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More Than Human

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More than Human is an American reality television show hosted by John Pollum showcasing extraordinary human feats. It features persons who can bend a 10-inch wrench with both ends touching each other, tear a deck of card or phonebook in half, survive multiple lightning strikes carrying millions of volts into the air, or a human lie detector machine. It also includes Scott Flansburg, known as "The Human Calculator," with his amazingly fast mathematical abilities by solving difficult equations in his mind in a fraction of seconds, and shows how he beats an experienced accountant equipped with a calculator for adding most numbers in 15 seconds. Using state-of-the art equipment to monitor how each extraordinary human feat is performed, scientists and experts invited in the show analyze the data they gathered to come up with a conclusion and explain how these amazing human abilities are possible for such persons. Discovery Channel produces More than Human, a show that aired from 2003 to 2004 with a total of 13 episodes.


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AIRED ON 2/12/2004

Season 1 : Episode 13