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Morning Joe

Weekdays 6:00 AM on MSNBC Premiered May 09, 2007 In Season



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  • Getting worse every day

    have had it. It gets harder and harder to watch Morning Joe. I started watching this channel in the 2012 presidential election because they had guests and interviews with little bias. The guests were allowed to state their views without being constantly interrupted or bullied by Joe. Mika appeared to half a brain then and Joe wasn't as voracious a bully as he is now. Boy has that changed.

    With their friend Donal Trump as a candidate in the 2016 election, these two have really flipped out.

    Guests cannot say anything that criticizes Donald Trump without getting savaged by Joe. Even Mika has taken to cutting off anyone who presents the "Donald" in a negative light. For someone who claims to be a supporter of women's values, she sure takes advantage of every opportunity to denigrate everything Hilary does or says.

    Joe is just ruthless in his efforts to protect Donald Trump and it's really annoying and embarassing.

    Like the comedian at the White House Correspondent Dinner Joe is so far up the Donald's A$$ they keep bumping into Chris Christie!!

    No more Morning Joe for Cuomo is a great alternative on New Day. I'm going to switch to that show to get balanced information about the 2016 Presidential race.

    I hope they replace Joe and Mika. They I might try Morning Joe again. I'd give this show ZERO stars but I had to pick at least 1 star. This show doesn't even deserve that.
  • Lost me as aviewer

    Joe is a bully. Mika is an embarrassment to women. Have enjoyed the contributors for years but can no longer tolerate this kind of programming.
  • Diarea of the Mouth

    Joe would be much better if he would talk for 30 seconds and then shut up and stop interrupting his guest. Does anyone tell him that? Does he have a mental problem? I'm so tired of hearing about when he was in congress. How does someone make 4 million a yr and take off so much time. The show hit a new low this morning when Brussels's was attacked and they put Brian Williams on. his credibility is the lowest of all news people. Another low - Richard Haass who knows a lot about foreign affairs was cut off by Joe while explaining why we give money to Germany and Japan. Joe, SHUT UP.
  • Morning Joe

    I just can not understand why does MSNBC keep this naive, arrogant, stupidly biased odd couple; Joe & Mika. And I just do not know how people in good conscience accept to appear on their show!!! Money !! MSNBC R U serious? You pay Joe and Mika for this nonsense??!!
  • Joe is the worst I have ever seen

    All this guy does is cut off all his guests, definitely hope the network pulls this ridiculous show from the air forever.
  • Where's Imus???

    I fell asleep a while when I awoke, MSNBC has been taken over by FOX!!! Seriously, I've been a faithful Morning Joe viewer since no more. Joe's insufferable "right wing" talking point tirades and Mika's "kneel before Zod" like whining over candidate access have become REALLY tiresome. It's a shame, they used to deliver a refreshingly even handed breakdown of current events. Hope MSNBC can find a better vehicle for their analysts and contributors, who are great. Oh well, goodby morning CNN!!!

  • Simple Math

    Add Keith Olberman Subtract Morning Joe and you ratings will appear competitive. This is not a GOP cable news channel. Why do you think this will work? At the height of this channels success the model was liberal. Without claiming to change, Morning Joe and his Cronies have taken over the daytime. This station is responsible for much of the election of Barack Obama. He was a democrat.
  • MSNBC is a joke

    MSNBC has obnoxious, rude and angry reporters/ staff. They are spreading more anger than they claim Trump is doing. They just keep stirring the pot. I am sick of this channel. And really morning Joe loves to listen to himself and let's no one talk. Chris Matthews literally spits anger when he talks. Can not watch you anymore.
  • Get real

    I'm really tired of Joe badgering guests, especially the women. Mika, Shut it down!
  • Down the drain Joe goes...

    What has happened to this show? Or MSNBC? From a sad town hall that simply smiled and told Trump how wonderful his poll numbers were, it became horribly obvious how low Joe and Minka have gone. Now, interviewing Ben Carson about his support for Trump shows how vapid and pandering they have become. Joe called the couple minutes of Carson basically blaming others for Trumps inability to be a real leader "fascinating". Why does Minka even appear? She hardly talks, the only person to ever show emotion is Donnie who always gets talked down by Joe. It's no longer entertaining. Oh wait! Breaking news! Trump is going to speak about something classy and how he will unify through threats! Gotta get some coverage. So sad.
  • Woodstock and Dilbert A new team?

    Morning Joe has turned into comic strip characters and the show is difficult to view for adults who value knowledgable opinions. Why does Mika sit and look like "Woodstock" Charlie Brown's bird at Dilbert (Joe). She hangs on to every "breath he breathes". CNN is a better alternative, Chris Cuomo is good to look at, and he says something worth listening to, also he respects his co-hosts and guest.
  • Joe Blows a Head Gasket

    Get a grip Joe and Mika.. Donald Trump was not talking about the ALL Muslims or their faith when he said they hate Americans. He was talking about the Islams overseas. Now you media people have made Americans THINK that they hate us because of the biased way you people report ALL the negative.

    When was it that I heard a news report of the love shared between Islams and American's? Ah, gee..... NEVER.

    I lost a huge amount of respect for you and your co-host this morning.

    Bravo for Rick Scott not biting your bait to join in on your stupid rampage. Rick Scott looked like a grown up adult and you and Mika looked like turds. Stop trying to cram your vile interpretation of Donald Trumps interview down the American peoples throats. Oh and by the way, I tried to rate the show 1 but the rate bar wouldn't take it!!

  • when i was in congress....

    will it ever stop? will joe ever cease to be petulant and mika to smirk? will the guests ever get to quit saying "of course you're right joe, please, please put us out of our misery and let these 2 amateurs go away. the other shows are so good; why are we still stuck with this?
  • Insulting Intelligence

    The Morning Joe Program is and will continue to "DECLINE," as long as Joe Scarborough is present. It is a travesty to hear and see the Disrespectful Disdain that Joe Scarborough shows whenever the Subject is of The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. . . At the least, Mr. Scarborough belongs on FOX Network right beside the likes of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and the other, OUT OF TOUCH WITH DIVERSITY AND THE

    COMMON AMERICAN! Everything is not about "MONEY," do yourself and good-hearted Americans a "Solid," listen and act on what we suggest! GET RID OF JOE SCARBOROUGH PERIOD!
  • I'm Done

    Agree with most of the comments about Morning Joe. He is the number one supporter of Trump and has helped Trump get to the top. - and he is the number one Hillary hater. Yet he spends lots of time trying to convince us that he is not a Trump supporter. And he is on the Hillary email issue like a dog with a bone. And he says he is not biased. The show has become a travesty. He interrupts and talks over everyone. All his regulars are his lackeys, supporting everything he says. Never any pushback. Even his guests are intimidated. Including Mark Halpern. The Bob Woodward appearance was infuriating. Joe talked over Bob Woodward for the whole interview. Even Steve Rattner who used to push back has gotten more timid. All the regulars and guests are scared of Joe. If they don't agree with him they are off the show.

    What kind of value do the following people add ?

    Mika, Mike Barnacle, Willy Geist, Michael Steele - None

    It is so frustrating to watch Joe's daily bias, arrogance, intimidation and narcissism go unchallenged.

    Where is the MSNBC management ??????

  • Cancel this show

    I used to enjoy this show. Now, it is hard to watch. Joe and Mika ought to exit stage right. Both are obnoxious. He pontificates and talks over everyone and she is not very smart and plays the role the producers want her to play. The rest of the cast is bearable [ except for Donny Douchebag ] It' s hard to believe Mika is a graduate of Williams College, one of the best educational institutions in the country. I think a better choice for this slot would be the guys who are hosting With All Due Respect. Lastly, to close, the self congratulatory tone of Joe and Mika, that 'we were right' [ about Trump ] is a downright turnoff. Even if they were 'right' please show some class instead of showing off. Again, this show is now a big bust.
  • Pay Mika what she's worth.....

    ZERO. This woman has made a career attempting to get equal pay for women. Well, her actions (as well as Joe's) with the Chump, has been nothing more than a starry eyed girl willing to do (say) anything for the friendship of the Chump. This is nothing new - Mika (& Joe) should be taken off the air - if for nothing else but to save MSNBC money & embarrassment. Which MSNBC producer wants to be the last to turn off the lights with this mindless programing.

    I've been a MJ - MSNBC fan for (many) years but this has come to an end. The open mike incident with the Chump SHOULD BE THE CANARIE IN THE MINE FOR THE PRODUCERS.

    Both Joe & (especially) Mika have overstayed their welcome.

    Mike B, Willie G & Gene R need not go down with this ship! It's unfortunate that the MAJORTY of these reviews are less than flattering to the hosts.
  • Morning Trump

    Joe Scarborough has really shown his true colors. I have always suspect him as a bigot, deceiver, and yes racist. Donald Trump and Joe must be closely related, they have the exact same disposition, ugly, nasty, they show no real desire for the Bible or Christianity. They exhibit no since of compassion for no one but themselves. Poor Mika, he treats her like his dog and she just sat there and look stupid. Bottom line is Joe Scarborough's heart is full of hate and evil, no wonder he is in love with Donald Trump. However, the good news is that God always win in the end.
  • Joe Puke!

    He's such a typical republican. Coddled babies with blinders on. Every once in a while he'll come up with an intelligent question but it probably wasn't his own. Then he constantly talks over top of Mika. I can't stand that! Also, why doesn't he buy some socks? Even panty hose would help. CNN is my new home in the morning. I really don't know how Scarborough has lasted this long. Puke!
  • Unbelievable fawning

    Did you watch how Joe cut off the best journalist of our time- Bob Woodward - when he was talking about Trump University--he said he knew all about it, so let's not discuss it. Fox News has never had fawning anchors like this---it's pathetic--they have helped to created this monster--I am done with this garbage show.
  • Disappointed Viewer

    Like many, I used to be a loyal Morning Joe Fan. Although I'm a Democrat, I still appreciated and respected Joe Scarborough's conservative views. I no longer watch the show. I thought it was just me thinking that both Mika and Joe were huge advocates for Donald Trump. After reading other fan reviews and talking to friends, I'm more convinced they are promoting only DONALD TRUMP.

    I certainly hope the network read these reviews. I'm officially a new CNN fan.
  • Dump the Trump

    Have been a long time fan of this show. I'm 75 years old and make sure I get up and watch every morning, but it has been nauseating to watch Joe fawning over Donald Trump. I can no longer watch, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. You have lost a viewer. I'm going to CNN.
  • A Hot Mess

    What has happened to MSNBC? How any of these people, guests, producers, etc, can possibly live with themselves is beyond me. I used to enjoy the show, knowing full well that Joe is a childish blowhard bully but at least Mika had a scrap of integrity and provided some balance. Has she given in or just given up? I guess ratings and a paycheck 'trump' any hope for integrity, scruples or shame. I've been done for a while. Now, we hear this 'hot mic' story, which, sadly, is in no way surprising. Without Maddow I wouldn't turn the network on at all.
  • Stopped watching today.

    Funny when Trump called in a couple of weeks ago and called Joe and Mika "Supporters".... Today, Joe would not allow Bob Woodward to speak about Trump University... drowning him out multiple times. Now, Joe is certainly not a journalist... but suppressing discussions because they reflect poorly on Trump... Not something I want to watch anymore. I will start waking up with CNN...

    Oust Joe, and make it Morning Willie... well... might have to work on the name. Willie Gueist is real star of Morning Joe. IMHO
  • Joe Trump

    Joe and Mika are in the tank for Trump. Maybe Joe can relate to Trump since they seem to be similar personality types: both are insecure, loud-mouths/blowhards, adolescent, bullies, narcissists, negative, and greedy. Mika adds nothing but silly faces and reading other people's writing aloud. Blonde and thin, I guess, are her qualifications for being on the show. I stopped watching months ago. What first caught my attention were the rants against Clinton. Then the constant Trump worship began. Then I noticed none of the 'guests' on the show would push back against the Trump love fest. Must be the money. Integrity for sale. We could be having a thoughtful, reasoned, useful conversation about the political race. But no, we have only one-sided craziness spouted from Joe's tiny mouth each morning on MSNBC, which is then co-signed by Mika and the others. Awful! I now watch CNN in the morning. Alisyn and Jake are really pretty good. If you haven't checked them out - give them a look!
  • Morning Bad Coffee

    Both hosts must have other plans. Mika is commical, the facial expressions and non sense comments are unbearable. Of course, Joe is a bully as most have commented. Every once in a while you see the guests faces while the hosts are "blabbing" and you realize this show doesn't have a future.
  • Enough!

    Like many on this thread, I can no longer bear to watch Morning Joe. He has been acting in a truly obnoxious manner; Mika has become a time-keeping mouse. The regulas and guests are drowned out by Joe's rants. Perhaps if they weren't such sycophants of "the Donald", I might watch. On to CNN.
  • Morning Joe stinks

  • Weaka Mika

    This is my first review but I cannot take it anymore!!! Finally a site that airs my escalating frustration with Morning Joe, which I used to love. Is there anyone left on this shoe to stand up and challenge Scarborough's lack of logic regarding Trump. Joe and Mika pick and choose who to fawn over and promote (aka. trump and Christie) and those who to pick on day after day and virtually ignore (Clinton). All the rest of the pundits seem to be falling right in line Barnacle and now sadly Gene Robinson who I always appreciated in the past for his wise comments. No one challenges their bias except for Howard Dean. As for weaka Mika, she cannot finish a cohesive thought and just waits for Joe to relieve her air time by unceremoniously cutting her off.
  • No more Morning Joe- Really on't care for crap in my coffee

    This show has gone off the rails. so biased now. Everything from kissing Trump's big ole bigoted behind to shamelessly trying to influence democrats with Bernie over Hillary. Does anyone on this show have any ethics? All about the Benjamins, I fear. The talking heads at Morning Joe should be force fed all episodes of remember what is was like to have true and authentic heart. I mean would turn over in his grave. These guys are just talking heads to fill air true journalists. I'll continue watching Hardball, Maddow and Lawrence but am done with Joe. Going to CNN...
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