Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

Season 1 Episode 1

Balsa, the Female Bodyguard

Aired Sunday 1:30 AM Aug 24, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • Gets straight to the point

    This feels more like a lengthy Chinese movie than a Japanese anime. First off, the music, the design, and the way the anime was introduced, is all an indication of this. Not to mention the productions are comparable to that of a movie, most specifically the Naruto ones. The first scene we're immediately introduced to a couple of conflicts; the Royal Prince is in danger as he goes careening into a deadly river as the ox driving the cart dives into the water. Balsa, a bodyguard for hire, saves the Royal Prince and is rewarded when later met upon by the Second Empress. Little did she know that the Empress wishes for her to be the prince's bodyguard for life. This has already swept me off my feet and has given me a good impression of what is about to come. The story is nicely introduced, the execution was excellent, and the graphics are just mind blowing for only an anime.