Mork & Mindy - Season 3

ABC (ended 1982)




Episode Guide

  • 5/14/81
    At Mr. Bickley's 50th birthday party, everyone shares what they regret in their life. Mindy makes excuses to put off her turn, but after everyone leaves, she shares her regret with Mork.
  • Mindy and Mork
    Mindy and Mork
    Episode 21
    Mindy is working a lot and Mork can't adjust. Mork and Mindy switch places for a morning to see how the other feels.
  • 4/30/81
    Mork learns about gossip after Mindy gets her own gossip show. Mindy thinks she won't be able to get those kinds of stories, so Mork gets some for her. While taking her place on the show, he spreads gossip about his friends. Mindy makes Mork apologize on the air; Mork also convinces Mr. Sternhagen to drop the show.moreless
  • Old Muggable Mork
    Episode 19
    Grandma Cora comes to visit, but the trip takes a turn for the worse when she gets mugged. Cora feels very scared; Mork thinks up a plan to get even with the muggers.
  • Mork and the Family Reunion
    Fred's successful, but domineering brother, Dave, comes to dinner. Mindy accidentally eats an Orkan dessert which makes her behave strangely. Things get even worse when Uncle Dave eats some of the dessert.
  • 3/26/81
    Remo fires Ruby, the pregnant singer of the restaurant's band. Mindy takes in Rick and Ruby and she tries to convince Remo to rehire them. She makes a bet with Remo, so he rehires the group. Ruby goes into labor during a performance and Mork takes her place.
  • 3/12/81
    Mindy tells Mork she thinks they should date other people. He takes lessons from a swinger named T.N.T. and turns into a party animal.
  • Mindy, Mindy, Mindy
    Mindy, Mindy, Mindy
    Episode 15
    Mindy goes away for the weekend, and Mork goes crazy missing her. The Orkan elder comes to visit and regrets that Mindy isn't there. He tries to clone Mindy, but each clone is worse than the last.
  • 2/19/81
    Robin Williams is in town and Mindy can't get an interview. Mork doesn't think he looks anything like Robin Williams, but he gets chased by a mob of fans. Mork gets Mindy and himself into Robin Williams' dressing room, leading to a face-to-face interview with him.
  • 2/12/81
    Mork is beside himself when he hears that Xerko is coming from Ork to visit him. Xerko turns out to be an arrogant and egotistical man and he wants Mork's job of reporting back to Orson. Xerko and Mork duel to see who will get the job.
  • Twelve Angry Appliances
    Mindy has a broken record player that the repairman won't fix for a second time. Mork and Mindy want to get revenge on the repairman, so Mork puts him on trial before a jury of broken appliances.
  • Mindy Gets A Job
    Episode 11
    Mindy applies for a job at a TV station. After speaking her mind to the station manager, she get hired. A blizzard keeps newscasters from getting to the station, so Mindy has to do the whole newsshow herself, with help from Mork.
  • Mork and the Bum Rap
    Although Mork doesn't understand the concept of charity, he is determined to help Mindy raise money for the children's hospital. He tries his Morkathon performance to no avail and ends up dressing as a bum to collect money.
  • Alas, Poor Mork, We Knew Him Well
    An insurance salesman scares Mork about dying from natural disasters. He seals himself into a glass bubble in the living room.
  • Mork's New Look
    Mork's New Look
    Episode 8
    Mindy's dad wants to get plastic surgery to look younger. He says everyone could use a little improvement, which inspires Mork to go to a plastic surgeon. His make-over surprises everyone.
  • Gunfight at the Mork-Kay Corral
    Mork dresses up as his favorite hero, Squellman the Yellow. One boy at the day care idolizes Billy the Kid and starts imitating him in a dangerous game. Mork and Mindy teach him a lesson about violence.
  • Mork, the Monkey's Uncle
    Mork kidnaps a chimp from the zoo, saying he was being treated badly. Exidor investigates at the zoo and learns that the chimp's mother was rushed to the hospital. Mork sneaks in to the zoo and reunites the chimp and it's mother.
  • Mork the Prankster
    Mork the Prankster
    Episode 5
    Mindy teaches Mork about practical jokes, but Mork doesn't quite get the hang of pranks. After a disastrous prank, Mindy moves out to live with Glenda Faye for awhile. Glenda convinces Mindy to take Mork back.
  • Dueling Skates
    Episode 4
    To save the daycare center where he works from becoming a parking lot, Mork challenges a champion skater to a Rocky Mountain race.
  • 11/20/80
    Mork discovers that his penpal is living at an insane asylum, and believes that he is Peter Pan.
  • Putting the Ork Back in Mork (2)
    The Elder (whose name is actually the sound of "blowing a raspberry") converts the attic to a typical Orkan house, hoping it will help Mork revert to his old Orkan ways.
  • Putting the Ork Back in Mork (1)
    Mindy's efforts to make Mork act like a normal earthling backfire, radically changing his personality. Orson sends the most respected Orkan elder to Earth to help Mork regain his Orkan traits.
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