Moral Orel

Season 2 Episode 8

The Lord's Prayer

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Jan 15, 2007 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

Orel and Shapey are busy playing with a Noah's Ark toy set on the front lawn. When all the animals are aboard the ship, Orel gives the go ahead to start the rain. Excitedly, Shapey pours water on the Ark, causing it to collapse, and then continues to kick the Ark.

Flying a few feet, the Ark lands in the front-yard next door, where a for-sale sign is just being pulled out. A small girl, about the age of Orel is standing there, and he has become awestruck. Before the two can meet, her father comes along and takes the girl inside, slamming the door behind.

Orel quickly runs next door to tell his parents of their new neighbours, the Posabule's.

Later that night, the Posabule's visit the Puppington's and both families are introduced to eachother. The adults, Art and Poppit, and the children, Block and Christina, immediately hit it off with the Puppington's.

The two male adults are in the study going through Clay's music collection, which also happens to be a lot like Art's; claiming that he has all of these too. One record in particular that Art picks up is 'Non-Threatening Negro Comedy Vol. 6 by Eddie Benign.'

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Bloberta is showing her cupboard of detergents to Poppit, taking pride in the fact that they are arranged in alphabetical order. However, Poppit notices that two are not in order, which causes Bloberta to go around the kitchen throwing things in a fit of rage. She only stops after Poppit places the two cleaning items in their rightful places.

At the dinner table, about to eat, everything is going well until both families say a prayer before eating. Whilst saying the Lord's Prayer, the Posabule family say 'forgive your debtors' when the Puppingtons say 'trespassers.' Clay and Art have an argument over this, and both families leave the table, with Orel and Christina the only ones now sitting there, staring miserably at each other. The Posabule's then leave and go home.

When they have left, Clay and Bloberta have a short discussion and Block, the Posabule son is mistaken for Shapey. Shapey having gone home with the Posabule's and Block having stayed with the Puppingtons.

Orel then has a conversation with his father, and Clay tells him that he can't see Christina anymore because her family believes in God the wrong way. Confused Orel questions his father, who then takes him to the den and gives him the belt. "Now do you understand?" asks Clay.

Sadly, Orel walks into the rhombus room and looks out the window. On the other side of the lawn, Christina is doing the same thing. She sends a paper aeroplane to Orel with a note inside, saying to go to Inspirational Point.

Orel goes to Inspirational Point and walks by several stationary cars rocking back and forth. A voice screaming "Thankyou Jesus" can be heard within one car, and Orel thinks that people must come here to pray.

With a dark, cloudless sky and full moon as a backdrop, Orel and Christina lock together and fall to the ground, staring into each others eyes. They then begin to pray. They say the Lord's Prayer, but Orel hesitates when they both get up to the word 'trespass.' Christina pushes him to say 'debts' and Orel caves in. Having a vision of his father saying "Get it right," Orel looks at Christina shockingly and then runs away.

Meanwhile, back at the Puppington house, Clay is in the den busy drinking by the fire saying "Still hate her" and then having another drink. There's a knock at the door, and Orel comes in.