Mork & Mindy

ABC (ended 1982)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Pilot (1)
      Pilot (1)
      Episode 1
      Mork's boss, Orson, assigns Mork to study the planet Earth. After landing near Boulder, Colorado, he meets Mindy McConnell who was stranded in the woods by her lecherous boyfriend. Thinking Mork is a priest, Mindy lets Mork escort her home. However, when they are back at Mindy's apartment she discovers that he is an alien. Later, in a flashback sequence, Mork tells Mindy about a previous visit to Earth when Fonzie arranged a date for him with Laverne De Fazio.moreless
    • Pilot (2)
      Pilot (2)
      Episode 2
      Mork continues his story about his date with Laverne. When Mindy's father, Fred, discovers that Mork had moved in with Mindy, Deputy Tilwick offers to scare Mork off. Tilwick believes Mork is insane and tries to have him committed.
    • Mork Moves In
      Mork Moves In
      Episode 3
      After constant hounding from Fred, Mork agrees to move out of Mindy's apartment. But Mork's plans are complicated when he becomes drunk on ginger ale.
    • Mork Runs Away
      Mork Runs Away
      Episode 4
      Realizing that his living with Mindy is making it difficult for her to date, Mork decides to move out. While looking for a flophouse, he stumbles upon Exidor, the delusional leader (and only tangible member) of "The Friends of Venus."
    • Mork in Love
      Mork in Love
      Episode 5
      When Mindy tells Mork that he has to experience love in order to understand the human experience, he takes her advice and falls head over heels for the lovely Dolly, oblivious to the fact that she's a mannequin.
    • Mork's Seduction
      Mork's Seduction
      Episode 6
      A new customer at the music store turns out to be Mindy's old rival, Susan Taylor. Susan sets her sights on Mork, as revenge for Mindy stealing her boyfriend back in high school.
    • Mork Goes Public
      Mork Goes Public
      Episode 7
      At the music store, Mork has a run in with Clint Mullet, a reporter for a tabloid that is offering $25,000 for proof of alien life. After Fred saves Mork's life, Mork decides to turn himself in to pay for Fred's plumbing bills, and Mindy's college tuition.
    • To Tell the Truth
      When Mork tricks Mindy into believing that he can predict the weather, Mindy tells him that he should never lie. The music store's despicable landlord, Arnold Wanker, dies while trying to evict Fred from the music store. Mork, hearing the family try to comfort his widow, assumes that that Wanker is their friend, and brings him back from the dead.moreless
    • Mork the Gullible
      Mork experiences snow for the first time and learns something about gullibility.
    • A Mommy For Morky
      A Mommy For Morky
      Episode 10
      When Mindy is reunited with her ex-fiance, Dan, she wonders what it would be like to raise a family, while Mork wonders what it would have been like to have had a mother. Mork kills two birds with one stone by using his Orkan Age Machine to regress himself to three years old.moreless
    • Mork's Greatest Hits
      When a goon tries to put the moves on an unwilling Mindy, Mork can't protect her because Orkans don't believe in violence. When the goon insists on a fight, Mork uses Orkan strategies to deal with him without using violence.
    • Old Fears
      Old Fears
      Episode 12
      When a friend of Cora's passes away, she goes into a funk. When Mork hears she needs more friends her age, he decides to become one.
    • 12/14/78
      Mork learns about the meaning of Christmas, and helps remind everyone else about it when he invites the obnoxious Susan Taylor to spend Christmas with the McConnell's because she's got no one to celebrate with.
    • Mork and the Immigrant
      Mork thinks Russian immigrant Sergei Krushnev is an alien like him, and tries to help welcome him. Trouble ensues when Sergei tells Mork that 'aliens' need to be registered.
    • Mork the Tolerant
      Mork the Tolerant
      Episode 15
      Mindy is irritated by her grouchy new neighbor, Mr. Bickley, but Mork is determined to be friends with him.
    • Young Love
      Episode 16
      Mork agrees to perform a secret wedding ceremony for his 10-year-old friend Eugene and a girl named Holly after they decide it's the only way to break the hold of their overbearing parents.
    • Snowflakes Keep Dancing On My Head (a/k/a Sky Flakes Keep Falling On My Head)
      Mork's decision to help Exidor with a zany plan to become Emperor of Earth results in him and Mindy nearly freezing to death in Exidor's derelict summer home.
    • Mork Goes Erk
      Episode 18
      Mork announces he's decided to move to another planet, and Mindy's resulting depression spreads to Mr. Bickley. Susan Taylor convinces them to join her in a self-help program that turns out to be a fraud.
    • Yes Sir, That's My Baby
      When Mork meets Sally's newborn son, his zealous desire to have a baby of his own is overheard by a kidnapper who offers to sell him one for $10,000.
    • Mork's Mixed Emotions
      Mork decides to shut down all of his emotions after being traumatized by his first vivid nightmare. A kiss from Mindy brings them back, but also causes Mork to lose his ability to control them.
    • Mork's Night Out
      Mork's Night Out
      Episode 21
      When Mindy goes away for the weekend, Mork and Mr. Bickley goes to a single bar for a night out.
    • In Mork We Trust
      In Mork We Trust
      Episode 22
      When Mr. Bickley steals Mork's age machine, he unknowingly causes Mork's age to change from that of a baby to middle aged.
    • Mork Runs Down
      Mork Runs Down
      Episode 23
      Mork's attempt to find a new job is complicated by his "birthday", a potentially fatal condition that causes him to behave stranger than usual unless he recharges himself with his egg-like "gleek".
    • 5/3/79
      When Mork inadvertently costs Mindy a potential job, he decides to return to Ork. Orson then shows him what would have happened to Mindy over the last year had Mork not been there.
    • Mork's Best Friend
      Mork's Best Friend
      Episode 25
      Mork learns all about life, death and pets when he brings home a pet caterpillar which he names Bob.
  • Season 2
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