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Morning Joe

Weekdays 6:00 AM on MSNBC Premiered May 09, 2007 In Season



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  • Balanced Reviews.

    While I think there's some semblance of truth in many of the reviews left here (Joe often DOES seem a bit egoic; Mika often frustrates me by not having sharper, more powerful opinions). .

    I also think it's mighty suspicious that such a popular show has such low ratings, here.

    Either supporters / viewers of the show aren't speaking up or someone had enough time on their hands to leave all of these reviews, who knows.

    Here's what I honestly think:

    - I love the conversational style of the show;

    - I love how candid Joe is;

    - I think his egomania is sometimes boring;

    - I think Mika's lack of an ego is sometimes annoying (esp as a young woman, I think that);

    - I love all the smart and otherwise fresh minds / projects / etc they have on the show;

    - I love that Joe is actually NOT liberal, but often seems like a rational conservative; that's also refreshing as I'm a registered Independent, not a mindless lib or conservative. . just a thoughtful and practical person, period, as I think most Americans are;

    - I'm deliberately leaving a 10 rating to balance out all seemingly imbalanced reviews.

    The show has pros and cons! I honestly miss it on most days. For some reason, on my current TV, I only get CNN, not MSNBC, and that's really NOT stimulating, intellectually.
  • An overview

    Mika is a bimbo, Joe is a rhino, Willie is the kid you beat the crap out of in grade school and is now on tv, Barnicle hasn't said a creative thing since Carlin died.
  • mirror mirror on the wall.....

    Egomaniacs all...
  • Could be a good show minus Joe.

    Joe is a horrible person... He's a verbal bully, a moron, a bigoted bastard, he's ugly, dresses poorly, doesn't know much of anything, and is generally just a pile of human trash.
  • No More Joe

    Joe is pretty Sicking! I have had enough of arrogant and wondering Why he is still allowed to host this show. If it wasn't for his Lovely Co-Host I would Never watch the show again!
  • Good-Bye MSNBC

    There was a time I was a fan of MSNBC and Morning Joe. I am so sick of Joe S. who is an arrogant, egotistical, self-important jerk. I now watch CNN. Diversity is good but self absorbed silliness is not. Good-bye MSNBC.
  • Howard Dean?

    In "discussing" drug testing for welfare recipients, Dean equates a person receiving money from taxpayers to companies receiving "tax breaks" (the right to keep one's OWN earned Joe goes along with that?

    Joe favors minimum wage increase? Joe thinks corporations should pay more taxes?

    Joe is no conservative.

    You've lost me, Joe.
  • Painful

    Well, first of all, the people who are accusing Scarborough of being a conservative shill are just repeating talking points, because he is constantly beating up the Republicans. In fact, this morning listening on XM I was asking myself if he was even an R anymore as he agitated for minimum wage and some environmental issue or another. I suspect that where he lands on the ideological spectrum varies.

    Whatever the case he is a rude, babbling moron who ruins the show, which is too bad because they have great guests which is he typically messes that up by posing a 5-minute monologue as a question, a la Hannity. And then interrupting when they try to actually answer.

    I don't know if Mika is any good because she can't get a word in without Joe interrupting her and shouting over her. I do like looking at her. ;)
  • Morning Joe Job

    This one time bi-partisan political talkie has totally derailed, crashed, and burned. Only to then rise from those ashes as an exclusively 'right wing schiller'. Get where I'm going here? Comparatively speaking it has devolved to a high school level of Fox & Fiends, where facts are never part of the equation and stupidity is always a virtue.

    MJJ has in the has in the past defended the Tea Parties antics, Limbaughs misogynistic rants, and has provided cover to lunatic conservatives bigotry all the while connecting 'nonexistent dots' in placing blame for everything on President Obama.

    I have long since ceased to watch or listen on Sirius XM.

  • Morning Joke

    Something I seldom do anymore. Turned MSNBC on this morning to hear Scarborough rant through his "conservative" opinion against anything Obama, aka, "It's Obama's fault!" Whatever it is!

    Today's extrapolation blamed The President for permitting our military to have different Ebola screening procedures than civilians. Is this guy totally anal or what? Most people would recognize the differences in screening a handful of doctors/nurses versus a company-sized military unit full of military gear. Most aware people that is. This Scarborough guy has his head so far up his own butt-cheeks I doubt he's aware of anything other than his own smell!

    I did time as a Marine and a Navy Reservist and one thing every military person gonna tell you, the military has a reason for sometimes doing things different from civilians. When it hits the fan, they don't get to call the soldiers, sailors, airmen or Marines. They are them!

    I get that these people hate Obama. But do we really wanna let them kill off our country and our freedoms just to preserve their singular ideals?
  • Morning Schmo

    As a former Hill staffer and long time Washington resident, I have been a faithful viewer of Morning Joe for years. I now have decided to turn it off and have turned to other morning programs. The incredible arrogance of Joe Scarborough has finally gotten to me, and Mika's fawning over someone who treats her like an idiot is too much to take. The program often has compelling guests, but Joe insists on being the focus of everything and his attempts at humor are embarrassing. I have finally said "Enough"!
  • Morning Joe would be great--without JOE!

    Ugh, what a PIA! Everything is about Joe. I like his right lean to the mainly left MSNBC. But too often he makes his point, then continues and continues and continues to carry on. He doesn't know when to say when and needs to take his meds or something. They have some interesting, well-informed guests on the show yet they're completely wasted. Why have them if Joe is just going to talk over them or not really include them at all. I don't get it? It's like they're just window dressing--what a waste! The show is no longer of great value to spend my time in the morning. Morning Mika anyone?
  • Not worth watching anymore because of co-hosts

    This was once the best cable morning news program and is now the worst program on television. Joe Scarborough needs to rethink what he wants to do with his life; he has devolved into a complete failure at television. He fails to inform and entertain and that's what he's supposed to be doing. His unruly ego (all topics stem from and point to him) and comical arrogance is funny for a few minutes then very troubling. His evidence of narcissistic personality disorder is just hard to watch so I don't anymore. Mika has grown into a tiresome one-topic Barbie (women are better) and her flirty, feigned intolerance at boy behavior and bragging about her "dad" are literally turn-offs.
  • Morning Joe aka Hey everybody look at me Joe, it's my show!!

    I was a long time fan of the show but over the last two years I've had my fill of Joe's obnoxious behavior! Plus Mika fawning and staring at Joe when he goes off on one of his tirades, no one dare question Joe! Great guest but those two really turn me off! I start to watch but for a short time only before Joe starts again, as someone noted he is always quick to remind everyone what a great Congressman he was in his time! I could go on & on! Oh yea don't ever ask about the mysterious death of his personal Congressional aide before he resigned!
  • Used to be good

    Program has host who is Anti-semetic Guess who and why does the apple fall not far from the tree
  • Venom, mis-information and lack of substance

    I could no longer tolerate dedicate my limited morning time to a show seeking foxy ratings at the expense of intellectual and truthful discussion. The disrespectful and abusive behaviors taking place between Joe and Mika is intolerable, as is the cowering of those at the table, in response to Joe's bullying. Roku in handFreeSpeechTV.
  • The Morning Joe Clown Bus

    This show was at one time ,of some substance. It has turned into a cast of clowns, purposely talking over each other to exhibit they are real people (very annoying), choppy reporting with no depth, too much pretentious laughing, too much self promotion vs an early news show, and interviews of zero substance. These shows don't have to always be serious but this has turned into a daily clown act. I have moved on to CNN in mornings.

    I stopped watching M Joe ab a year ago - shortly after one of Joe's ugly tirades during which Mika said something ab his being a chauvinist. He showed up "sorry" the next day, but it was one too many times for me. Who is this guy anyway and how far do his outbursts go when off camera?

    I worry about what his verbal abuse -which I fear becomes physical in his home - with Mika taking it and accepting his "apology" later is modeling for women who stay in abusive relationships. She should have walked out on him a long time ago, as this is a recurring event with them. (He also does it to men he considers beneath him - but like most bullies, fawns over men with more

    I also got tired of her silent grimaces - behaving like his put-upon but quiet wife who feels powerless, stuck in an abusive marriage.

    I miss hearing from the experts they have on, but the entire thing is a bad start to the day. Who needs it!
  • Flip-Flop Mika!

    I have been watching Morning Joe for a long time but I have decided to stop viewing the program. I am, and I'm sure a lot more people are, tired of Joe complaining about OUR President. I've observed how much he hates him and anybody close to him and all Democrats. He is such a negative man and he treats Mika like she is crazy. I can't stand how condescending he is to her. But what I hate more is Mika cowering and not standing up to Joe when she has something important to say. She often would take up for the President but I see she puts him down just as much as Joe and his little Republican cronies. I truly believe she is afraid of Joe and it makes me so sad to see her not being able to stand as a well-educated woman and shed light on her own personal viewpoints. I know she likes the President but hates to say it in front of Joe. But she has no problem taking up for Chris Christie. I truly believe they are both prejudice and racist in their own way. Some of the comments are horrible only when it comes to making fun of Democrats. When he talks about the President he never takes in consideration of his two daughters and his family. Wonder how would he feel if someone talked about him to his children. Everyday is something nasty about President Obama! I've noticed also when Joe gets angry he won't let anybody talk. He talks over everybody and he thinks he's always right. When everybody agrees with him he is in hog heaven but don't let anyone disagree. He goes into his usual routine talking about his uneventful term in the Senate. Who cares about that time? He's probably the same Joe as he was rude, loud,and ignorant. And no one trust that he had or now has ANY black friends. Mika is so much different when he is off. She says what she wants and takes in consideration other peoples feelings. She has a more positive attitude toward the President and Democrats. But when she's on the set by herself and Joe tunes in from another location she goes back to you of someone? Yes, their old friend Mitt Romney....
  • Replace Mika!

    If Mika is on, I switch to CNN. She is petty, self-absorbed and self-righteous. Mika is not the role model I want for my daughter and grand daughter.
  • Has turned into a clown act and self-promoting hosts

    Too many hosts, too many hosts trying to self promote and come off as "one of the people". Talking over one another trying to give the impression of an everyday conversation among people is annoying. It has moved to an entertainment program from news program and I guess that it is what they are trying to do but it thus becomes difficult to take them seriously. Yes, a clown car on a news program
  • Where is Joe?

    Mika cannot carry the program, regardless of who else she has on the program. Where is Joe? Is he spending the summer with his kids? I am ready to delete the DVR recording of 'Morning Mika'!
  • Steve Rattner

    MSNBC Morning Joe should make Steve Rattner a regular on the explanations on various subjects are thoughtful and charts however are the best !!!!!
  • Where are Mika and Joe? Appalling Poll

    My husband introduced me to Morning Joe. Great replacement for Tavis Smiley!!

    I am stunned by the Politico poll which rates President Obama as badly as it does. Who are they polling? I have never been polled. If there is anything that the president has done badly, it is that he has not blown his own horn on all of the behind the scenes accomplishments he has implemented. Getting the health care legislation passed and orchestrating the capture of Ben Laden should alone give reason to have him go down in history as the greatest president ever!!! Where was the emphasis on the "other side of the coin?" Love the show. Miss Mika and Joe. The show lacks luster without Mika and Joe.

  • Love the show..

    Love the show but they lost me when they admitted to never have watched Game of Thrones. And Mika, proclaims she doesn't like it, but never watched it. Question is, What does Mika EVER like?
  • NBC - Rethink Your Mission

    Consider myself a moderate Republican. If you want my viewing, cancel Mika! Joe presents a moderate view to today's politics. I can't watch when Mika is on alone.

    If your mission is staying with super liberals and not independent thinking people, Mika is your person. Liberals don't like Joe because he makes sense and can see and express both sides of the issues.
  • Morning Joe Needs A Different Brew


    The Morning Joe Show is in bad need of an overhaul. Joe is becoming quite stale. One of his obnoxious dodge behaviors of always giving Willie credit for being an expert in you name it: PR, Pilot, Arbitrage, or whatever topic he has just been found out to know nothing about is insulting to the people at the table and the audience. Mika's father hit the nail on the head when he called Joe "stunningly superficial". I think that that was being kind.

    On the other side of this coin, Mika, who actually shows some signs of making a complete statement when Joe is absent, which is not enough, seems to yield to Joe like an obedient wife. I do not think that she does any favors for the women's movement in this capacity. Maybe it is fear of being cast aside like his other two wives. It is almost a little unseemly the way she sits and looks at Joe as he goes through one of his tired tirades of his Horatio Alger home life, or his famous run at being the best congressman from Florida ever, or his never ending, "I told you so, back when, when everybody was calling me a (insert whatever).

    The best thing about the Morning Joe show is the double entendre, but Joe Scarborough is like two day old coffee; stale and bitter.

    NBC wake up and smell the coffee.

  • Joe is "Rush"? Are you high?

    You people should put down your crack pipe or, if you're not smoking something, maybe you should start? Joe is about as far from Rush as you can get. Joe is a "RINO" in Rush's pin headed brain. In reality (on planet Earth), Joe is neither Rush or a RINO. Joe is just a guy who is fiscally conservative in a traditional republican sense (not the neo-con sense) and liberal in a normal way when it comes to a lot of the issues in a modern world. He also has a good sense of humor about things in general. I don't agree with him all the time but, he's fine, people. You folks need to chillax a little. Now Mika, she needs some serious help to stop parroting other peoples comments. That can be hard to watch, sometimes. She knows about soda but, after that, she shifts into that "Dan Quayle" deer in the headlights thing until somebody on the panel rescues her with a comment to keep things moving along. I'm sure she's very nice but she really struggles going off script in an extemporaneous way which, is the main element (and charm)of the format of the show, which brings me full cirlcle. Can one of you guys below, spare some weed? I think Mika needs a hit, too but, for other reasons. God bless Mika, she's dancing as fast as she can and it takes a lot of moxy to sit at that table, a few books behind, like that. Gotta give her props for that. Brave girl.
  • Morning Joe - Charlatan

    Morning Joe is a muted Rush Limbaugh. Pure and Simple. He's actually worse than Rush Limbaugh because of his false image as a reasonable and average sort of guy. He's a wolf in sheep's clothes. He is an egotistical and obnoxious fellow, and he pales in comparison to many of the thoughtful TV journalists on MSNBC, who are admittedly partisan, but who honest and sincere. Morning Joe is a fraud.
  • Joe Scarborough is a Rush Limbaugh Wanna Be

    Morning Joe is just okay Except Joe.

    I've watched Morning Joe most every morning for the last five years, but never again. I'm moving to CNN and the local news.

    I've finally grown sick of Morning Joe just because of the effort of Joe Scarborough to imitate Rush Limbaugh. As much as I can not watch a racist like Rush; I can no longer bring myself to watch Joe's wanna be Rush comments.
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