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    If you like morning joe,I think FOX & Friends is a much better choice for you.
  • Joe Bashers: GET OVER IT!

    Joe Scarborough is not a Hillary basher, nor has he changed the way he conducts the program. Hillary has initiated her own problems and that is reflected in the polls and the way she has handled herself (and her press conferences). Joe has simply reported the news (or facts). Mika has become more docile in what she says about Hillary and I believe it's because like many Dems, she is confused and disappointed by the way Hillary has responded to the e-mail questions.. So all of you Morning Joe bashers, get a life .. or watch another channel. Morning Joe is still the #1 morning program with many important people.
  • Jumping the shark

    Mika has turned from some one with an opinion to a Joe Head shaker, Hillary basher. joe is scared to say anything bad about Trump, and all others are silent. I think they have jumped the is my favorite morning show, now it just makes me sad or mad. don't let trump, Christie, and Palin drag you down.
  • Replace Mika!

    If Mika is on, I switch to CNN. She is petty, self-absorbed and self-righteous. Mika is not the role model I want for my daughter and grand daughter.
  • feel like crying

    have been biggest fan of this show until a few months ago. sick of Joe's big mouth Mika SPEAK UP!

    You used to be the liberal Not so sure now. Stop pushing Trump and bashing Hillary.

    Started watching CNN not thrilled but can't stomach what's happening on your show. PLEASE do something to get me back!
  • Boring

    It is time to switch my morning show. Morning Joe stays on the same subject for 1 hour and then repeats itself. Not a live show anymore. It is obvious that Mika does not like Hillary and Joe doesn't know what he likes. I'm leaving the show.
  • Finding a new morning show

    I, too, am tired of Joe and Mika. Are they Trump's campaign managers or what? They have him on more than their own faces are on in the morning. I'm tired of Joe bashing Hilary. I'm sure if he had to apologize for something he too might be a bit flat, but I'm not so sure that he would ever apologize for anything. And, Mika, please stop with the clicking of the tongue! I thought her were Dem-lending. Sure doesn't seem like it any more. I'm done. Will find something this is a bit more balanced than this show turned out to be.
  • IT's time to send morning Joe to sleep with the fishes...


    Either they go, or we do.

    We're tired of you foisting this petard upon us.

    you smell of fishmongers...

    Peddle your stale wares elsewhere....

    We want our network back.

    We will BOYCOTT you until then.

    Good luck with the ratings. Say goodbye to your advertising revenue.

    au Revoir.
  • Sooooo Tired of Hillary Bashing!!!!!!

    My favorite thing to do in the mornings (when not working) was to grab a cup of coffee and switch on my favorite enjoyable news show, Morning Joe. My life has now been thrown into a tailspin. I can no longer stomach the non-stop rantings and ravings of Joe against Hillary, and to make matters worse, Mika has joined the anti-Hillary troops. guess I'll find a new and fresh morning news show. Mika, I am distruaght, and you above all should be ashamed. I may turn on and tune in when Hillary becomes president just to have my own little personal moment of satisfaction. Till then, Bye Bye.
  • My opinion

    I use to love this show, it had substance and fair sided views. The viseral hate towards Hillary Clinton is at such a degree that I will not watch this show again. I wish that there was a journalist with enough integrity to report the news regarding Hillary without a negative tone or opinion.
  • Morning Joe Faux New redux

    Sick of watching Joe S bash Hillary Clinton and Mika's simpering false "oh it's so terrible and sad". Both are creating a false narrative and attempting to swing polls against Hillary. Then they act so surprised when polls change. This behavior is completely inappropriate for news commentators and completely beneath what MSNBC used to be. Stop it or take them off the air!!
  • go MOrniging Joe to faux

    nothing more than a fox regurgitation stopped watching
  • reich wing fox2

    What happened to MSN?? It USED to be an actual news show! Now all you spew is repeats of Faux. You give misinformation. You are loosing followers. Even Maddow has crossed over. NEVER a decent word for Hillary Clinton, just inuendo and misinformation AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! All of Hillary's followers are calling for a boycott of fox, MSN(fox2). You've become a NYTIMES AND ENQUIRER
  • What the heck happened to msnbc?

    II used to watch Msnbc and Morning Joe a lot because I thought they were a counterpart to the lies on Fox news. However they now seem bent on destroying Hillary and Joe thinks nothing of telling lies as if they were the gospel truth. I am now boycotting Msnbc and will encourage others to do so.
  • MSNBC you are a joke !!!

    MSNBC, you hv got to be effin kidding me ! You just gv these two morons another 2 hours of your show I hv almost quit watching MSNBC, the constant rw propaganda is too much. All the Trump worship and HRC bashing is a joke. I will stick to getting my news from reliable sources..... the Internet.

    Cable news is a joke. I used to respect and watch your channel until the campaign season started. I am tired of u insulting or intelligence and trying to cram your bs down our throats.

    Kick rocks MSNBC ! You, MJ, & Mika can kiss my a** !
  • what the hell!

    Who does the scheduling? Joe Scarborough is a right wing nut job and Mika is a Casper milk toast. I can't stand this program and now there is 4 hours instead of 2? And what happened to all the great afternoon hosts? I am done with your channel.
  • Hilary Bashing and Trump loving all the time, unwatchable.

    I was a loyal devoted fan of MJ for 8 years. But a month ago, since Joe and Mika started in on Hilary and bashed her every chance they had and for HOURS-I was sickened. Then there is their love for Trump-this national joke is making America into a joke to other countries and all Joe and Mika do to suck up to him and devote TONS of time to him. I can no longer watch the show and have turned to CNN. I miss Barnacle.
  • #joenbc #morningmika

    Corrupt Corporate #comcast #media doing what they do. Reprehensible misinformation right out of the #fauxnews doctrine. Giant #koch opinion show staring an egotistical #RACIST in joe scarborough and forget about getting anything of real content from #morningmika simpleton who goes along with whatever #joenbc tells her. She is totally bullied and a victim. Poor Mika and unwatchable Joe. We have shut off #MSNBC for good.
  • Morning Joe Now Fox News Lite

    Joe has always been a walking Republican talking point and a bully. He constantly talks over guests who disagree with him, obfuscates facts, and shamelessly shills for the Republican agenda. Now, he constantly promotes Trump, Trump, when he is bashing Hilary. Mika must be worried about paying college tuition, because she has faded away into a vague, smiling, nonentity who nods and agrees with everything Joe says, like a spineless idiot. Done with this show; will be watching more networks and CNN and simply turning off TV news much earlier. I don't like propaganda with my morning coffee.
  • The DailyJoeRants Trumped up

    Morning Joe always has had his agenda, which appeared to promote his selective memory of his importance when he was in Congress. The show was a place where Republicans could come on & get offered soft ball questions & allowed to answer with their talking points. No serious or incisive follow up questions were ever offered. Democrats were tolerated but grilled as Joe vainly attempted to show his journalistic bona fides, for which he clearly was devoid. It was tolerable because of the eclectic guests. For the last two years, the show has shifted sharply to the right trying to outFOX Fox. Joe has proven that he's an insidious ideologue and even his compliments are contrived & insincere with an edge of denigrating smirk as soon as a guest leaves if he hasn't pandered to Joe. The show in the recent two months has devolved into a platform for Joe Scarborough's bombastic anti-Hillary/Obama rants. He's doing a poor imitation of Jon Stewart as he has neither the satirical wit nor comedic tour de force to effect that stance. It has been three straight weeks of promoting Donald Trump ad nauseum, allowing him to come on with unfiltered bloviation, lies & hyperboles to promote himself with neither incisive nor analytical questions to at least temper the dissembling. His tirades on Hillary Clinton's emails are endless and parsed to such degree that even his attemps at analogies are either false, absurd or illogical. His guests & pundits on the panel are loudly talked over if they happen to disagree with him. Mika needs to have a monitor to give her an awareness how she appears to viewers. Her commentaries & body language are demeaning to women who want to be taken seriously. There are still a great complement of guests who offer great diversity of opinions if allowed to speak without Joe offering his know-it-all-done-it-all-when-I-was-a Congressman or important-people-in-the-know-call-me-all-the-time-so-I-know-what-you-don't attitude.
  • Morning Joe Quitter

    I am so tired of Joe pontificating on how terrible Hillary is with Mika agreeing-according to Joe and Mika today 8-28 everything Hillary does and says is WRONG-so tired also of how great Trump is -I changed to CNN in middle of Hillary denunciation and will not return-Joe seems to think he has replaced God and that he is in control of US politics when he is just a Repub who was kicked out of office
  • MJoe Has Lost It

    I've watched this show for almost (7) years and looked forward to it every morning. But since last fall, Joe Scarborough has been screeching & repeating himself while Mika makes pouty faces instead of verbalizing an opinion.

    It's been annoying, but tolerable.

    However, the Morning Trump/Hillary Is Going To Get Arrested/Ramos Was Out Of Line coverage this past week has been too much. I will check back in a couple of weeks to see if things have calmed down, but in the interim, I'm really enjoying New Day on CNN.

  • MJ has evolved into Fox Light

    So disappointed to have to turn off MJ after 5 minutes every morning. I used to be a regular and thought the show had something unique to offer, except for the rather sexist way Mica is treated. She's Joe's foil but relegated to the demure role of speaking only when allowed. It's demeaning to her and to the role of women! But my primary reason for going to print news only is the continued advertisement for Trump. You have trumped him to the point of saturation and, yes, it's helping his polls because you are getting his name out there. I'll check back in six months to see if your format has returned to something watchable. Thanks. Score 2.0
  • Tired of Joe lies

    Those people sit there and let Joe lie and hate without telling him the truth, he's is the reason that show will never make good, I'm tired of those people not confronting him
  • 'I was a Congressman 324 years ago JOE!'

    Dear god Joe & IT A REST. If only you had spent this much time on how W ignored PDB which turned into 9/11, lied about 'fake evidence', went to war with the WRONG country, got over 4,500 soldiers killed, how W let the financial market implode, leave a country in flames & so Mitch McConnell could luck new Mr. our goal to not lift ONE FINGER to help you do ANYTHING but get you FIRED. you come up with something REMOTELY close to what mayhem Conservatives have wrought upon this earth. STFU about EMAILS! Thank you for your attention.
  • Has turned into a self absorbing clown act

    Joe S. is too absorbed into himself to cover a news story, the guests are also, it appears, to be self promoting, news stories are not presented with any depth but as entertainment, Joe has begun the habit of interrupting guests and thus made interviews about his thoughts and not soliciting the guests thoughts, overall this show has turned into a clown act and trying to hard to be a forum for the people
  • Loved Morning Joe Today!

    I really enjoyed the first two live hours of "Morning Joe" today. Why? No Joe! Yay! No Mika! Way to go! Willy Geist is informative, interesting, intelligent and in charge. No silly giggling and faux Jerry Reed laugh from Joe and no preening, preening, posing from Mika. I could become a fan of THIS morning show. I would like to enjoy this line up of guests on a regular basis.

    PLEASE, MSNBC ----- think about it.

  • Why I Quit Watching MJ?

    When i wake up in the morning and turn on the news, i want to hear about the NEWS - not listen to a panel of political hacks repeating the same BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    Morning Joe will be discussing a subject, I will switch the channel , 15 minutes switch back and they're talking about the same thing. BLAH BLAH BLAH .

    What happened to the news? Morning Joe, I don't care about your opinions or thoughts on different subjects.

  • Good-Bye MSNBC

    There was a time I was a fan of MSNBC and Morning Joe. I am so sick of Joe S. who is an arrogant, egotistical, self-important jerk. I now watch CNN. Diversity is good but self absorbed silliness is not. Good-bye MSNBC.
  • Mika has gone way too far today

    It's obvious she does NOT like Hilary no matter what she says but to be insulting to the guests on the show and acussing them of giving Hilary a pass is way out of line.

    And when she says "don't make me say it" when she is questioning a guest is disgusting.

    I find her very untruthful in her remarks.

    I like Joe but you really need to get rid of Mika!!!
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