Mork & Mindy

Season 1 Episode 21

Mork's Night Out

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Mindy's Uncle Jack is recovering from alcoholism in a Durango institution, and wants the family to visit for encouragement. But Mork is not invited. He is terribly annoyed at missing his first opportunity for an earth road trip, but then feigns kicking Mindy out as she, Fred, and Cora walk out the door. He instantly suffers from boredom, and they will be gone for two days.

After the first day is over, we find Mork having tossed hundreds of playing card onto a pile on the floor as he finishes the lyrics of "100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall." He has completed the song from a million to one for the tenth time. Attic paraphernalia is strewn throughout the living room. Finally he gets an idea.

With Bickley out of town, and with Susan Taylor visiting the entire Broncos team, Mork calls up Bob Lipschultz, and looks to hang out with him. When Bob finds out he's a total stranger to Mork, he hangs up. And Mork looks outside for any random person to talk to. He finds a digger with a tattooed face.

By now Bickley has arrived home. When Mork calls to the digger, he throws a rock through Mork's window. Bickley calls on the two of them to be quiet, the digger throws a rock through Bickley's window too. Bickley calls on Mork to come down and talk.

Bickley explains to Mork that 1) You should never gargle with Crazy Glue; 2) You should never tap dance in a mine field; and 3) You should never insult a man with a tattoo on his face – even if he is dead. Mork records this advice in his notepad.

The subject switches to boredom. Bickley claims he was never not bored, except for a brief time when he was comatose. Mork suggests they go out together, and scans a newspaper for activity. The movies is out, for Bickley doesn't like his feet stuck to the floor. A speed-reading seminar would last only five minutes; an ESP seminar doesn't give the location; and a bar doesn't interest Bickley because of the people he'd encounter. However, Mother Belle's offer of a free drink does interest him.

The bar is a swinging pickup bar. Phones are installed at each table so customers can call each other. The first drink is free, but Bickley prefers straight bourbon to the umbrella fruit drink they offer for free. Bickley starts to leave when he discovers it's a pickup bar.

But two ladies – a mother and daughter – interrupt them on their way out. The mother is Lisa and the daughter is Penny. They set up a ruse whereby Lisa is entertaining her out-of-town mother, and she had no idea this was a swingers bar. They stage that two men have been harassing them all evening, and they wanted Mork and Bickley to pose as their dates. The scene is a farce, as Mork is being Mork, Biickley is clueless, yet somehow the girls seem very interested in leaving the bar, and going home with Bickley.

At Bickley's place, the girls pull off an armed robbery of Bickley's personal effects, and leave in a getaway car. Mork and Bickley call the police, and the police come by to take a statement. Mork calls the evening a success, for they had conquered their boredom. Bickley isn't so sure – partly because he never recognizes success, and partly because it was his things that were stolen. Mork suggests that they do it again next Saturday, and Bickley quickly agrees.

Mork talks to Orson about stealing: jewel thieves that steal gems; pet thieves; and the Pittsburgh Steelers who stole a city. Orson is fascinated that people can pose as friends, yet rob from you. He then questions if Mindy is setting him up. Unfazed, Mork claims she's have to rob Mork a thousand times in order to get back half of what she has already given him.

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