Mork & Mindy

ABC (ended 1982)





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  • This show was all Robin Williams. Too bad he is still stuck with it being his magnum opus.

    In my opinion, there are only two comedians alive and active today who have the ability to go over the top in any aspect of comedy and still have powerful roles. Both started in stand up and progressed from there. They are Jim Carrey and Robin Williams. Of the two, Carrey had his roles in In Living Colour, but he was surrounded by great cast. Williams, on the other hand, completely carried Mork & Mindy. I can only imagine how much of it was improv, but judging by the number of times Pam Dawber obviously laughed off script, plenty. This definitely must come from years of practicing slapstick, thinking about what is funny, offensive, outrageous and just plain WEIRD. And I respect the hell out of that. Endless hours of gut wrenching laugh await every normal, dismal, strange, depressing, complex... Well, just about every moment with Mork. This is why it's my guilty pleasure - the show is far from objectively good, but for the smiles it regularly brought me (and still does), I can only recommend it for a good time.