Moral Orel

Season 1 Episode 1

The Best Christmas Ever

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Dec 13, 2005 on Adult Swim

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  • So that's why the parenst are so crappy and fake.

    This episode has persuaded me to watch more of Morel Orel more ofte. I liketo see the parents bicker and then at the same time hold it all in the children. Then on the other hand, Their a church going family who's suppose to be under god's thump while they have a son trying to live life "morally". I didn't really care much for the beginning, as it sort of stirred the viewer the wrong way. However, it develped itself throughtout the episode. For example, how Orel peaks in and brief hears the parents arguing about how the wife conceived Shapey fron someone else besides him, then Orel belives Shapey is the next Jesus. So then, they wake up to find out there's no presents, because the Mother was so disgusted she forgot to sat them out. So Orel, trying to live "moral", set out to find Shapey a present. Thinking Shapey's the lord, he does whatever he wdoes, which is disturbing the town's stable. So the preacher calls their mother. So, interesting enough, the mother had not oly an anger at Morel, but an evil attitude from what happened the night before. So Morel says that Dad isn't sapey father and that he's the lord. Frustratingly enough, the mother responded she knew about the parental issue and then slaps at Orel and snatches Shapey and says how about you go find your precios father and spend christmas with him? Then after she vigorously pulled off without Orel, Orel found him in a bar talking to his Gym teacher aout how he needs to cheer up about the divorce thing. So then the show ends with questions still unanswered
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