Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

Sunday 1:30 AM on Adult Swim Premiered Aug 24, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • 9/30/07
      Chagum takes up his throne as the Crown Prince of the New Yogo Empire, and Balsa must say good-bye to him forever.
    • Going on a Journey
      Going on a Journey
      Episode 26
      On the promised dawn, Chagum has been able to fulfil the role of the Guardian of the Sacred Spirit and the news soon reaches the Palace. All that is left is for Chagum to return to the Palace, reunite with his family and say his farewells to Balsa, Tanda and Torogai.moreless
    • Celebration
      Episode 25
      The promised dawn arrives and with the blossoms Tanda gathered, Balsa and hunter may have a chance against the remaining La Lunga (egg-eater), which is threatening Chagum's life. Elsewhere Chagum has made it to true Place of Celebration, "Sahnan" but the group of La Lunga are intent to stop him. Will Balsa and the hunters be able to hold of the horde and find a way to extract the egg?moreless
    • 9/22/07
      An army of La-Lunga surrounds Chagum as the Hunters and Balsa fight with the last of their strength to protect him.
    • The Last Hope
      Episode 24
      Chagum has vanished, leaving Shuga, Balsa and the Hunters to find him before the La-Lunga appears to tear him apart.
    • Last Hope
      Last Hope
      Episode 24
      Whilst under the influence of the Sacred Spirit, Chagum runs into the forest to avoid the La Lunga (egg-eater); thus Balsa, Tanda and the hunters give chase. The hunters are able to come to an understanding with Balsa. Later a messenger from Master Gakai arrives to inform Shuga of the real location, for the Place of Celebration.moreless
    • 9/8/07
      Spring has come and time for the egg's awakening draws near, moreover Chagum is just about ready. Shuga departs and even though all of documents from the secret tome couldn't be deciphered in time, at least he holds a clue to defeating La Lunga (egg-eater). Both parties are heading to the Place of Celebration however back at the secret tome Master Gakai discovers something new.moreless
    • 9/1/07
      Balsa continues to tell Chagum about Jiguro, who fought the remaining spears to protect Balsa. Upon hearing the story; Chagum is able to find his resolve in being the Guardian of the Sacred Spirit and has Balsa teach him martial arts.
    • Chagum's Resolve
      Episode 22
      Balsa, Chagum, and Tanda settle into their new lives together, and Chagum begins to think more independently after learning how the world works.
    • Jiguro Musa
      Episode 21
      Balsa decides to finally tell Chagum about Jiguro Musa, the person she owes her life to. The story begins during her carefree childhood life, in Kanbal, at a time when her father was being blackmailed by the king's ambitious younger brother. To help protect Balsa, he had no choice but involve his best friend Jiguro.moreless
    • Trap
      Episode 20
      Shuga and the hunters have been able to track them (Balsa, Chagum, Tanda and Torogai) to the Toumi Village but Balsa and Chagum are currently not in the village, leaving Shaman Torogai to settle matters. Shuga and the hunters return to Yogo, to begin deciphering the remainder of the archives, in the secret tome and Balsa, Chagum, Tanda and Torogai head to the Hunter's Cave.moreless
    • Escape
      Episode 19
      Chagum learns from the Yakue villager Nimka, the fate of the Guardian of the Sacred Spirit and collapses in shock. The rest of them continue there discussion to find some sort of clue but it seems fruitless after hearing about the rice planting song. After much thought, Chagum makes up his mind and runs away with the help of Nimka.moreless
    • Ancient Village
      Ancient Village
      Episode 18
      Shuga and the hunters are trying to deduct all the possible locations that they (Balsa, Chagum, Tanda and Torogai) could have journeyed to and managed to come to the decision of Toumi Village. Having avoided the pursuers, Balsa, Chagum, Togorai and Tanda continue their journey to Toumi Village, in hope of learning something new about the water spirit.moreless
    • 8/4/07
      Chagum learns of his fate to die at the hands of the La-Lunga, driving a wedge between him and Balsa.
    • Water-Wheel Burning
      The secret hunters have managed to track Touya to the water-mill, where Balsa and Chagum are staying but they are currently out buying goods. That is when Shuga is shocked to find Chagum in the market and tries to bring him back to the court, however Balsa still has some unfinished business to take care of. Touya ends up trapped inside the water-mill, which is surrounded and he does what he can to warn Balsa.moreless
    • 7/21/07
      Shuga continues his journey to find, proof that Chagum is still alive. He and the secret hunters, who trailed him, discover that Chagum and Balsa didn't die in the valley but his efforts may be in vain, as Prince Sagum has passed away. Shuga tells the Holy Sage about the truth he uncovered from the Camber of the Secret Tome. With the Emperor's support and the help of his secret hunters, Shuga plans to recover Chagum.moreless
    • Premature Death
      Episode 15
      Shuga has found himself trapped in the secret tome and in the meantime he can only decipher more of the documents. Shuga later manages to get out and finds some proof that Chagum is still alive. Torogai tells Balsa and Tanda of Chagum's fate to die when the "La Lunga", better known as the egg eater, comes from Nayug. They don't know how to prevent it with the limited information they have.moreless
    • Knot
      Episode 14
      Torogai finally makes it to the Knot, the place where Nayug and Sagu meet, and she has a discussion with the water beings to finds out some information about the "Nyunga Ro Im". They soon learn that the Official Founding History of Yogo is false. Meanwhile Shuga continues to decipher the documents from the secret tome.moreless
    • The Knot
      Episode 14
      Torogai and Suga each embark on their own life-threatening quest to find the truth behind Chagum and the Water Spirit.
    • 6/30/07
      Following the previous day's match, during the festival, Balsa receives a challenge from a Kalbo warrior. It seems this warrior has a grudge with Balsa that stems 3 years back. She is forced to accept this challenge no matter what and it is at the Tonan Highway Checkpoint, the next day, when she ends up getting a teacher and her package boy involved.moreless
    • 6/23/07
      Everyone is in high spirits because it is time for the Summer Solstice Festival, which reminds Chagum of the Founding Festival they usually hold in the Palace. Chagum is with his friends when a Rota boy starts some trouble with them. So Chagum challenges him to a match in the Rucha competition, but there's a problem because Balsa tells him he cannot go to the festival.moreless
    • 6/16/07
      Tanda has been called over to the place, where Saya is currently staying, because Saya had suddenly collapsed and she isn't regaining consciousness. Tanda believes that her soul has left her body and it's probably due to her unhappiness with her arranged marriage. Now the only way to bring Saya's soul back, to her body, is for Tanda to perform what is known as a "soul call".moreless
    • The Earth and the Hero
      It has been awhile since Balsa and Chagum began living together and Chagum is getting used to the life of a commoner, however Balsa thinks he still needs to change his attitude. So she enlists the help of Touya to be Chagum's mentor, to teach him how to be a city dweller.moreless
    • Soil and Heroes
      Episode 10
      Balsa asks Toya to get Chagum more in tune with life in the city, but she gets more than she gambled for at the end of the day.
    • Thirsty Shuga
      Episode 9
      Shuga the star diviner is with the Second Empress and she tells him that she believes her son Chagum is still alive and wants Shuga to confirm this. Amongst the other star diviners, Shuga is being ridiculed due to a unremorseful act to do with Chagum's belongings. He is soon relinquished of his position and called upon by the Prince, where he regains his conviction.moreless
    • Swordsmith
      Episode 8
      In order to get her damaged spear fix, Balsa goes to lower Ohgi to a great swordsmith but he initially doesn't want help her due to all the rumors. Then to warriors from the secret hunters arrive for their forged swords, forcing Balsa and Chagum to hide whilst they discuss certain matters. It isn't long before the topic of the ultimate warrior comes up and the swordsmith tells them of a warrior 24 years ago that he deemed worthy.moreless
    • The Swordsmith
      Episode 8
      Balsa turns to an honorable swordsmith in hopes of repairing her spear, and her tragic past is revealed during the swordsmith's search for the truth.
    • Chagum's Decision
      During their previous encounter, Balsa managed to elude the secret hunters. She has returned to Yogo, with Chagum, to live life as mere commoners. There seems to be something bothering Chagum. Meanwhile the Emperor has been informed of Chagum presumed death and orders the creation of a statue and the Holy Sage orders Shuga to stop deciphering the documents from the secret tome.moreless
    • 5/12/07
      All preparations have been met, so Balsa's plan to escape the manhunt gets into motion. The Emperor's secret hunters are having some trouble trying to determine her destination. After some deep meditation, they come to a decision that Aogiri is the place they think she is likely to go and they try to cut her off.moreless
    • 9/21/08
      The unknown is brought to light with the arrival of Torogai, while Balsa must come up with a way to throw the Mikado off their trail.
    • Secret Step, the Blue Hand
      The Shaman Torogai unexpectedly arrives at Tanda's hut and she soon discovers the identity of Prince Chagum and the egg of the "Nyunga Ro Im" inside of him. Also about how Chagum is the Guardian of the Sacred Spirit. The next day Tanda and the kids hear of the huge manhunt to catch Balsa, who supposedly set fire to the 2nd palace that killed Prince Chagum. Nonetheless Balsa already has a plan for this matter.moreless
    • Torogai's Letter
      Episode 4
      As Balsa recovers from her injuries under the care of her childhood friend Tanda, a strange letter is sent to those in the Star Palace.
    • Torogai's Writings
      Chagum was able to get help from Tanada, who soon takes the wounded Balsa to the safety of his hut. The next day Shuga is now serving his majesty's secret service, which has heard of the secret hunter's mission failure. Shuga and the Holy Sage later receive a letter from the Shaman Torogai.moreless
    • 9/7/08
      Under the moonlight sky, Balsa and Chagum are being pursued by the Emperor's secret hunters and up against the four of them Balsa is forced to flee. Meanwhile Touya and Saya are worried that Balsa has gotten herself into something big and decides to inform Tanda. Balsa manages to get Chagum back but she is far too wounded from before and Chagum is forced to go on alone.moreless
    • 8/3/10
      As Balsa recovers from her injuries under the care of her childhood friend Tanda, a strange letter is sent to those in the Star Palace.
    • Hunters, Hunted
      Episode 2
      Balsa has been hired by the Empress, to escape with Chagum and protect him as his bodyguard. To conceal their escape they set fire to the 2nd palace. Shuga is increasingly worried about Prince Chagum's well-being and he decides to confront the Holy Sage and he soon learns of some untold truths. Balsa plans to leave the capital with Chagum but first she needs to gather some supplies and she employs the help of her old friends Touya and Saya.moreless
    • 8/24/08
      Balsa, the female spear-wielder arrives in the village Yogo to get some maintenance work done, but before she gets there a member of the Imperial family gets into an accident. After rescuing the drowning boy, the Second Empress invites Balsa over; to thank her for saving her son and she also has a request for Balsa.moreless