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  • arrogant and ignorant

    I have been watching this never ending attack on trump, Hillary Clinton is a criminal

    who belongs in jail, but that is never mentioned, amazing they must think americans need them

    to tell us what to think. Is Joes hair really a muffin head bufont ? Mika is so ignorant why is she

    allowed to spew her stupidity on television she should ware a nazi uniform so people know where she's coming from. She said its racist to screen people entering the united states my god what a moron.
  • Joe Scarborough is an arrogant troll

    I've watched this show since it began but Joe Scarborough has become an arrogant anti-Hillary troll who just shouts down anyone who disagrees with him. It has become so obvious that the support of Trump has now become a permanent feature each morning. Mika just sits and goes along with it all. What is her point in being there? Just to get free stuff like the truck that she 'won' from Mike Barnicle? Talk about elitist behavior. A truck for God's sake.

    There used to be a good balance on this show and intelligent discussion but that's completely gone. Maybe management at MSNBC wants an anti-Hillary, pro Trump rant each morning from Joe because that is what we are getting. Mika has completely lost her credibility. She just whines and twists around and agrees - and most egregiously seems reluctant to take on Joe's arrogance. What is going on with these two?

    More to the point, what is going on with MSNBC? Are they all afraid of getting a female President? They sure act like it. I've stopped watching Morning Joe now. No more.
  • Ted Cruz Stood True to His Family!

    There was a time when family members were off limits during political campaigns. I miss those days! If Trump is such a family man, then he should understand that constantly referring to a person as Lying Ted, attacking his wife and accusing his father of conspiracy in the assassination of JFK can't possibly merit him an endorsement from Cruz. Rubio didn't endorse him either, he danced around it. I'm seriously considering Gary Johnson, the Liberatarian ticket. Ted, Jeb, and the Bush family may all want to go with that party.

    It is rich that Morning Joe has on the panel to discuss plagiarism, their "legendary" panel member, Mike Barnicle. The same Mike who of course was fired from his columnist position for the Boston Globe as he was caught plagiarizing & fabricating time & again. Oh yes, then lied about it. Brings real credibility. Course Morning Joe does not mention the times that Obama & Biden were both caught plagiarizing? Keep the discussion of Melania Trump going, the blatant hypocrisy is simply inconceivable?
  • Yellow journalism at it's best

    I used to watch Morning Joe to capture morning news. As an Associate Professor of Theater and Communications I am interested in non biased reporting. Mika is ignorant and insulting and Joe Scarborough appears desperate when I thought he used to be balanced in reporting. I will no longer recommend students of communications to watch as we try to teach fair reporting. Another example of media yellow!
  • Watchable without Mika

    I realize that Mika Brzezinski has promoted women knowing their worth, and I support her in that effort; however, I find Morning Joe unwatchable given her lack of substantive contributions to almost any discussion. I happen to agree with her politics, but her lack of depth is stunning. This week without Mika the show is eminently more watchable. Can we get Katy Kay on as a regular?
  • Huge disappointment

    Living in Hawaii I'd have to tape the MJ show at midnight b/c of the time changes. Sometimes I couldn't sleep and immediately get up to see what I missed. I found the dialog vibrant and interesting. What happened? Passed few months the program has failed to inspire. Joe took a back seat to Mika and to hear her go on and on about the evil Donald Trump was hard to take. Where are the geniuses who made this show the best of MSNBC? Groan.

    Joe romancing Mika.


    7-4-16 I believe we can only post one comment but it's possible to edit/add to our comment. Anyway I can see the MJ show in the toilet soon enough. What a waste!

    7-8-16 I blame President Obama, Al Sharpton, and other race baiters for the shootings in Dallas. Morning Joe immediately after the murders of 5 policemen bring on Al Sharpton to fan the flames in the inner cities. Want peace in the ghettos? Vote in a conservative president. Someone not in love with Saul Alinski's teachings.


  • Shut up JOE

    I can't believe joe cut off Steve Ratner while he was explaining how the banks of Great Britain will be effected by the UK vote. Joe has real psychological problems.

    Morning Joe stooping to new low by having the biggest racist in our country (al sharptin) sitting at the table. he doesn't belong at the same table as normal people.
  • Less Opinions

    I turn on the show every morning and try to watch it. I used to be able to take the first 30 minutes, now I cannot take more than 10 minutes of this show. Please, less opinion and more facts. Discuss facts. Tell the truth, educate your audience and not try to force your opinions down people's throats!
  • Republicans watch Fox

    Democrats once enjoyed watching balanced information on Morning Joe. It was good to see Mika as a Democrat and Joe as a Republican discuss politics. New management has destroyed the objectivity totally. Mika is unhinged when discussing Hillary; Joe is just unhinged about all Democrats.
  • Every now and then...

    I watch every morning. Some morning are good, with a good discussion of facts. Last 48 hours you have exhibited full hyperbole and such effusive praise of Donald Trumps mispeaks, lies, and incomplete sentences. Hope your ratings are up. Because, professionally, both of you are down.
  • I have some unanswered questions about Hillary Clintons emails.

    There is one part of this whole ordeal that really bugs me that nobody has really gotten into or asked questions about. I suppose it is the fact that I have had IT training so I know a lot about the technical aspects of how all this works. I know that Hillary had an IT technician assigned to her by the state department and he was responsible for setting up her server and providing what little security it did have. I also know that Congress has attempted to question this guy about his work with Hillary's server but he has always pleaded the 5th and refused to cooperate with Congress. The FBI reported that there was no archiving of emails as Hillary claimed but that part is puzzling to me because there are several ways to archive emails. One way is to crunch them up into a compressed file which is usually encrypted and save them on one of the server's hard drives. There are various hard drive configurations that her server could use so exactly how this might have been accomplished is up for speculation. But yet a more common way to archive emails is by making a full system backup of her server hard drives to a media that is not an integral part of her server (such as a backup tape or even a separate external hard drive). You can also back up an entire database that resides on a server in the same manner without the need to backup the entire hard drive (and such databases would contain archived emails). All these backups can be done manually but that would be impractical and especially for someone who claims they do not understand the inner workings of digital devices as Hillary is claiming. That would have meant her IT guy would have set up her server to archive her hard drives (an thus emails) automatically to an external storage device. If this was not done by her IT tech then the guy was apparently not qualified to hold the job he held but apparently he must have been qualified or he would not have been able to properly set up her server to begin with. Not only that, he would have to hold certifications to prove he has the expertise to do the required job and apply all the needed security. So there is still something amiss here that we need answers for.

    Another thing that bothers me is Hillary's claim of convenience of being able to retrieve and send emails on a single device. The FBI claims she used multiple devices but my question is, did she use all these devices during the same period of time or perhaps did she use one at a time over time because this too would involve the use of multiple devices as the FBI claims but from the perspective of the user (Hillary) it was only one device at a time?
  • goodbye to Morning Joe

    I was a fan of the show because I thought it was one of the few unbiased show on MSNBC, but not anymore. Morning Joe sold out to Hillary operatives and advertisers just like CNN. Never again am I going to watch another minute of this show.
  • What about a smart, progressive host, like Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, or Lawrence O'Donnell from 6-9am!

    "Morning Joe" show attracts some of the best minds on the national scene and yet it's spoiled by the hyper-partisan antics of Joe Scarborough. On mornings like Wednesday, July 6th (the morning after the FBI Briefing on Hillary's email issues), msnbc really needs a pair of commentators with strong journalistic backgrounds to keep the program and guests moving forward.

    I've come to the conclusion that Joe Scarborough just cannot help himself, because he's Republican first and journalist second. Mika doesn't want to upset Joe, so she never challenges Joe. Hence, the progressive agenda is forwarded by the poor guests, like Steve Ratner or Howard Dean. My greatest wish is that SOME CABLE PLEASE OFFER PROGRESSIVE PROGRAMMING STARTING AT 6 am!! With all the options available in news watching these days, why is there no progressive news show in the AM?? I do not get it!!
  • Mika the Magnificent

    Mika should resign and join Hilary Clinton's staff. It would be more intellectually honest that trying to fake objectivity.
  • Mika = no go!

    Mika is terrible, why women are employed just because of their blonde hair?!

    Her facial expressions are a nerve to each viewer

    Youre officially fired!
  • Joe and the cast you are terrible.

    I used to like the show, but this year with Joe so far up Trumps butt that he can shake hands with Chris Christie, there is nothing balanced about the show. I keep thinking I am watching Fox. Seriously MSNBC what are you thinking. Get rid of the show or the host or both. I am watching CNN in the morning now. Chris Cuomo is a rock and a real journalist. Maybe that is the problem. Joe is not a journalist he is just an opinionated ass. Take note MSNBC if you want to be fox Morning joe will help you get there.
  • The end of an 8 year love affair

    I had been a loyal watcher of MJ since 2008, recording and watching all 3 hours of it everyday, even when on vacation. I have satellite radio so I could listen while driving. As of about a week ago, I quit cold turkey. Not because of the anti-Trump rhetoric but the lack of politicalbalance. It is obvious that Joe has a personal issue with Trump and suddenly turned on him a few months ago. I can remember the exact day Joe got pissed and now it is a bunch of cranky liberals bashing Trump, instead of providing a balanced conversation.

    So long MSNBC, as it was the only show worth watching on this channel. I have reluctantly moved on, bouncing between CNN (much better recently) and F&F (still a goofy show). At least I am not listening to Joe and Mika whine about Trump, and cranky Barnicle barking about the wonders of Hillary. The only superstar to emerge out of the last 8 years is Willy Geist - he deserves everything he gets in the future - probably as national anchor - but that may actually be a death sentence for him. He is a super talent. Joe use to be, Mika remains completely clueless. My wife can't stand her uselessness on that show, bye,bye, Farewell.....
  • I Miss My Morning Joe...

    You have the same panel around the same table talking about the same subject for two hours. PLEASE bring on commentators who have differing opinions to round out your coverage. It has become totally one-sided Joe. All around the table have become nodding heads! You have on commentators defending Clinton, where are the guests who support Trump so you can have that conversation too? I miss my Morning Joe...
  • Morning Joe is no longer a TV show instead it is an infomercial.

    I can not believe how MJ built up Trump only to tear him down.

    But, I bet Chris Christie is a believer.
  • Morning Joe show spiraling down

    I used to love this show as a unique, two sides of the political spectrum analysis show. Used to recommend it to my intelligent friends. Now it's a waste of time. I don't know if Joe was narcissistically wounded by Trump's not listening to his campaign advice (really, Joe, I'm tired of hearing about YOUR past political career) or if MSNBC decided to make this program like all of its other programs. Either way, why is anyone interested in Joe's self-absorbed and hysterical tirades? Seriously. Waste of time.
  • Morning Joe sucks!

    Here we are Monday morning and they have spent the entire first 40 minutes bashing Trump. They all are (Joe Mika Nichole Mike Halpern) robotatrons blabbing out what their handlers have told them to say. This show is a joke completely devoid of integrity.

    I am Never watching again.
  • Can not do it anymore

    8 years this has been my go to show for politics every weekday morning. Can not do it anymore!!!! The goofy laughing, snickering, eye rolling smarter than anyone Joe, Mika or any of their regulars... NO MATTER WHO they are being critical of on a particular morning. Just not a serious minded bunch at all and cannot be taken that way!
  • Morning Joe becomes the National Inquirer

    I used to watch MJ before the election but it has been awful, starting from been Trump cheerleaders to detractors and the reverse with Hillary. The moves are so calculated and it looks so obvious and it sheds more light into the dishonesty of the guys are so dishonest, do you think we are stupid? , maybe the rev. Sharpton should pull another Tawana Brawley to entertain you.

  • Morning Joe

    Morning Joe should be put on at 1-2 in the morning when people are sleeping. I used to watch it till him and his side kick Monkey Mika started to bash Trump after kissing Trumps hind end to get exclusive interviews with him. Monkey Mika just does what the teleprompter tells her and the same with Joe. They both make my Anus Sick....
  • So disappointed in unfair one-sided coverage

    For months, I enjoyed watching Boris and Natasha. I believed that they gave fair coverage. I cannot stand watching them now. For all of the scandalous things that we know Hillary and her spouse have done, Morning Joe focuses solely on one-sided unfair coverage of Trump. Example 1: He raised millions for veterans and took a few months to distribute the money. The Clinton's foundation "raised millions" and donated a paltry $80,000 to veterans groups. Time for a new face in Washington, and time to cancel Morning Joe.
  • Just another "CNN" (Clinton News Network)

    I loyally watched Morning Joe throughout the Primaries; believing them to be impartial (as the media should be). Unfortunately, the past month has shown they are more concerned with offending Hillary Clinton and the political establishment, than they are concerned with alienating their own viewers. Every morning Joe throws a "Bash Trump" party inviting a slew of guests who will agree with everything he says, and Mika acts like she's campaigning for Hillary? The greatest threat America has ever faced is a Hillary Clinton presidency, and we are supposed to be worried about Trump and nuclear codes?? We need to be focusing on Hillary's plan for nuclear attack on the American Working/Middle class... a continuation of the horrific and very scary Obama Administration and move toward globalization. Didn't ever think I would say this, but it looks like I'll be watching FOX NEWS in the AM.
  • HYPOCRISY OF MIKA AND JOE by Paulmeat "Brooklyn"

    Mike should not call out republicans for being associated with a they had AL SHARPTON the show also works for think Mika should call out NBC for hiring AL SHARPTON a know RACIST/RACE Hillary Clinton she holds herself to a different and Joe both referred to AL SHARPTON as a personal all know what SHARPTON really SHARPTON should also pay his about paying retribution to Steven Pagones or simply Mika's RANT today she said referring to Trump racists do not is a SHARPTON HAS NOT Trump is an spend days and days hours on With JOE , YELLING into the how petty Joe really he want to show everyone how he stood up to should have done this months after Trump said he would never go on Morning Joe decided to put ratings in front of and MIKA, Keep up the bad TWO are so Christy bridge gate all over again
  • Thank God Joe and Mika are back on track!

    I have taped Morning Joe for years (West Coast Viewer) and always enjoyed the complete balanced to mention Legendary Columnist Mike Barnicle. I felt they lost their way in the 4 months, but they are back in force now. If you read all the reviews below you will find a lot of Trump supporters who are mad Joe is calling out the racist destructive rhetoric that is the Republican party right now. Keep it up has no place in 2016 in our White House.
  • Mika is a snob

    I have watched this show for years and now I am so sick of it. Mika acts like a prima donna, thinks she is above everyone, when Joe isn`t there she goes on her rants and actually I think the guests are afraid to speak up to her. She berates Bill Karins who does an excellent job in her smug patronizing way. She makes believe she is shocked about what Donald Trump said about the judge. She doesn`t care about the judge, she only cares about how the viewers will think about her (holier than thou) attitude. I for one have had enough! It now sickens me!
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