Mork & Mindy

Season 1 Episode 4

Mork Runs Away

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

After Mindy finishes cutting Mork's hair, Brad Jackson calls her for a date – which she anxiously accepts. Mindy had had a crush on Brad while in high school. He had since gone away to law school, and had completed it. He was now inviting Mindy to dinner, her first date invitation since Mork had moved in.

Mork naively assumes he is likewise invited, and Mindy has to set him straight. But that similarly exposes that Mindy must assure that Mork is occupied for the night. She purchases two tickets to a basketball game, and asks Fred to take Mork off her hands for the night.

Fred hates basketball, and doesn't like Mork's company all that much either. But when Mindy notes that the alternative to dating is her settling down with Mork, Fred changes his mind, and agrees to take Mork.

Dinner goes well enough for Brad and Mindy. But as they start to get cozy in her apartment, Mork interrupts them. Mork had frustrated the evening for himself and Fred by 1) Dancing to the National Anthem; 2) Throwing coffee to a customer, and it landed on Fred; 3) Expecting to see the game from the rest room; and 4) Literally holding a seat for a woman.

Brad takes the intrusion in stride, but suffers confusion when he learns that Mork lives with Mindy. Mindy botches the explanation, and Brad simply decides to leave. Mork is disappointed that Brad never got to sample his bologna sundae. A disappointed Mindy collapses on the couch, and laments over her dilemma: She wants Mork in her life, but that will only serve to impair her subsequent dating life. That night, Mork runs away, leaving a farewell note.

Mork had earned six dollars babysitting Eugene, and was prepared to spend it in support of his new life. Mork stops by the music store, and seeks advice from Eugene on where he might go. But for six dollars, Eugene can only recommend a flophouse.

Mork finds a flophouse, currently occupied by Exidor, the leader of the self-proclaimed Friends of Venus. Exidor had received a revelation that Venus was intending to blow up the earth on Labor Day. But prior to that, Venus was sending a rescue ship that would shelter 1,000 people from destruction. So far, Exidor had recruited three: himself, and two toys.

Mork happens by, stops in as he looks to see if Friends of Venus includes anyone he knows, and strikes a chord with Exidor. Mork's passion and energy excite Exidor, and Exidor offers him a place to stay. But the excitement turns sour when Mork's actual experience on Venus is inconsistent with Exidor's revelation, and Exidor declares Mork a blasphemer, and storms out.

Mindy then enters Exidor's apartment. Fred had seen Mork's suitcase in the store, and Eugene reluctantly pointed her in the general direction of a flophouse. The Friends of Venus sign allowed Mindy to surmise Mork's exact location. Mindy reassures Mork that she wants him to return – that she will deal with her dating dilemma in another manner. For the difference between an apartment and a home is that you have someone to share your home with.

Mindy concludes by explaining that sometimes a hug makes people happy. That becomes the focus of Mork's report to Orson. Orson is suspicious that hugging will lead to emotions. Mork confesses he liked his hug with Mindy.
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