Mork & Mindy

ABC (ended 1982)





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  • Excellent show, excellent cast. Who would have thunk it to make an alien from outter space, played by the comic genious Robin Williams be so funny. I know alot of the show was adlibbed, and I think that is what made the humor the best.

    Mork from Ork, (played by the comic genious Robin Williams) comes to earth and meets up with Mindy (also played by comic genious Pam Dawber), and hillarity ensues. You can't go wrong with this kind of humor. Only Robin could make you genuinely believe water was being sucked up by his finger and how he sat or visited was even better yet. I would love to own this show on DVD but in my area, it's difficult to find it, but trust me, I am on the hunt and desparately want the entire show for my personal library. And you have to love how he has his way of insulting his commanding officer, Orson.