Moral Orel

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Monday 12:00 AM Nov 27, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Coach Stopframe goes to a meeting of a Satanic cult, taking Orel with him. However, Coach Stopframe is turned off from the cult when he sees that everyone in the meeting is overweight, wandering around in the nude, and devouring junk food refreshments.

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    Carolyn Lawrence

    Carolyn Lawrence

    Orel Puppington

    Dino Stamatopoulos

    Dino Stamatopoulos

    Billy Figurelli, Flygron

    William Salyers

    William Salyers

    Reverend Putty

    Scott Adsit

    Scott Adsit

    Clay Puppington, Doughy, Various

    Jay Johnston

    Jay Johnston

    Coach Stopframe, Sal Figurelli, Principal Fakey, Miss Censordoll

    Tigger Stamatopoulos

    Tigger Stamatopoulos

    Shapey Puppington

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      • Coach Stopframe: Look, I have to tell you, I pictured things a little bit...
        Flygron: Yeah, i know, more Satanic, and whatnot. Look, our concept of Satan is pretty Christian, it derived from a Pagan image of power, virility, sexuality and sensuality, and whatnot. Satan is more a force of nature, not a living quasi deity and whatnot.
        Coach Stopframe: I was going to say i pictured things a little skinnier.
        Flygron: Skinny is for the Jesus-ites

      • Flygron: We Satanists love to partake in earthly pleasures. Not like the up tight Christians, and whatnot.
        Coach Stopframe: Um, listen, I don't where you get your information, but Christians do eat candy bars.
        Flygron: Ummphmhm... not this gooey they don't, and whatnot.

      • Coach Stopframe: Uh, I cannot get naked with these people.
        Flygron: Yeah, not with that kid around anyway, whatnot.

      • Flygron: Uh, who's the kid?
        Coach Stopframe: He's the virgin.
        Flygron: What? That's totally against the law.
        Coach Stopframe: But it's for the ritual.
        Flygron: Don't you know any legal virgins?
        Coach Stopframe: Hadn't crossed my mind really.

      • Orel: This sure is exciting. I've never been to an adult party before.
        Coach Stopframe: Now Orel, you're sure you're still a virgin, right?
        Orel: Oh, scouts honour coach.

      • Coach Stopframe: Did you get the comb measurement stuff?
        Orel: You mean the hair?
        Coach Stopframe: Yes.
        Orel: Sure did! Three strands.

      • Flygron: Greetings, you are speaking to Flygron, dark priest of Lucifer.
        Coach Stopframe: Yes, my name is Coach Danielle Stopframe, and I'm interested in attending your Satanic love acquisition ritual.
        Flygron: Indeed, we have openings, but you must be drug free.
        Coach Stopframe: Drug free?
        Flygron: And that drug is Christianity.
        Coach Stopframe: Clean as a whistle.

      • Clay: Orel, why are you sifting through the vacuum bag so early in the morning?
        Orel: Oh, is it that early?
        Clay: Yes, i haven't even finished my third drink yet.

      • Reverand Putty: Homosexualty.
        Everyone: Gasp!
        Reverand Putty: Not only is it the biggest sin out there, it's just plain unfair. Men with men? Are you kidding me? Try not to loose your virginity under those circumstances. I mean, you cut out women, and you cut out teasing, and shelling out cash for expensive dinners, and the nagging. In fact, gay men would have it made in the shade if it weren't for one thing. God hates 'em. Why? Because they can't multiply. Seriosuly, as hard as they kiss, and press their stupid bodies together, they're never gonna squeeze a baby out of eachother. I'm tellin' 'ya, it's a joke. And guess who's the only one laughin'? Satan.

      • (talking about his pants)
        Coach Stopframe: They never make these loose enough down south.

      • Reverand Putty: Yes, well, the Lord's logic is very complex when it comes to hating nipples, you see with men, he...

      • Bloberta: My, you're working late.
        Clay: Stinkin'...
        Bloberta: Dead end job, uh-huh.

      • Coach Stopframe: Lord in Heaven, have him call me.
        (flips cross on wall upside down)
        Coach Stopframe: Satan in Hell, make him call me.

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