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  • Adult Swim, please cancel Mr. Pickles and bring this show back!

    At first, I didn't like this show but now I think it's one of the best AS shows right up there with The Boondocks and Rick & Morty!
  • thank god adult swim clearly reads feedback properly *insert squidward laugh here*

    ugh adult swim why do you cancel comedies with actual comedy

    That aside Moral Orel is a great comedy adult swim. The show centers around a kid named Orel Puppington (nice word play Dino) who lives in the pseudo town of Moralton this very religion heavy town filled with on the surface normal people but as the show progresses we see the dark side of the people for instance the gym teacher coach stop frame(subtle dino) is a satanist who has a crush on orels father, Clay who is the alcoholic mayor of the town who basically hates everyone in the town except for the coach and Orel at times. So final verdict this is a brilliant show that may or may not have some religious stigma with it, also another legitimate problem with the series is most of the episodes follow the same flow its not until the the end of the second into the third and final season it breaks away from this. all in all i highly recommend it so check it out.
  • Love it

    I love this show :)
  • A wonderfully crafted coming of age masterpiece that is more intellectual than a single episode may lead you to think. Both touching, and hilarious. I promise you, it isn't the "Christian-bashing trash" that you have been led to believe it

    On the surface, Moral Orel is a stop-motion tragic comedy that uses dark humor and a fair amount of shock value to narrate the misadventures of a naïve and religiously-driven child growing up under the guidance of some very disturbed role models in a hypocritical Christian town. Go deeper, however, and you find something much, much more. Moral Orel is a touching and wonderfully crafted coming of age masterpiece that is more high-browed than what a single episode may lead you to believe. You will come for the laughs, and stay for the genius. Any fan of dark comedy who wants something laugh-out-loud hilarious that still manages to be intellectually provocative, I urge you to watch all three seasons of Moral Orel. I promise you, the show isn't the Christian-bashing trash that you may have been led to believe it is. As long as you can handle an MA rating- After all, as they say, viewer discretion is advised. In light of this, I begin the review. The first season is agreeably formulaic. Orel hears a sermon at church, misinterprets it, and hilarity ensues as he inevitably screws up while innocently trying to follow the path of God taught to him by the hypocritical citizens of Moralton. Clay, Orel's dad, then takes him into his study to "correct" his mistake, but often corrects it with another unintentionally perverse moral himself. The episodes are shocking and sometimes disturbing, but amusingly so, and get the viewers comfortable with the characters and setting. So far the show is a parody of old sitcoms, notably Davey and Goliath, but also a satire of religious hypocrisy in a town of people who really don't know what they're talking about. But then what the creators did with the second and third seasons was absolutely incredible, and made the show something all the more valuable. In season two, episodes begin tackling important subjects. Characters begin fleshing out, and are amazingly well written for. The citizens of Moralton all have an extremely tragic nature, and I have admittedly felt more for these characters than I have for so many shows with even live actors. The show begins branching from comedy into tragedy as the characters are better revealed and it becomes more obvious of the town's repressive nature unto Orel. The episodes are tragic, moving, and very often thought provoking. But still, the show manages to not come off as preachy. Any fan of dark humor will find themselves laughing the entire way.

    Then we come to the season finale of season two. All I can say is… wow. In the episode "Nature", we really begin to see Orel awaken to the disturbing reality of people and world around him. He keeps his faith and remains a good Christian, but begins to learn more about himself and when he should, and shouldn't, believe what he is told.

    Then finally… the last season. First I've got to say, this show wrapped everything up in its final season better than any show I've known. It really did a bang-up job, and the creators truly deserve a round of applause. To continue, almost every character is accounted for. You learn about their pasts. Why they are the way they are. Some of them finally begin to find peace with themselves and each other. A real happiness and a real love that, throughout the rest of the series, was unknown to the citizens of Moralton. The theme of family is very prominent in this last season, but unfortunately, Orel's family only seems to get worse with his drunken father and distant mother. But finally, we see a snippet of Orel after he's grown up and raised a family of his own. We see the contrast between Orel's old family, which was numb and uncaring, to his new one which is loving and successful. It is revealed that despite his tough childhood, he always kept his moral values and faith in God. He ended up marrying his childhood sweetheart. He still respected his parents, despite their flaws. A very sweet and overall satisfying end to a terrific show, which many fans will argue, was canceled all too soon. Moral Orel is unfortunately too often misinterpreted as garbage, but really is an incredible show. If you are a fan of dark comedy, I urge you again to check it out. I can see how the humor could very well be hit-or-miss, but if you end up enjoying it, it will be well worth your time.
  • A show that's so satirical and hits so close to home that it got cancelled. I am a Christian and I approve this show.

    Moral Orel is a show based on a pious 11 year old Orel Puppington, who has a tendency to take advice a little too literally and funny stuff happens. Well, at least that's what the first season of this show is about. The second season, however, starts to truly look into the characters of the town of Moralton, turning the series into one of the most biting satires of religious fundamentalism of all times. This is not an attack of Christianity as a whole, but rather an attack of how people practices it as a social norm rather than a genuine sense of religious belief.

    One of the main characters that really reflects the change of the show's direction would be Orel's father, Clay Puppington, whose image as a disciplinary figure gradually degrades into an alcoholic monster who is selfish, pathetic and is a shell of a person who cannot climb out of his hellhole of a life. It is because of Clay that Orel begins to gradually loses his naive viewpoint of the town which cumulates into the infamous hunting incident.

    While season 2 can be seen as Orel gradually opening his eyes into the hypocrisy of the town, Season 3 made Moralton into a truly dysfunctional town where one of the few decent people is a lesbian and owns a sex shop. The local pastor could have easily been a punching bag, but in reality, his portrayal is more along the lines of a man who genuinely wants to make Moralton a better place, as seen with his relationship with his daughter, but is well aware of his own flaws.

    Moral Orel, for a 10 minute show, packed an awful lot of character development and drama in a sharp satire that eventually became so dark that not even Adult Swim could handle it. That said, this is a show that definitely is a must watch, and with the rise of the Tea Party, all of a sudden becomes even more relevant.
  • Eh...

    I don't really approve of the religous acts in this show, but I like Orel's persistence. I also like his dad because he always punishes Orel which is very funny. I don't really watch the episodes that consists religous stuff in it. It seems like they're making fun of the Lord and I don't think that's right. I like the show though. It's animations are really different compared to everything else on Adult Swim.It is also more thought out than most of they're shows. It seems the writers took time to make this show perfect unlike some other crappy shows.
  • Moral Orel is far from holy and should be forever damned in hell!

    Of all the shows out there, why this one? For starters, it is about this gay boy named Orel and he wishes to do good for God, but always does the exact opposite. I remembered this one episode when during Halloween, he wanted to fear God by disobeying the 10 commandments. WTF? You call that doing good? He would\'ve gone directly to hell when he took someone elses life away and he should. This completely contradicts what Morel Orel is trying to accoplish.

    Besides the loathesome plots, there is Orel\'s gay voice that I just can\'t stand. Also, he is a missled child that will do anything from letting his friends drink his urine.

    If you are a true catholic, avoid this show at all costs! If you watch it accidentally, go to confession. This shows main objective is to make fun of everything that is holy and I don\'t like it. Not even Family Guy makes fun of God that bad. The creator should be forever damned for putting this show on the air. It even makes 12 Oz. Mouse look good. Just say no to this and watch Family Guy or Futurama.

    I would\'ve gave it a 0, but it wouldn\'t let me.

  • A very Dark Twisted Show? but sometimes emotioal

    A pretty good show it is funny a times the final season was at times disturbing and depressing but emotional I felted Depressed after I saw the final episode but the show pretty good even thoe there were a couple of episodes about reliegion that a little offensive The hole egg stuff made me feel sick and disturbing They didn't need it but the hole dad scene made me feel pitty for him probely the most emotional episdes were the final episode and the best christmas ever the christmas episode was depressing with the hole family issues but the show as a point which is a very strong piont about familys I give this show a 7.3 out of 10
  • Excellent satire on religion and the distortion of Christian morals by the authority figures who promote it. If you have a particularly dark and twisted sense of humor, watch this show. Probably one of the most intelligent shows on adult swim.

    The show centers around Orel Puppington, an 11 year old boy who devotes himself to living out the Christian morals promoted in the sermons by Reverend Putty. However, he ends up taking the Reverend's message too literally, ending in disaster. Despite its light-hearted opening sequence, the show makes heavy use of satire and black humor. Orel lives in the town of Moralton, a proud Christian town. The residents of Moralton have dark and disturbing pasts. For example, Nurse Bendy is mentally disturbed and plays with teddy bears, calling them her "family". She believes they are the only people who see her as a real person and not a sex object. She feeds them, and when she bends over to pick up a sandwich, the teddy bears falls on her in a sexually suggestive position, she realizes she can't trust anyone and cries and screams in the corner of the room. All these other shows on Adult Swim like ATHF just rely on absurd humor to drive the plot. However, this is the first original show I've seen on Adult Swim to be truly satirical. Recommended for fans of South Park and Family Guy or anyone with a twisted sense of humor.
  • Background story to the characters Joe and Nurse Bendy.

    I am actually the same person below who gave this episode a 4/10 rating. That was back in 2008, when I knew nothing about the series Moral Orel. "Dumb" was the first episode I saw late one night while flipping through the channels, so understandably I was pretty lost afterwards and had no idea about the brief references to other story lines in the series (for example, Orel's hunting trip, Coach Stopframe's obsession with Clay, Bloberta's encounter with Doctor Potterswheel). Now, after several months of slowly discovering the show, waiting every weeknight in anticipation for 12:15 am (completely skipping Robot Chicken) I know better, and I've come back to give this episode the rating it clearly deserves.

    If it weren't for long stretches of insomnia in the fall of 2008 I might never have discovered this wonderful show. "Dumb" left me pretty confused at first, but within a week of watching more episodes of Morel Orel I was completely hooked. I discovered the show in its third and final season, when the Adult Swim network decided to cancel orders for new episodes (a really "dumb" decision, with even "dumber" reasons for doing so). I may have been a latecomer to Moral Orel, but I'm now one of its biggest fans.
  • My first thought when I saw Moral Orel was 'not another goddamn claymation show on Adult Swim!' But this show is very, very funny.

    Moral Orel is one of the darkest and most thought provoking shows I've seen in a long, long time. I was hesitant to even watch at first because of the mediocrity of other Adult Swim claymation projects. Over time though I have grown very fond of this show. After every episode I'm always shocked at what just happened, and I have to stop and think for a couple minutes. Every episode explores very dark places, and each raises interesting points about religion and society. There is a lot of hypocrisy and fault with religion, and Moral Orel unapolagetically attacks the gaping cracks in modern religious faith. Moral Orel is full of outlandishly dark humour, but it is uncomfortably real at times, and will really make you think. This is one of the best shows ever produced by adult swim, and I would really encourage everyone to at least give Moral Orel a chance.
  • A show on Adult Swim would never grab attention like this.

    Okay,I like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken on Adult Swim and I hate Superjail,but this show is pretty bad.

    The animation made out of clay thing is really disturbing and this show has got to not deal with the clay thing.

    The catholic thing has got to go with not being funny and it was really not that funny.

    The theme is really maybe like a good show but the theme is kind of like Mister Rogers Neiborhood with the music at the beginning.

    That's why I really don't like this show.It's really stupid and Morel Orel is the show a I give a F on.
  • A misunderstood show that I find to be extremely great. It isn't really a comedy although there are jokes and the episodes switch between Orel hearing advice that he misunderstands and ends up badly or it turns into a deeply dark and depressing story.

    Let's start with what it's about. The show revolves around Orel a 12 year old boy who loves Christianity. the setting is Moralton a very christian town that takes Christianity to far. Most people in Moralton are very narrow minded only believing in the bible. It is hard to describe it so let me give an example. In an episode, Orel gets a dog that he really loves, but he loves it more than Jesus so all the people of Moralton decide to get rid of the dog Orel loves. Anyways my favorite character is easily Orel's dad Clay. He is a drunk dad who shows love for Orel but we can easily see he is an awful dad. The reason why I love this show is because it is art. The 3rd season especially shows great amounts of passion and thought. Episodes that make you cry of how sad they are. We also learn lots about characters pasts and why they act the way they do. One of my favorites was a very recent one called "Passing" in which we learn about Clay's past. (SPOILERS)we learn that Clay was no different from Orel when he was a boy. Until he learns that his mother had 10 misconceived children before him. Clay doesn't like that and then pretends to shoot himself. His parents come in to find his dead body. His dad then realizes that he only used ketchup and tells his son to wake up. Clay does but his mother thinks it's a miracle and dies of a heart attack (yikes!) after that Clay's dad, hates Clay we see him about to hit him but he stop and says "your not even worth it". When Clay hears this he then wants his dad to hit him because that is the only time his dad ever acknowledges him. (SPOILERS END)anyways it a very different show and I would only recommend it to people who can take that kind of stuff. All and All one of my favorite shows I hope you see it and no one probably read this :( but oh well! :)
  • I hate this show and im not even Catholic!

    OK, I like Adult Swim, but this has got to go! I mean why are there still producing new episodes? It makes fun of god! And im not even Catholic! What is next? There going to take over the Republic of Ireland because its anti-protestant! OMG! The voices are so annoying and its a rip-off of Robot Chicken. Please adult swim, take it off. Total Drama Island, Family Guy, and South Park didn't mess with god THAT bad. So if your Roman Catholic or anything like that then avoid it. If your Protestant than still avoid it. Its offensive to all Christians. Nuff Said.
  • Finally! A show on Adult Swim that's worth watching!

    "Moral Orel" is a fresh addition to the Adult Swim lineup which is full of unoriginal nonsensical rubbish (mostly about ridiculous things such as butts and food or whatever fighting crime). I find all the other shows just plain too confusing to watch. Perhaps they require you to be extremely high to watch the other shows on Adult Swim so you're not constantly thinking 'we're they high when they made this show'?. Luckily that isnt the case for "Moral Orel". It's a simple satirical series that is offensive to all who dwell in the Bible Belt, but to everyone else who appreciates good satire, combined with sight gags and subtle's the funniest cartoon ever! More often than not, this show outdoes with South Park by being more satirical, funny, and offensive, but still maintain so much simplicity (and feature much less nudity).

    I do agree, all the Bible Belt people should not be all up in arms about this show. I find it ironic that the people who are giving this show negative reviews because of the offensiveness just happen to be Family Guy fans based on their avatars. In my mind, if your a person who thinks that it's wrong to make fun of religion than Family Guy should be considered just as offensive as this show. Therefore I suggest ignoring those who are offended by this show.

    I like how they portray Orel as a naive boy who is just trying to do the right thing (he's every Christian mother's dream). I love how all the characters are portrayed actually. I love how there's always something funny to see or read in the background of each episode. There's also lots of funny awkward silence and pause moments that give good chuckles. Shapey is my favorite character just because he's Shapey.

    Please Adult Swim, keep this show. It's fresh and funny!
  • Pretty good show, to say the least

    I don't really approve of the religous acts in this show, but I like Orel's persistence. I also like his dad because he always punishes Orel which is very funny. I don't really watch the episodes that consists religous stuff in it. It seems like they're making fun of the Lord and I don't think that's right. I like the show though. It's animations are really different compared to everything else on Adult Swim.It is also more thought out than most of they're shows. It seems the writers took time to make this show perfect unlike some other crappy shows.

  • Religion with a twist.

    I am not a religious person. Not by a long shot. But Moral Orel has me tuning in every single time it comes on.

    While the show may have religious tones, it's very twisted. Does God want you to take a pastry bag, fill it with your sperm, and impregnate women? Orel seems to think so.

    The characters are classic. The homosexual coach who has a thing for Orel's father, the crazy librarian with an egg fetish, and Orel's hyperactive little brother are just a few of the supporting cast that makes the show great.

    It seems like this one little boy is the only one who fully gets religion in the town of Moralton, and even he gets it twisted. But it's what makes the show, and I love it.
  • What a weird show

    It's about a boy who worships god, and belives in certain things not to offend him. What bugs me about this show is that Moral always ends up in trouble and in his dad's study in every freakin episode. It repeats itself. There are some good episodes like the one where Orel and his friend dig up the undead. Really great. It's on Adult Swim and I find it to be overrated. Who thought of this and why do some many people like it, That's what I don't get. I guess this show's okay but it needs recorrections. I hope I don't see any other show like this for a few years.
  • Never have I seen a show like this.

    Oh boy. When I watched this show the first time, I was glued to the T.V until it was done. Whoever made this show really outdone themselves. Especially the theme. The show rarely or even never attacks Christianity. It just pokes fun at those extreme christians who take things more serious then any other. And well fuse that together with clay mation and we got this show. The storylines, the plots. Its like the simpsons just got a booster shot full of better then ever ideas. I laughed my heart out in the halloween one (Episode:God fearing) and the church segregation (God's Image). Hard to believe I thought these episodes would be offensive but in reality it is something a christian would laugh at. There are some episodes that just arent as good as what I expected (elemental orel) but they still stick in some good jokes so it isnt a total let down. Overall this show is really outstanding. It's just what Teletoon/Adult Swim needed to kick off the night. I really hope this show goes on longer with more edgier but funnier plots and twist.
  • A really funny series.

    Its about this kid named Oral Pumpington he goes to church does things wrong and so hid dad helps him this show is really funny for those of you who find this show offensive to god it is not it's a parody of Davey and Goliath using the same humor as South Park I love this show so much I only know one person at my who watches this show which is good for him iv'e read so many negative reviews on this show and they also give negative ratings to the episodes this show needs more reviews hope my friends write reviews on what they think of this show they probably like it.
  • Worst Adult Swim show ever.

    Worst Adult Swim show ever... seriously, this show has basically made me stop watching the [as] Sunday night line-up, a long standing tradition in my house-hold since before it was [as]... Frisky Dingo, Metalopalyse, and 12 oz. are all way better...
    I guess growing up in the Bible-Belt and being surrounded by the real-life idiots this show mocks has made me bitter, but its just unfunny to me... falling back on just gross-out humor, when a better written show with same idea could have been great...
    In fact i think the only episode i actually laughed at all during was the one in which Orel uses the Necronomicon to cause a zombie out-break... and they even found a way to mess that up!
  • funny as hell i love this show!!!

    at first i did not get anything they were talking about. but when really sat down and watched i was like no relgious people are going to hate this show. they make fun of the idea of relgion. they make fun about preist jews gay people sex drugs everything. brillant. it also a very dark comdey you really need to pay attention on wants going on because your not going to get the whole concept of the cartoon. if you are religious this is not your show. trust me. its so funny how they brain wash morel making him believe that everything he does is wrong and god is going to punishing him....i just love this show!
  • You're going to have a hard time finding another show like This on the air! :idea:

    You want to know something weird? As cutting-edge and potentially influential as this show is, I haven't written more reviews from it. And now it's apparently going to be ending if it hasn't already! Adult Swim can't allow that! How else is the rest of normal America supposed to get its fix of strongly disliking those religious zealots (and I won't mention any names) in our lives?! Before "Moral Oral" came on the air, it was almost impossible to find a show, let alone a cartoon show, that accurately parodied what the more fanatical sects of a cult following does! That's why this show Needs to stay on the air, because it's so important! And I hope Adult Swim realizes that to! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Dino Stamatopoulos from 'Mr. Show' strikes again! A hilarious show that will probably require a few viewings to fully appreciate.

    This has become a personal favourite of mine; maybe it's because I'm just an addict for 'clay-mation,' or maybe I'm just attracted to the type of humour displayed.

    'Moral Orel' focuses on a boy called Orel, who lives in 'Moralton,' a protestant town in 'Statesota,' America. You're probably thinking 'yeah, great. A show about Christianity, how wonderful.' The only difference is, 'Moral Orel' doesn't exactly praise Christian values, instead it explores how convenient the faith is, and especially how it can be so easily misunderstood, which more than often leads to hilariously violent and gross unpredictable circumstances.

    This is where Orel comes in, a little boy that always tries to do good, but somehow always manages to do something drastically bad; such as getting addicted to crack, or burning down the town. Although he does these things, he always has the reasoning to back it up. More times than most, it's the influence of his elders; Clay (his father), Reverand Putty and his sermons, and all the other Moralton townsfolk who influence Orel with their own bad judgement. He takes there advice too literally and then tries to do good in the eye of God.

    Supposedly, the show is seen to be a type of parody of 'Davey and Goliath', and aesthetically, the show does resemble it, although Dino Stamatopoulos, the creator, has said that it really isn't. "'Moral Orel' is based more on the sitcoms of the 50's and early 60's, like 'Leave It To Beaver,' but I wanted to add in the ingredient of the misinterpretation of religion." And this is the concoction that puts the show in a league of its own; it is nothing like anything else on T.V. although the way the childish wonder of Orel is put up against the harsh reality of the world reminds me of the early seasons of 'South Park.'

    If you enjoy watching 'South Park' and the early seasons of 'The Simpsons', then you should more than likely be fond of this show. Some fans of 'The Simpsons' may not like it straight away, but if you enjoyed the early seasons, then you should be able to appreciate what the show is doing and where it is headed.

    'Moral Orel' doesn't exactly have much of a following at the moment, but I'm sure that will change. Season 2 is already looking excellent, the animation has already gotten a lot better, not to say that it sucked in the 1st season though, and the storylines seem to be getting more exciting; pulling away from the tired season 1 format, and starting to focus more on the townsfolk.

    Check out season 1 classics such as 'Charity' and the hilarious 'God's Chef.'
  • If people would rate the show on the quality of the satire rather than the strength of their own religious convictions, it would have a much higher score because it really is very clever.

    Orel is confused. He wants to do what is right in the eyes of the lord, but doesn't have anyone to tell him how he should go about doing this. His father is a depressed closet case who constantly contradicts himself when it comes to religious ideals and takes out his anger on Orel. His mom seems to have OCD and doesn't want anything to do with Orel's father for the most part. Orel's brother, Shapey, is the epitome of a spoiled brat, and Orel seems oblivious to most of the household goings-on. He is easily manipulated by those in power, taking most of what he hears as truth. Most episodes begin with the family going to church and listening to reverend Putty's sermon. Orel takes the entire sermon literally and tries to do whatever good deed the reverend expounded on in the most extreme way. This usually creates a big mess, but also exposes the inherent flaws in many of the inhabitants of Moralton. Every once in awhile, though, Orel actually manages to do a bit of good for one of the townsfolk and the episode has a happy ending that tempers some of the darkness of preceding episodes. Anyone with an open mind and a knowledge of Christianity or any organized religion can relate to this show and will probably find it quite amusing. It's smart and has a great sense of dark humor, and is one of the best shows on Adult Swim. Watch it.
  • The perfect setting for low jabs at the cookyness of religion and the endless ways you can misinterpet what they really mean. Orel always means good but ends up getting into trouble

    Orel, a son in a very religious family, tries to follow the bible and the teachings of the town preacher to the T. He ends up following the holy guidelines too closely and does everything he can to play them out. The entire show is a spoof of what can happen to people if they take the Bible too seriously. Orel wants to serve the Lord, the Lord just made him too naive to understand the real reasoning behind what the church teaches. Orel's closet alcoholic drunk dad and obsessive compulsive mom are exactly what one would expect would parent such a misguded child.
  • It's a funny show I dont get why people hate it it's a funny show I first thought this show was a rip-off of south park but it's not.

    I love Moral Orel it's funny it's like mister rodgers neighber hood meets south park it's a great show I cant belive people dont post topics on the moral orel forum its like one of the best shows on adult swim not the best actually I wish ben10toyfan would stop bashing this show already if he hates it dont watch it.
  • As I learned from the ten comandments: NEVER MAKE FUN OF THE LORD!!!

    In this show there is a kid named Orel who praises the Lord by doing things opposite. WTF! I mean come on. If your kid watches this(which of course they can do anything to watch TV) then that means he can copy that kid and even go to Hell when he dies this is one of the reasons why I stop watching Adult Swim well I do watch Adult Swim for the funny and anime shows but this? OMFG! Take this show out now!
  • Can you imagine a series like this about Muslims or Jews? Or any other religion except Christianity?

    Id love to see them give the Moral Orel treatment to Islam.

    Only problem is the writers would have to consult Salman Rushdie on how to evade a Fatwa.

    Oh yeah, and their would be riots, car burning and shootings all over the world to protest it. Remember what happened with the Dutch cartoons?

    Its a really really really really good thing Christians (or at least fundamentalist Protestants, those depicted in Moral Orel) arent like Muslims who wig out at the drop of a hat. Though in the lastest season or so they have been seriously pushing the envelope breaking new ground in tasteless comedy. Some Moral Orel episodes make South Park look tame by comparison.
  • Has quiet a few laughs. =)

    This show is nearing the South Park level when it comes to political incorrectness. The show, a dirty parody of Davey and Golieth, is focused on overly religious Orel Puppington. Nearly everying he says has something tp do with God. However, most of the time his attempts to please the lord are rediculous. They include getting addicted to crack, drinking pee so it isn't wasted, and dressing up as the 10 Commandments for Halloween. His family is rather odd. His dad secretly is involved in a gay relationship with the gym teacher, and applauds many of Orel's bad choices. His brother Shapey is insane and Orel believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus. Worth checking out. =)