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This MSNBC program airs live weekday mornings from 6 to 9 am. Host Joe Scarborough creates a casual atmosphere full of lively political discussions, informative news stories, and thoughtful guest commentators.

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AIRED ON 1/31/2014

Season 8 : Episode 23


    Starz Cancels Camelot

    Plus: Being Human adds a sexy Doll, All My Children gets its end date, and someone won The Voice.

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    Fan Reviews (195)

    • Philadelphia Broadcasts

      For those who received a "confirmation" to attend the remaining live broadcast tomorrow in Philadelphia, the way it worked this morning was that well less than half of those with confirmations (about 35-40% tops) were admitted, with the remainder being directed to a basement bar in a building across the street from McGillin's where one could watch the show on monitors and enjoy breakfast (both of which one might reasonably elect to do in one's home). The "confirmation", so to speak, was in reality the right to participate in a NBC "extras" call where your chances are less than 50/50 of being in the audience.moreless
    • The low rent comment

      I am writing to this dumb blond that used the low rent comment. I am 62 a member of the Cowlitz Nation from Washington state you do not belong here. Are you referring to the Veterans that spoke? Go back where you and your trash family belongs. How dare you speak of low rent after what I watched tonight. My husband was a Vietnam vet who died of Agent Orange cancer he was a Marine and a Silver Star winner. I am a Marine Corp widow. Hilary should be in Federal Prison for her in actions and the murder of our warriors. Let me remind you of who provides you with this freedom stupid. It is our Veterans. Our Veterans who have fought and died for your freedom. Where are your values? Oh, that is right you were raised by a diplomat father a corrupt piece of shit. You have no honor you have sold your spirit to sickness of greed. Your zip code does not mean you are less then. Grow up! Tonight I witnessed low rent. A husband who got head in the blue room with his wife and daughter upstairs. A woman who caused the death of our soldiers and this is not addressed. Avoiding the truth just makes her look guilty. You are a joke we call you dumb blond and your elevator does not leave the basement. Get real. Your comment is just low life and stupid are you for real? Maybe if you die your hair brown you might get some brain cells.moreless
    • arrogant and ignorant

      I have been watching this never ending attack on trump, Hillary Clinton is a criminal

      who belongs in jail, but that is never mentioned her and her husband the most corrupt scumbags in American history, America for sale, amazing they must think americans need them

      to tell us what to think. Is Joes hair really a muffin head bufont its strange to me a giant head with a tiny face and his band is terrible he needs guitar lessons bad? Mika is so ignorant is she a lesbian ***ed communist or what.

      allowed to spew her stupidity on television she should ware a nazi uniform so people know where she's coming from. She said its racist to screen people entering the united states my god what a moron.

      typical democrats stupid with extreme behavior problems. I think joe should stuff his guitar up his you know what. Novembers coming dirt bags cant wait..

    • Joe Scarborough is an arrogant troll

      I've watched this show since it began but Joe Scarborough has become an arrogant anti-Hillary troll who just shouts down anyone who disagrees with him. It has become so obvious that the support of Trump has now become a permanent feature each morning. Mika just sits and goes along with it all. What is her point in being there? Just to get free stuff like the truck that she 'won' from Mike Barnicle? Talk about elitist behavior. A truck for God's sake.

      There used to be a good balance on this show and intelligent discussion but that's completely gone. Maybe management at MSNBC wants an anti-Hillary, pro Trump rant each morning from Joe because that is what we are getting. Mika has completely lost her credibility. She just whines and twists around and agrees - and most egregiously seems reluctant to take on Joe's arrogance. What is going on with these two?

      More to the point, what is going on with MSNBC? Are they all afraid of getting a female President? They sure act like it. I've stopped watching Morning Joe now. No more.moreless
    • Ted Cruz Stood True to His Family!

      There was a time when family members were off limits during political campaigns. I miss those days! If Trump is such a family man, then he should understand that constantly referring to a person as Lying Ted, attacking his wife and accusing his father of conspiracy in the assassination of JFK can't possibly merit him an endorsement from Cruz. Rubio didn't endorse him either, he danced around it. I'm seriously considering Gary Johnson, the Liberatarian ticket. Ted, Jeb, and the Bush family may all want to go with that party.moreless

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