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  • A great beginning and then not so good.

    The premise was certainly original and I loved the actors on the show. But after awhile I felt the story lines waned and I became less interested in the show. Maybe it was the whole Mork and Mindy getting married that turned me off, I’m not sure. The later addition of Jonathon Winters as their child drew me back initially, but even after awhile that couldn’t keep me.

    Of course, I was not aware of the turmoil behind the scenes, primarily Robin’s drug problem. I have to admit I was pretty naïve to not realize his issues with drugs even though he spoke often about drugs in his comedy albums.

    In the end though, I have fond memories laughing at and with my favorite man from Ork.
  • i love it nanu nanu

    this show is great. they had reruns on it for the longest time so i used to watch it, but those reruns have appeared to have disappeared. still great i plan to get it on DVD someday. Mindy could be a bit of a dink though, but theres always a dink character.
  • A witty sitcom, a rarity in that it's sci-fi... but uses an alien to point out human foibles. Never mind the wry double-entendres and one-liners that only work in tandem with Robin Williams' deliciously hyper style!

    What's left to say? This series is highly underrated and has something for everyone.

    it's not cynical. It's innocent. It's not violent. Yet it's got something big to say about all those topics and far more. It's perfect.

    If anything, its tie-in to "Happy Days" is a bit garish, but that's thankfully kept as a passing thought.

    Of course, it's silly. If people don't like silly, don't bother. But if you like Jim Carrey (prior to becoming yet another dramatic actor), you'll love Robin in the role that made him a superstar.

    I wish they'd release the remaining seasons on DVD. Season 1 is awesome and season 2 even more so... I can't remember the later ones, but at a tender age of 7 (and now at 34) it's cracking, top-notch stuff.

  • Excellent show, excellent cast. Who would have thunk it to make an alien from outter space, played by the comic genious Robin Williams be so funny. I know alot of the show was adlibbed, and I think that is what made the humor the best.

    Mork from Ork, (played by the comic genious Robin Williams) comes to earth and meets up with Mindy (also played by comic genious Pam Dawber), and hillarity ensues. You can't go wrong with this kind of humor. Only Robin could make you genuinely believe water was being sucked up by his finger and how he sat or visited was even better yet. I would love to own this show on DVD but in my area, it's difficult to find it, but trust me, I am on the hunt and desparately want the entire show for my personal library. And you have to love how he has his way of insulting his commanding officer, Orson.
  • If they were to make this show now the FCC would have a cow. It was just such a funny show.

    The show: Mork from Ork, is sent to Earth to watch humans and report back to Orson, as punishment for having emotions - seen as a bad thing. When he gets to our planet he comes across Mindy. That is when the fun begins.

    Each week Mork had a new things to discover, like children, love and loss, illegal "aliens", right vs. wrong, and so on. At the end of the episode Mork would make contact with Orson, to tell him what he had learned.

    The shows were always a mix of semi serious topics and Mork/Robin's jokes. Some of the best gags included: Mork's drinking finger, his spacesuit that had emotions, sitting on his head, and best of all his age remote.

    So back when this show first was on air, I was only little os when I watched it, it was funny, but now as an adult when I watch the DVDs (season 1 only) I see that some if not many of the jokes they make per episode are a bit on the crude side, but now they are even more funny. If they were to make this show now, they wouldn't be able to make it the same, as the FCC would go all "NO, NO, NO" on it.
  • Robin Williams got his first real chance to shine in this comedy classic. He played an alien named Mork from the planet Ork studying humans on Earth.

    Each week Mork (Robin Williams) would get himself into some kind of trouble. That was ok because he was here on Earth to learn lessons about humans and their habits and traits. At the end of each episode Mork would report back to his commander on Ork and tell him what he had learned.

    The one episode that always sticks in my mind is when Mork tried to let a baby chicken go. The baby chicken as it turns out was still in egg form. Mork tosses the egg into the air and says "fly, be free." That was robin Williams in classic form.
  • Seems intresting.

    Seems mildly intresting. It must be intresting if it is level twenty nine here on This show has some good qualities and good parts but i guess that is all i see in this show. Other than that, i cannot think of anything else this show is good for.
  • Greatest show out of this world I would like to live on ork Mork makes all seem well hysterical

    this was an unbelievabke show for it\'s time Robin Williams was unreal and when they added Jonathan Winters it hit the roof hated to see it go off Already have the first season on DVD
    Love it great for the whole family the start of something really big for mork nanu nanu
  • This show was all Robin Williams. Too bad he is still stuck with it being his magnum opus.

    In my opinion, there are only two comedians alive and active today who have the ability to go over the top in any aspect of comedy and still have powerful roles. Both started in stand up and progressed from there. They are Jim Carrey and Robin Williams. Of the two, Carrey had his roles in In Living Colour, but he was surrounded by great cast. Williams, on the other hand, completely carried Mork & Mindy. I can only imagine how much of it was improv, but judging by the number of times Pam Dawber obviously laughed off script, plenty. This definitely must come from years of practicing slapstick, thinking about what is funny, offensive, outrageous and just plain WEIRD. And I respect the hell out of that. Endless hours of gut wrenching laugh await every normal, dismal, strange, depressing, complex... Well, just about every moment with Mork. This is why it's my guilty pleasure - the show is far from objectively good, but for the smiles it regularly brought me (and still does), I can only recommend it for a good time.
  • A cult classic

    ' Mork and Mindy ' was one of those you had to watch when I was young in fear of being uncool. I personally watched the show for Pam Dawber but I have no idea how she could deliver her lines with such a straight face with Robin Williams in the room. Wobin Williams is one of the funniest men ever and having to have worked with him must been a pelasure for everyone.
    Like many shows, ' Mork and Mindy ' jumped the shark by having Mork and Mindy marry and of all things have Johnthan Winters play a baby. There is so many better ways this could have be written but the producers elected to go with the stupidist idea possible and destroyed this show.
  • Classic TV!

    I watched this show back when it aired on Nick @ Nite in the 1980s. I really enjoyed this show. It is funny. It is a spin-off from the show Happy Days. Robin Williams as Mork is hilarious. What can I say about this show? Robin Williams is the perfect person to play Mork. He is just a funny guy. Playing an alien is up his alley.
    The writing was great. The ad-libbing was great. This show was great. I was a little kid when I watched this show and I haven't seen it since, but I'm sure I would enjoy it just as much today.
  • Mork and alien from Ork goes to earth to learn about our customs and life. Meets Mindy and halarity ensues.

    It's wonderful to see where Robin Williams first became well known to the TV audience. You can still see the influence from this time on his life in the work he contunes to do today. This is one of the funnist shows of all time and there will never be another one like it.
  • An awesome show. They should show re-runs.

    This is an awesome show. Or was. I have the first season on DVD. My mom showed it to me, and I thought it was awesome. Robin Williams (sorry if i spelled it wrong) is so funny. It's amazing he could do all of those voices. It's a funny show that should be brought back. I know they can't make new episodes, but can't they show re-runs?

    The characters that were chosen are awesome. They did awesome. I think this show is very cute. It was i great idea to have an alien learn every day things humans do. It also teaches people what to do in some situations. I love it.

    So anyway, 9.5/10. great show.
  • Good show!

    This show aired in Russia maybe 15 years ago. And recently I watched some series on youtube and laughed many times anew. Sorry for my English.
  • mork and mindy 1978 1982 starred robin williams as mork pam dawber as mindy mcconnell.

    hey after 30 years this show is still worth watching now robin and pam were very well suited and sparked off each other well id love to see them together again on tv in mork and mindy or something newer maybe comedy or comedy musical i know they havent worked together since mork and mindy and its a shame and they work well together.
    seasons 1 to 3 are available on dvd with just season 4 not yet available .

    lots of episodes to choose from how can you pick one fave from so many classics . even a site for the show on myspace how cool .