Mork & Mindy

Season 1 Episode 19

Yes Sir, That's My Baby

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode A Mommy for Morky introduced a very pregnant Sally Freeman. Nine episodes later, we meet Jody, the baby boy she was carrying. In the earlier episode, Mork was fascinated by the notion of motherhood. In this episode, he begins to focus on fatherhood. With Mork in the store, Sally carries baby Jody in. Sally forces Mork to hold him, and he finds a thrill in holding a baby. He begins to make designs on having a baby of his own, causing Mindy to feel a bit uncomfortable. Chuck Wilson had followed Sally into the store – likely with the mind to kidnap and sell Jody. But he shifts his focus to Mork's craving to have one of his own. Mork got home before Mindy. Before Mindy arrived, Chuck comes to the door. Mork had recognized him as the man who followed him from the music store to the grocery store. And now he had followed him home. Chuck offers Mork a baby for $10,000. He claims that there is a couple who was looking for a good home for their baby. And Mork surmises that the couple would otherwise abandon the baby to the woods. Chuck makes it clear that Mork is not to discuss the baby with anyone – not even to explain why he wants $10,000. And he leaves. When Mindy gets home, Mork immediately requests a $10,000 loan – a request that Mindy was unable to accommodate were it her desire. She does want to know what he needs the money for, and the best answer Mork can generate is "socks" – Gucci socks – with a garter. When Mindy declines, he begins to plan ways to raise the money. They include borrowing it from Jesus (hay-SOOS), a loan shark; selling apples; babysitting in China; or selling dental floss to the Osmonds. He even offers to be Mindy's valet for $2,000. Later, with Mindy back in the store, an FBI agent comes in with a picture of Chuck, looking for him. Mindy identifies the connection between Chuck and Sally, and goes into a fright. But Sally is not in danger. After assurances that the FBI is not after the buyer, but the kidnapper, Mindy offers to cooperate. The FBI provides her with $10,000 of marked bills, and the FBI requests that she not advise Mork of the sting. Mindy goes home, and gives Mork the money under the guise that she got a raise. Chuck calls, and Mork proudly announces he has the money. They arrange an exchange at the bus stop at noon the next day. Mindy alerts the FBI. Mork arrives at the bus stop first, followed by the FBI team, and finally by Chuck and the baby. They swap, and Chuck gets arrested. With Mork at home with the baby, Mindy must tell Mork that he cannot keep him. She persuades Mork that Chuck was lying to him about several items, and that the parents wanted the baby very much. Mork gives the baby back to the FBI voluntarily. For he feared that he'd be a bad father anyway. He couldn't even get the baby to eat a chicken leg. Mork tells Orson how wonderful fatherhood was – even if only for an hour. He has to explain to Orson what a father's role is, and Orson perceives that the role is similar to motherhood. The work is duplicated, the child receives double the necessary attention, and for that the child is grateful. Mork corrects Orson, for the child takes the attention for granted. That is, until they are no longer there – and then they want them back.