Moral Orel

Season 2 Episode 16

School Pageant

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Jun 11, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Orel tries out for the lead role in the School Pageant, however he has some stiff competition.

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  • One of the funniest episodes of season two!

    This is definitly one of the funnier episodes of the season. Dale Armature is a one-eyebrow version of real live theater directors who have their egos so far up their arses. I love how he only wrote the play to show off and how it becomes the most boring musical Moralton has ever seen. Turns out that Orel saves the day with his hilarious Judas song.

    Moral of the story: the townsfolk seem to love Orel more than Jesus even if they don't even realize it. This time around Orel didn't cause the chaos this time around but rather being cast as Judas instead of Jesus by Dale caused some unusal affects.

    The "I hate you Jesus" song is a classic that will live on in all of us.moreless
Britta Phillips

Britta Phillips

Bloberta Puppington, Nurse Bendy, Miss Sculptham

Carolyn Lawrence

Carolyn Lawrence

Orel Puppington

Dino Stamatopoulos

Dino Stamatopoulos

Billy Figurelli, Various

Jay Johnston

Jay Johnston

Coach Stopframe, Sal Figurelli, Principal Fakey, Miss Censordoll

Scott Adsit

Scott Adsit

Clay Puppington, Doughy, Various

Tigger Stamatopoulos

Tigger Stamatopoulos

Shapey Puppington, Block Posabule

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (5)

    • The Judas Song by Dale Armature
      (performed by Orel & Dale Armature)

      I hate you Jeezus, You rotten little fink,
      Your sermon never pleases and Your parables all stink
      Your eyes are beady,
      Nose is weird,
      A goofy basket case,
      I'd like to take your stupid beard and rip it off your face.

      Prancing gaily on the water,
      A long-haired scrawny clod,
      You may be someone's daughter, BUT
      You sure ain't the Son of

      God God God God God God God God.

      God I hate you Jeezus with Your boring miracles,
      You smell like a hundred cheeses have been
      Shoved right up
      Shoved right up
      Shoved right up my nose!

    • Orel: Wow, everyone sure hates Jesus. Whoops.

    • Dale Armature: Arghhh!
      Orel: What's the matter Mr. Armature?
      Dale Armature: They're here, Lily and Leaf.
      Orel: The most popular two-thirds of The Crucifolks?

    • Dale Armature: (singing) I hate you Jesus, you rotten little thing. Your sermon never pleases, and your parables all stink. Your eyes are beady noses, with a goofy basket-case. I'll like to take your stupid beard and rip it off your face.

    • Miss Sculptham: It's time again to hold our annual elementary school juvenile pageant for children. This year, we have the honour of welcoming ex-Crucifolk Dale Armature, who will direct the premiere of his never-before wanted musical Crooning Jesus.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The Crucifolks make their first appearance in this episode, and their names are revealed as Lily, Leaf and Dale Armature.

    • A last minute scheduling change switched "Orel's Movie Premiere" with "School Pageant."

    • The [adult swim] schedule originally had this episode incorrectly labelled as "Death Part 2." The Moral Orel writing staff submitted a synopsis for the episodes "Death" and "Death Part 2," however the scripts were never written.

    • This epsiode premiered on the Internet prior to its TV airing on [adult swim video] on June 8, 2007, however it was originally scheduled for June 7, 2007.