Mork & Mindy

ABC (ended 1982)





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  • If they were to make this show now the FCC would have a cow. It was just such a funny show.

    The show: Mork from Ork, is sent to Earth to watch humans and report back to Orson, as punishment for having emotions - seen as a bad thing. When he gets to our planet he comes across Mindy. That is when the fun begins.

    Each week Mork had a new things to discover, like children, love and loss, illegal "aliens", right vs. wrong, and so on. At the end of the episode Mork would make contact with Orson, to tell him what he had learned.

    The shows were always a mix of semi serious topics and Mork/Robin's jokes. Some of the best gags included: Mork's drinking finger, his spacesuit that had emotions, sitting on his head, and best of all his age remote.

    So back when this show first was on air, I was only little os when I watched it, it was funny, but now as an adult when I watch the DVDs (season 1 only) I see that some if not many of the jokes they make per episode are a bit on the crude side, but now they are even more funny. If they were to make this show now, they wouldn't be able to make it the same, as the FCC would go all "NO, NO, NO" on it.