Mork & Mindy

ABC (ended 1982)





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  • A witty sitcom, a rarity in that it's sci-fi... but uses an alien to point out human foibles. Never mind the wry double-entendres and one-liners that only work in tandem with Robin Williams' deliciously hyper style!

    What's left to say? This series is highly underrated and has something for everyone.

    it's not cynical. It's innocent. It's not violent. Yet it's got something big to say about all those topics and far more. It's perfect.

    If anything, its tie-in to "Happy Days" is a bit garish, but that's thankfully kept as a passing thought.

    Of course, it's silly. If people don't like silly, don't bother. But if you like Jim Carrey (prior to becoming yet another dramatic actor), you'll love Robin in the role that made him a superstar.

    I wish they'd release the remaining seasons on DVD. Season 1 is awesome and season 2 even more so... I can't remember the later ones, but at a tender age of 7 (and now at 34) it's cracking, top-notch stuff.