Mork & Mindy - Season 4

ABC (ended 1982)




Episode Guide

  • The Mork Report
    The Mork Report
    Episode 22
    Mork bucks hard for a promotion from leader Orson on planet Ork, and unintentionally comes up with a report on how to stay happily married on Earth.
  • Gotta Run (3)
    Gotta Run (3)
    Episode 21
    Kalnik discovers Mork, Mindy, and Mearth in their demolished apartment. Mork clicks the heels of his magic shoes in an effort to escape with Mindy to Rome. But the shoes have been damaged, and Mork and Mindy wind up with prehistoric tribesmen in an Okus cave.
  • Gotta Run (2)
    Gotta Run (2)
    Episode 20
    After the evil Kalnik has bombed their apartment, leaving them on the run, Mork, Mindy, and Mearth decide their only chance of surviving is to go public about Mork's real roots.
  • Gotta Run (1)
    Gotta Run (1)
    Episode 19
    Mork and Mindy are overjoyed when they meet Kalnik, an alien from Neptune who has also married an Earthling. Things go awry when they become suspicious of Kalnik's true intentions.
  • Cheerleader in Chains
    Mindy gets jailed when she won't reveal a source for one of her stories. Mork tries to go through political channels to get her out. Then he tries to spring her out, but gets arrested himself.
  • Midas Mork
    Midas Mork
    Episode 17
    After hearing about how Rumplestilskin spun straw into gold, Mork and Mearth try to make polyester into gold. Mindy dreams that they become millionaires and live in a mansion with servants.
  • Mork, Mindy and Mearth Meet MILT
    Mork uses Orkan components to assemble a home computer named M.I.L.T. MILT is so sophisticated and tyrannical that it decides to hold its creator, Mindy, and Mearth, as hostages.
  • I Don't Remember Mama
    Mork has been making boring reports to Orson, so Orson erases all of Mork's memories of his family. Mindy and Mearth do everything they can to get Mork to remember them. Mindy finally breaks the memory dam by kissing him.
  • Drive, She Said
    Drive, She Said
    Episode 14
    Tired of always having to run errands after work, Mindy sends Mork to driving school. Unfortunately, Mork is convinced that the man at the DMV who will be administering his driving test is the devil.
  • Metamorphosis, the TV Show
    Mr. Sternhagen is replaced with a very young station manager who eliminates Mindy's show from the station. A short circuit switches Mork's mind with Mearth's just before an important family party at the station, which turns out to be a blessing in disguise.
  • Present Tense
    Present Tense
    Episode 12
    Mearth goes on a trip with Fred so Mork and Mindy have a week to spend alone together. They find that without Mearth at home, they have nothing to talk about. They have a fight. So, to make up, Mork takes Mindy to the place they first met.
  • Pajama Game II
    Pajama Game II
    Episode 11
    Mearth is allowed to have some of his Orkan friends over and Zelka ends up spending the night. Mork and Mindy explain the facts of life to Mearth when they assume something happened between him and Zelka.
  • P.S. 2001
    P.S. 2001
    Episode 10
    Mearth wants to go to school and gets sent to school on Ork. Mearth comes home crying because the other kids made fun of him and he hates the teacher. Mork and Mindy take Mearth back to class and Mearth uses his parents as a show-and-tell item which gains the respect of his classmates.moreless
  • Alienation
    Episode 9
    Mork and Mindy tell Mearth he's an alien. Mearth gets upset and runs away. He's captured by a cult of Utopians and Mork and Mindy pretend to be part of the cult to rescue him.
  • Rich Mork, Poor Mork
    Mork turns to Exidor for money advice, and invests all the family's money in Exidor's boutique.
  • Long Before We Met...
    Mork accompanies Mindy to her high school reunion and gets upset when Mindy associates with an old boyfirend. Mork then attempts to go back in time to the prom and do away with the boyfriend and he succeeds. When Mork comes back to reality Mindy then assures him that he is the only one she loves.moreless
  • My Dad Can't Beat Up Anyone
    Mork becomes insecure when he thinks he doesn't have Mearth's respect. Mearth finds Mork's spacesuit and Mork wears it as a superhero costume. Mork and Mearth go to a bar, looking for some bad guys and they find more than they bargained for.
  • Mama Mork, Papa Mindy
    Mearth learns to walk and talk, but calls Mindy 'shoe'. Mindy starts avoiding Mearth until Mork gives her an opportunity to bond with her son.
  • Three the Hard Way
    Three the Hard Way
    Episode 4
    Dr. Exidor determines that Mork is pregnant. Mork gives birth to an egg via his navel. Mindy has trouble accepting that in the egg is their child. The egg grows and hatches a full grown, elderly man as Mork and Mindy's baby.
  • The Honeymoon (3)
    The Honeymoon (3)
    Episode 3
    Mork and Mindy take their honeymoon on Ork, but Mindy becomes a tourist attraction. Things keep going wrong and Mork doesn't understand Earth honeymoon customs. He confesses to Mindy that he's scared of being married.
  • The Wedding (2)
    The Wedding (2)
    Episode 2
    Orson forbids Mork to marry Mindy because marriage is outlawed on Ork. Because Mork goes ahead with the wedding anyway, Orson turns him into a dog. After a chat with Orson, Mork and Mindy finally get married.
  • Limited Engagement (1)
    After decorating the apartment with flowers, Mork gets down on his knee and proposes to Mindy. Choosing between logic and her emotions, Mindy tells him that she cannot marry him. Mork asks for 24 hours to get her to change her mind.