that I couldn't even force down a highball. I mean, if it wasn't for food, I would've wasted away to nothing; and of course, through everything that was going on through my mind, I never had time to horseback ride or go on a roller coaster. And that trampoline out back, that practically went to waste. With all that lack of exercise, it's a wonder you were ever born at all.

    • Young Clay: You'll go to Hell for saying there's no Heaven.
      (Arthur attempts to slap Young Clay, but refuses)
      Arthur: You're not even worth it.
      Young Clay: Not worth it?

    • Clay: (giving Orel a regular pistol instead of Ol' Gunny) Here, why don't you try this one instead.

    • Young Clay: My mom wouldn't want you to cover her cross with flowers.

    • Young Clay: (after finding out he has 10 dead siblings) Mom, did you mean to tell me that you are telling me that I'm not your precious only ever?
      Angela: Well, you're my precious only living ever by default.
      Young Clay: You lied to me!
      Angela: No!
      Young Clay: You lied to me, mommy! I am not gonna be your precious only living ever anymore!
      Angela: No, Clarence! I mean, Clay, wait!

    • Arthur: (about the Lost Commandments) Yeah, keep saying it. Maybe someday you'll believe it.

    • Arthur: (after finding out Young Clay is faking his death) Open your eyes! I want this prank ended!
      Angela: Don't you say that word!
      Arthur: I said-- Open your eyes, Clay!

    • Arthur: I don't need anymore of your leftovers!

    • Young Clay: (after giving the ketchup to Arthur) Now, am I worth it?

    • Young Clay: You really should say Amen at your own wife's funeral.

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