Moral Orel

Season 2 Episode 8

The Lord's Prayer

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Jan 15, 2007 on Adult Swim



  • Trivia

    • When Orel and Christina first meet in the Puppington's house, Clay and Art exit the room behind them. When they are going down the stairs, they appear to be standing still, yet are moving down. It is as if they were just photographed on each step.

    • The normal closing credits of Orel creating a short stop-motion film are not seen in this episode, instead it is just a matte background.

    • The removal company that takes the Posabule family's possessions away is called 'Joke To Come Movers.' The sign is seen on the side of the truck.

    • The record Art picks up and plays in Clay's den is 'Non-Threatening Negro Comedy Vol. 6 featuring Eddie Benign.' Eddie is seen on the front and back covers rolling around in a pile of balloons.

    • The opening title sequence shows the bird that God flicks off of his hand dying within the church, and its soul then rising to Heaven, with Orel waving goodbye. This is the first time this particular gag has been seen within the series. Previously, Orel would normally just wave, or sometimes wave with a foam hand.

  • Quotes

    • (after being told he can't see Christina anymore)
      Orel: But I like Christina.
      Clay: Well, why not try being afraid of her instead?

    • Orel: Why did they have to leave Dad?
      Clay: Because they don't believe in God the right way. We simply can't mix with their kind, it's dangerous.

    • (after the Posabule's have left)
      Bloberta: I feel sorry for them. Don't they want to go to Heaven?
      Clay: People like them never do.

    • Clay: You don't even understand what the Lord's prayer means.
      Art: How dare you! Forgive your debtors!
      Clay: Forgive your trespassers!
      Art: You owe me a bottle of wine!
      Clay: Get off my property!

    • Art: I can't believe you would expose my children to this without my consent!
      Clay: Your children? What about my kid?! He's only 9.
      Orel: 12.

    • (whilst saying grace at dinner table)
      Clay: In this cold, cynical, free-thinking, lonely world you've made, it's somewhat expected when new friendships are welcomed with open hearts.

    • (Bloberta opens up the cupboard, revealing the detergents)
      Bloberta: And here they are. A to Z.
      Poppit: Oh, they're lovely. And alphabetising is such a good idea. I don't know why, I've always put mine in chronological order.
      Bloberta: Yes, this is new.
      Poppit: Oh, but you've got Never Filth and Murder Dirt switched.
      Bloberta: What?!
      (Bloberta then starts to have a massive fit; screaming and knocking everything around)

    • (recording of Non-Threatening Negro Comedy Vol. 6)
      Eddie Benign: My Uncle Willy, the guy was weird. Let me tell 'ya, he would do weird things. Weird.

    • Poppit: What a lovely home. May I see your detergents?
      Bloberta: I'd thought you'd never ask.

    • Bloberta: How do I look?
      Clay: (very bluntly) Like you always do.

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