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  • Get rid of Scarborough -- NOW!

    This show is impossible to watch. Scarborough, who possesses superior knowledge to everyone else in the world, talks over the guests and co-hosts who have the temerity to disagree with him. The only time the show is worth watching is when he is not there.
  • No More Poindexter

    I consider myself an independent and a moderate and watch cable news when on my treadmill. I was an Imus fan because he hated everybody and was unbiased. When he left I couldn't watch what Imus called "Fox and Fiends" I started watching " Morning Joe" but I'm happy to say it's time to leave

    He is the most arrogant, self opinionated news talk show host on cable. When Trump boycotted the Fox debate and landed his jet that morning Scarborough acted as if its was the second coming. I'm sorry to say if election comes down to . Barnum" Trump or the liar I'll do anything for money Hillary I'll

    have to hold my nose and vote for Trump. For now I've switched to "New Day" on CNN with Chris Cuomo.
  • Joes in love

    Hey Give Joe Scar a break. He is in love with the idea of a Donald Trump. I think he has a "Thrill up his leg" when he talks about him. He was so one sided this morning I had to turn it off. Usually he is a fair person.
  • I've drank my last cup of MJ....

    This is absolutely THE worst, cringe-worthy chat "news" program on the air. Others commenting here are correct, it's worse than Fox News -- the most disrespected news source in the industry. I can't believe this is MSNBC, the same organization that offers fantastic prime time news programs. How can you allow this debacle to continue? Joe belongs on Fox & Friends, he fits in perfectly with his rude and shameful rants. Fire the producer, the format is an unprofessional mess. So glad I'm not alone on this one, I thought I was going nuts. Take note MSNBC, your viewership is fleeing. Stop prostituting yourself for ratings (ie. nauseating Trump coverage).
  • Fair and balanced???

    I was MJ biggest fan but I can no longer tolerate watching even one segment. Joe is so one sided and narrow minded that it's painful to watch. When did he decide not to listen to anyone's opinion but his own?? This show is worse than Fox News. Guess it's CNN time.
  • Gald its not just me!!!!

    I have watched this show for many years and I just cant anymore. Whenever Joe disagrees with someone he simply talks louder, cuts them off, and /or berates them into submission. He doesn't even bother to attempt to hide or disguise his disdain for anything other than his own opinion. Apparently he talks to "everyone" and they agree with everything he is laughable. All she does is feign a champion of women's rights and be totally contradictory in her interactions with Joe. I like Mike Barnacle and Willie as well as many of the other guests but they are now there to simply agree and comply with Joes tirades or be belittled and talked over. AN Nicole Wallace U SERIOUS?!!!!
  • Insulting Intelligence

    The Morning Joe Program is and will continue to "DECLINE," as long as Joe Scarborough is present. It is a travesty to hear and see the Disrespectful Disdain that Joe Scarborough shows whenever the Subject is of The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. . . At the least, Mr. Scarborough belongs on FOX Network right beside the likes of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and the other, OUT OF TOUCH WITH DIVERSITY AND THE

    COMMON AMERICAN! Everything is not about "MONEY," do yourself and good-hearted Americans a "Solid," listen and act on what we suggest! GET RID OF JOE SCARBOROUGH PERIOD!
  • Fox Business executive Kevin Magee to oversee Morning Joe

    I couldn't agree more with those who say that Morning Joe has taken a sharp right turn. I think it may have been driven by knowing that the more Trump gets on the show, the more the ratings go up. So everyone refuses to say anything negative about the the bully, since then Trump won't return to the show. Evidence that the show is taking a sharper right turn lies in the recent news that the person instrumental in Fox Business, Kevin Magee, is set to oversee Morning Joe. This will only result in the show get worse. Bloviating Joe, who is beginning to sound like Donald Trump in the way he bullies his intelligent guests and talks over them, should be taken off the air. Alas, that may never happen. I cringe when intelligent guests like David Ignatius are interrupted on a consistent basis, an dismissed by Joe.
  • Scarborough decafs Morning Joe

    Used to love this show since it's inception after Imus, but now this thing has escalated to a forum that belongs on Fox network. If a guest or even Mika (who has been brainwashed/drank the Joe KoolAid) disagrees or challenges the Bully (Scarborough) his voice elevates to yelling, repeating his tirade and belittles those who disagree with him. Those who are not affiliated with his Party, he has no respect for, talks over them, doesn't let them complete a sentence interrupting them disrespectfully, further demonstrating his obnoxious, narcissistic, egotistical characteristics. His bitter denunciations of anything that remotely resembles a slightly liberal point of view has lost me as a viewer forever. This moron needs to go back to Scarborough Country ( a real hit) cuz I can't take this overpaid jerk's over inflated ego any longer. I'm surprised MSNBC continues to allow this crap.
  • salacious gossipy focus

    What is wrong with Joe Scarborough and the producers for allowing him to say Salacious sexual assault on HIliary?
  • Obnoxious ahole, Turned it off late November and won't watch anymore

    There was a time when I could tolerate/overlook Joe Scarborough, to get my stream of news/information from MSNBC. I am a centrist democrat, graduate school educated, Iraq Veteran and I am sick to my stomach at the disrespect that ahole shows toward my President while stroking Donald Trump's ridiculous Birther d***. It's nauseating. After watching loyally for about 7 years, despite JS, I won't let it on my TVs anymore. CNN is boring but they don't have an obnoxious ahole pandering to GOP and Tea Party nutbags.
  • Love The Show

    I love the show. It pisses people off just how out of touch journalists and pseudo journalists alike are with main street America.
  • Stopped watching.... A long LONG time ago

    I have to say it's gratifying to see that a lot of people find this bozo as obnoxious as I do. It got to the point where I had the impression I was watching FOX News. The constant berating of Obama, a man whose shoes he is not fit to clean and in such a disparaging fashion too... made my skin boil! And Mika... Oh Mika.. she claims to fight for women's rights in the workplace but her behaviour on the set is antithetical to what she purports to believe in... her performance on that show is shocking... almost like a stepford wife... Yeah... Stopped watching, can't handle seeing scarbies beady eyes and large forehead any longer
  • We have the power

    I was a fan of Morning Joe. I refuse to watch this program that is so one sided and ego driven by Joe. The way he presents issues regardless of actual facts is intolerable. I feel Mika is equally guilty. Looking at the current comments, I am sorry that Joe is so condescending to her. But more often then not she sits there listening to his tirades.

    We have the ultimate power. Just stop watching this program. I quit watching 2 months ago. If we stop watching Morning Joe will be the loser. I continue to watch other programs on MSNBC Just not Morning Joe.
  • What happened to Joe?

    I have been watching the show for several years and I admit Joe has always been a little edgy and borderline chauvinistic. As of lately he has become unhinged, he continuously berates and demean Mika (never the male regulars), talks about President Obama in increasingly hollow and unflattering terms. However without failure he sings the praises of Donald Trump while giving him a large and free platform to court his supporters. Moreover, Joe has become adamant about pushing his conservative positions at the demise of Mika and guests that don't agree. He is either ranting about Hillary or President Obama, calling them weak, ineffective leaders, and liars. He definitely has misogynistic tendencies and that has to be reigned in or risk losing viewers lIke me. Lastly, please no more about when he ran for congress, that is the past and it looks nothing like today. Where is the old Joe.
  • Berating of Mika

    I was appalled at the way Joe Scarbough mistreated Mika today, 12/11/15. It was horrific and offensive to all the ladies I encountered today as well. Joe needs to be reprimanded or replaced. At the very least he needs to be put on leave or suspended. He abused her verbally and publicly in such a demeaning way. Is this the behavior we want to project to the world? I hope not. We teach children not to bully while the biggest bully is being rewarded with a network TV show? How inappropriate is that? Truly, I hope Joe is reprimanded for his egregious actions. Please don't allow him to get away with that.
  • Treatment of Mika

    We have been fans of Morning Joe for an extended time and record it to watch later in the day. We liked the show because it was balanced and demonstrated that those with different opinions could have a reasonable discussion on hot topics. However, the show seems to be moving in the opposite direction with Mr. Scarborough becoming more and more driven by his own agenda and showing increasingly rude behaviors toward those who disagree. This is resulting in the show losing its appeal to us as moderates who want to hear an open discussion of political topics.

    We would have quietly quit recording Morning Joe, but it was the treatment of Mika on December 11, 2015 that has compelled a public response. Mr. Scarborough's treatment of Mika has been rude and demeaning in the past. However, Joe's behavior today reached a disgusting level for us. He appeared to be attempting to humiliate Mika by calling her "stupid", interrupting her comments, and using other bullying behaviors. His loud voice and constant accusations of Mika not listening demonstrates his lack of respect toward Mika. Watching Mr. Scarborough's increasingly inappropriate behavior makes the show uncomfortable to watch and appears to further demonstrate that Mr. Scarborough enjoys bullying and disrespecting others. The network placing Mika in this position shows that the executives either don't care or that they share Mr. Scarborough's view on how to treat others. No one should have to tolerate such abuse as a routine part of his or her job. Perhaps, some are watching too many reruns of Archie Bunker and Edith.

  • Scarborough brings Fox News to MSNBC

    The bashing of our President on Morning Joe is ridiculous. I mite as well watch Fox News, which I would NEVER, ever do. The man belongs on Fox. Mika will do just fine.
  • When a good show gets radicalized

    I was a LOYAL viewer of MJ (previous IMUS) but I've reached my "insult" limit. Today MIKA gave Donald her blessings as did Joe. This isn't the same MSNBC I knew and loved. It is another FOX TV scum TV show. I expect to see this show on FOX by years end.
  • Cynical Joe Scarborough

    Friday morning 12/4 was the most that I have heard from Joe Scarborough when he was commenting about President Obama's leadership. The reason our country shows weakness to the rest of the world is because of people like Joe Scarborough commenting "live" on TV or elsewhere negativity about our President and country. He always says he is the spokesperson for the People in this country and that is not so. No other countries lets their people talk negative on TV about their President except the USA. This is what makes our country weak. Why would any other country think highly of the USA if prime people in our country talks negative about their own country and it is permissible. We are a sad country in other countries people's mind. I wonder why? With people like Joe Scarborough and other Republicans being so out spoken we have become a sad nation. I believe we should take Joe Scarborogh off MSNBC for his obnoxious comments. Is this the type of People that MSNBC supports. Poor station and evidently MSNBC wants us to look like a poor nation. No other commentators on MSNBC talks and makes poor comments about our President and country that I know of except Scarborough. This show has become sister-FOX! I have decided to change stations for the morning News like "the people in the USA" like Joe always says speaking for the People. Tina
  • Joe Trump

    Why do those robots sit there and allow the narcissistic blowhard Joe to rant and rave on behalf of Trump and always against Clinton and Obama, day after day after day? I can only assume they don't want to lose their payment for participating. They are selling their integrity. And one cannot say anything complimentary of Mika. She reads other peoples' comments out loud on the show, calls on guests, makes faces, and makes sexist comments about men. Ohmygosh. We could be having a thoughtful, reasoned, useful conversation about the political race during this time. But no, we have only one-sided craziness spouted from Joe's tiny mouth each morning on MSNBC. Awful!

    I now watch CNN most mornings. Alisyn and Jake are really pretty good. If you haven't checked them out - give them a look!
  • What Happened to Morning Joe?

    I've been watching Morning Joe for years. While Joe always seemed a bit loud, rude and really pleased with his own opinions, he has become so obnoxious I either mute him or switch channels. As of late, I enjoyed watching on Fridays because the pompous ass isn't on much, if at all. Now it seems like they tape his overbearing rants and slip them in.

    I've never been a fan of CNN but I find myself tuning in or switching to the program most mornings.

    Maybe the network could outfit Joe with a human equivalent of a bark collar that gives him a jolt every time he sounds like a braying ass
  • Sick of Joe and Trump

    So here we are, November 30, 2015. Turn on Morning Joe and there is Donald Trump AGAIN! What is this? Are they running his campaign? He is a despicable, narcissistic bully who has no business running for President or anything else, but we are a free country. I have NO IDEA why any sensible network would promote his candidacy the way MSNBC is. Oh, yeah. I forgot. RATINGS AND MONEY both of which I guess they need.
  • Sick of Joe and MSNBC

    I used to be a true fan of MSNBC, but during the Morning Joe show, i feel like i'm watching Fox news. MSNBC, you have gotten rid of Ed and Keith who brought balance to the network, and changed Al Sharpton's time to when no one is watching. Now, all we get is continuous feeds of Donald Trump.

    What really bothers me is Joe's support for Trump. I have seen him grill other presidential candidates, but handle Trump with kid gloves and he even defends him from the guest panalist at the table that have really serious questions for Trump. It's as if he bullies his guest to go along with what he it's very pathetic to watch. Joe knows that there is no way Trump will ever be president... and the way he defends him is sickening. Therefore... I will no longer watch Morning Joe because of Joe Scarbourough.
  • Sick of Watching Trump every morning on Morning Joe

    Why is MSNBC boycotting Bernie Sanders? When was the last time Bernie Sanders appeared on Morning Joe? Is that the reason why Ed Shultz got fired? So he would not promote Bernie Sanders on his show? In the meantime, Trump is there every morning! I cannot stand him. Please stop promoting Trump. And please don't tell me that you are not reporting on Bernie Sanders because of his poll numbers. We also see Chris Christie all the time on Morning Joe and Chris Christie's poll number are in the single digits.
  • Joe's ranting on Obama, and twisting of statements out of control and sicking!

    Joe is out of control and constantly misrepresenting Obama's statements and everyone seems so reluctant to challenge him. I previously loved this show, but lately Joe seems even more full of himself as if he's either on drugs or drunk, or has a personality disorder. Plus it's obvious he is out to destroy Obama and Hillary, and is promoting Trump--another loudmouth who loves to hear himself speak. Sounds more like Fox every day!
  • Drunken sounding Joe needs to go over to Fox now

    I have been a MJ watcher since it began. 2 years or so ago I had to stop watching due to Joe sounding like he was someones drunken old grandpa reminiscing about his good old days and monopolizing the convos with his rants. I did not watch for over a year. Just started back and was SHOCKED to see he is even worse now. Sounds worse than a Fox news attention getter stirring up hate and lies and repeating them in a raised voice ad nauseum. What was really surprising was how Mika has changed! She was once the voice of reason and could calm him down. Now she gives the appearance of an abused wife, holding her eyes down, afraid to speak up or worse agreeing with him tho it seems obvious she may disagaree but afraid to say so. Worse still is all the guests that now appear seem in lock stop as if they are also afraid of not keeping their monring Joe job. TIRED, RACIST, hate stirring show now. I stopped watching a week ago, decided to check in today and had to turn it off after hearing Joe once again repeat a LIE saying the president said an Isis attack could not happen here. That is NOT WHAT I HEARD when I listened to every speech the President has given publicly. Either the person talking into JOes ear and Joe himself have never listened to the President himself, rather getting their talking points from Fox it seems. It is not just regarding the President his drunken sounding rants go tho. Joe Scarborough has an IQ average at best. He seems far below, but maybe that is organic brain syndrome.

    I decided it was time to find another morning show again during the week of the University President stepping down over the racial issues in MO. Joe kept screaming "AM I STUPID" over and over. And I wanted to scream back YES YOU ARE because I had heard the President make a very racially sounding deroggatory remark to those gathering in protest that sounded even to me(a white 64 year old female) like a racist comment and no one in this mans position should keep his job with that attitude. He made the comment that began with "YOU PEOPLE" and going on to sound like a classic racist talking point. For Joe to keep hounding on this issue saying AM I STUPID showed just how stupid and uniformed he is and whoever talks in his ear is as well. NO FACTS FROM MJ anymore. JUST LIES exceeding FOX NEWS reputation of the most LIES TOLD AS NEWS!!

    MIKA needs to get away from this jerk. He is undermining her intelligence. If she has gotten too far brain washed by him she needs to go as well. Join your Fox friends.

    No wonder no one wants to be on this show anymore and all we get are stale lock step not call anyone a Journalist.
  • joe should go

    I agree with most of the negative comments. Please get someone else (both Mika and Joe). How about Brian Williams. send Joe to FOX. He is very obnoxious. I have been watching Rachel Maddow in the morning as she is often in competition with something else at 9 . I have reached the point where I can't stand Joe. Why have you kept him when you have cancelled so many shows to improve your ratings? There is a need for us liberals to have a morning show, The other network morning shows have become too frivolous.

    Republicans are all down on Democrats (mostly Obama and now the three Democratic presidential candidates) who do not want to use the term radical Muslims to refer to ISIS terrorists and instead insist on using the term radical jihadists. To me this is a stupid argument and almost just a matter of semantics although not quite. One very knowledge man from the US intelligence agency that was on Morning Joe says on the subject that most normal Muslims look upon radical Jihadists as apostate to the Muslim faith. Whether or not this is factually correct, I cannot say but in the Christian world this would be like the tail wagging the dog. We see the Christian equivalent of a jihadist and we call that person a fundamentalist. By the same token if we see a fundamentalist Muslim it would be totally acceptable to call that person a radical (although Jihadist would be okay too). The question is, which one is more correct? From the fundamentalist point of view regardless of the religion, if someone does not live true to the rules of the faith, they are the ones who are apostate and not the other way around. So in this sense, Republicans who want to use the term radical Muslims for a fundamentalist Muslim, they are absolutely correct from a Christian point of view. But because Muslims look at this backward than do Christians, they find this term offensive because they feel it is the same as calling all Muslims radicals. From their point of view the more correct term to use is a Jihadist. I personally think that the Christian point of view used to define such terrorists by calling them radical Muslims is the appropriate term to use. However, we have many who understand this difference that prefer to use the terms radical Jihadist so as not to offend Muslims who are not radical fundamentalists relative to their religion. I feel this less offensive approach and terminology is just the Christian thing to do when defining Muslims who operate in the extreme. Therefore, I favor using the term Muslim Jihadist.
  • Republican Joe and Entourage

    Watching morning Joe became as lame and bias as to watch Fox news. This morning it hit the fan and I just got plain tired and disappointed of listening to Joe and his second and third bananas criticize, as they often have been doing lately, Hilary Clinton just because she does not want to use, and rightly so, the words "radical Islam" to address the terrorists who cowardly engage in criminal acts. As Joe repeated the words, " Do they think we are idiots" to nauseum, I kept thinking if it was alright to call those who kill animals and innocent children as sacrifices to god, in the name of Jesus and invoking all the saints and the virgin Mary, radical Catholics or Christians, or rather, despicable common criminals and /or terrorist who should be haunted down killed or prosecuted.

    My opinion, it's time for MSNBC to make Joe and his entourage, to take his show on the road, vacate the premises and make room for someone with character and a sense of unblemished and unbiased journalism. As for my morning practices, I will continue drinking my 'cup of Joe' but with the TV off since I refuse to watch or listen to anything resembling the Fox News, with the difference being that the former show cashes me off guard but with Fox I know what's coming.
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