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  • Morning Joe Quitter

    I am so tired of Joe pontificating on how terrible Hillary is with Mika agreeing-according to Joe and Mika today 8-28 everything Hillary does and says is WRONG-so tired also of how great Trump is -I changed to CNN in middle of Hillary denunciation and will not return-Joe seems to think he has replaced God and that he is in control of US politics when he is just a Repub who was kicked out of office
  • MJoe Has Lost It

    I've watched this show for almost (7) years and looked forward to it every morning. But since last fall, Joe Scarborough has been screeching & repeating himself while Mika makes pouty faces instead of verbalizing an opinion.

    It's been annoying, but tolerable.

    However, the Morning Trump/Hillary Is Going To Get Arrested/Ramos Was Out Of Line coverage this past week has been too much. I will check back in a couple of weeks to see if things have calmed down, but in the interim, I'm really enjoying New Day on CNN.

  • MJ has evolved into Fox Light

    So disappointed to have to turn off MJ after 5 minutes every morning. I used to be a regular and thought the show had something unique to offer, except for the rather sexist way Mica is treated. She's Joe's foil but relegated to the demure role of speaking only when allowed. It's demeaning to her and to the role of women! But my primary reason for going to print news only is the continued advertisement for Trump. You have trumped him to the point of saturation and, yes, it's helping his polls because you are getting his name out there. I'll check back in six months to see if your format has returned to something watchable. Thanks. Score 2.0
  • Tired of Joe lies

    Those people sit there and let Joe lie and hate without telling him the truth, he's is the reason that show will never make good, I'm tired of those people not confronting him
  • 'I was a Congressman 324 years ago JOE!'

    Dear god Joe & IT A REST. If only you had spent this much time on how W ignored PDB which turned into 9/11, lied about 'fake evidence', went to war with the WRONG country, got over 4,500 soldiers killed, how W let the financial market implode, leave a country in flames & so Mitch McConnell could luck new Mr. our goal to not lift ONE FINGER to help you do ANYTHING but get you FIRED. you come up with something REMOTELY close to what mayhem Conservatives have wrought upon this earth. STFU about EMAILS! Thank you for your attention.
  • Has turned into a self absorbing clown act

    Joe S. is too absorbed into himself to cover a news story, the guests are also, it appears, to be self promoting, news stories are not presented with any depth but as entertainment, Joe has begun the habit of interrupting guests and thus made interviews about his thoughts and not soliciting the guests thoughts, overall this show has turned into a clown act and trying to hard to be a forum for the people
  • Loved Morning Joe Today!

    I really enjoyed the first two live hours of "Morning Joe" today. Why? No Joe! Yay! No Mika! Way to go! Willy Geist is informative, interesting, intelligent and in charge. No silly giggling and faux Jerry Reed laugh from Joe and no preening, preening, posing from Mika. I could become a fan of THIS morning show. I would like to enjoy this line up of guests on a regular basis.

    PLEASE, MSNBC ----- think about it.

  • Why I Quit Watching MJ?

    When i wake up in the morning and turn on the news, i want to hear about the NEWS - not listen to a panel of political hacks repeating the same BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    Morning Joe will be discussing a subject, I will switch the channel , 15 minutes switch back and they're talking about the same thing. BLAH BLAH BLAH .

    What happened to the news? Morning Joe, I don't care about your opinions or thoughts on different subjects.

  • Good-Bye MSNBC

    There was a time I was a fan of MSNBC and Morning Joe. I am so sick of Joe S. who is an arrogant, egotistical, self-important jerk. I now watch CNN. Diversity is good but self absorbed silliness is not. Good-bye MSNBC.
  • Boring

    It is time to switch my morning show. Morning Joe stays on the same subject for 1 hour and then repeats itself. Not a live show anymore. It is obvious that Mika does not like Hillary and Joe doesn't know what he likes. I'm leaving the show.
  • Mika has gone way too far today

    It's obvious she does NOT like Hilary no matter what she says but to be insulting to the guests on the show and acussing them of giving Hilary a pass is way out of line.

    And when she says "don't make me say it" when she is questioning a guest is disgusting.

    I find her very untruthful in her remarks.

    I like Joe but you really need to get rid of Mika!!!
  • Joe has gone to far

    So morning Joe has turned hard right, saying the limited days in voting doesn't discourage voters. As a republican when are we going to stop thinking people believe our lies ? it's now time to take back the white house and your not going to do that with the same old BS Sad but the show has hit and all time low
  • Mika is Joe's .

    She acts like a street walker supporting her pimp; no credibility for this couple!
  • joe is a right wing loud mouth

    loud mouth right wing joke and mika a horrible roll model for girls and women. spend everyday bashing Hillary and 30 seconds on bush saying he would get 5000 American soldiers killed just like his disgrace of a brother did wow! you both are horrible people
  • Ex Congressman

    Better Off if you got rid of the Ex Congressman who resigned in disgrace, whose mistress died under suspicious circumstances. Tired of his ranting - he has no business criticizing public servants who have dedicated their lives to helping others. Worse than FOX
  • No more Morning Joe

    I can no longer watch this show and am about to stop watching MSNBC since they continue to allow Joe Scarbrough to carry on with his arrogant, self righteous, rude, rantings!
  • Thank God I have a choice....

    I am so completely done with MSNBC's Morning Joe. I can no longer give this show the benefit of the doubt. Joe, you need to move on to FOX and get it over with. Too bad your review scale doesn't go into the negative.
  • even show length is a lie

    3 hour show? No. The last hour is the first hour re-run. This is dishonest. If you watch all 3 hours, you will see that they play the first our again
  • Please!

    What are they doing to this show? What happened to the very friendly morning table of interesting friendly people that we all woke up to? I realize that you lost Willy Geist, but why have we lost the friendliness of everyone else sitting around that great table sipping their coffee with the rest of America and discussing the daily news stories? You have now changed the format to something very boring! We want more of Joe and his friends not more of Mica who has nothing to talk about but WEIGHT and how badly woman are treated in the workplace! I despise woman that whine. She would serve all of us woman in a much better way if she showed us her brain power. And remember PLEASE, that the show is called 'morning JOE' not 'morning Mica'!
  • Replace Mika!

    If Mika is on, I switch to CNN. She is petty, self-absorbed and self-righteous. Mika is not the role model I want for my daughter and grand daughter.
  • Mika, find another clerical job ...

    When Joe is gone, I delete the episode. I really don't see her job except to keep Joe on track.

    Does she need glasses? She struggles reading the news.

    All she is about are her opinions ... nothing to back it up ... seemingly no experience.

    AND PLEASE MSNBC, plz stop promoting this 50 yo woman as a hottie. That, she ain't.

    I do like Joe, his opinions and some of his guests so I'll give them a '3'.

    I do not like some of the liberal guests name calling.
  • Get rid of Mika & Donnie

    What I like about Morning Joe is the time they spend on debating the issues compared to FOX and CNN. What I don't like is the prejudice that Mika and Donnie have towards Republicans. They dismiss any idea if it stems from a Republican. Bring in a balanced table of analysts and you will see an increase in the ratings.

    A journalist should be unbiased and respect all sides on an issue and the facts.. Mika is not a journalist, and the same goes to Donnie D.
  • Mika the bully?

    I think she had read a lot of the reviews here and is now over compensating. She has replaced Joe as the bully. If you don't agree with her, she moves on to another guest until she finds someone who does agree.

    I had to leave about 15 minutes into the show today. Just couldn't watch it anymore.
  • Used to be a fan

    When this show first started Mika and Joe showed true ability to listen to both sides of an argument and discuss fairly .... Lately they have become like a dog with a bone. Mika, clearly an Elizabeth Warren fan, and Joe, clearly stung by Bill Clinton during his presidency, have become the new Anti Hillary show. They no longer listen to both sides, they ignore the likes of Gov Ed Rendell and smirk at any opinion they do not agree with. I can no longer watch. I'm not opposed to people having an welcome it. However, I looked to this show to give airtime to all opinions right, left, center and show some respect. Now they are like FOX find no reason to watch this show any longer. I see that their ratings are at an all time is probably due to the fact that it no longer showcases a discussion, but rather the editorial position of the two hosts. I'm disappointed at Mika and sad that there is no intelligent TV to watch in the early morning....
  • Low ratings - Get rid of Joe Scarbrough

    Joe Scarbrough with his loud, rude, rantings is the problem here. He thinks by shouting his rants over and over and not letting a guest speak, that he is being smart. He is obnoxious and very difficult to watch. He treats his co-host, Mika, with blatant distain and speaks down to her when she tries to make a point. MSNBC needs to get him off and ratings will improve again. One only has to read the MOJO facebook comments to see that I am not alone in this assessment.
  • Watch It for Selected Guests

    More often than not, I am enlightened by the show. When that happens is is seldom due to Joe's limited insights, virtually of which he copied from previous guests, or from Mika's lack of preparedness on the issues. In a typical morning, the show will have two or three guests who are real experts on a topic of importance. When Joe decides to let these guests convey full thoughts -- about half the time -- the viewing time is well spent.

    Joe himself is something less than inspiring. Organically manipulative, he jumps to conclusions far ahead of the facts and selectively excludes portions of stories that would countermand his case, which he repeats endlessly.

    After watching awhile, it becomes clear that there is a process of intimidation at play with regular guests. If you make Joe look uninformed or unintelligent, you will not be asked back. Only larger than life guests can get away with complete candor. I recall Jeb Bush telling Joe that watching his show was like watching someone club baby seals. It is sometimes entertaining to see how regular guests who often know more than Joe, dance around the issues to make a portion of their point while paying homage to Joe's insights. I wonder how they feel about this.

    I understand that there is another way to interpret what I have said. Joe is insecure and defensive. That may be true but I would appreciate it if he made a concerted effort to be objective. One can hope.

  • My Reason for Leaving Morning Joe

  • where is Joe?

    He appears to be M 's assistant.
  • When done right, Morning Joe was very good. The problem is they are losing their enthusiasm for doing it right.

    Being on the West Coast, for several years I have DVR'ed this show (it makes it easy to skip the commercials and the repeated sections in the last third of the show). I have aways been keenly interested in current events, so I searched for depth and insight in order to have considered opinions on what was going on in the world.

    I think the relationship between Mika and Joe is useful in conducting an interesting, entertaining, conversational exploration of varied opinions and the rationale behind each person's point of view. My orientation is right of center, so I usually liked Joe's take on things, but occasionally could see the liberal view had some merit. Overall, I've gotten something valuable out of some of the discussions with thoughtful experts and well-read, aware people. These were gems, but appear to have become more and more rare in recent times.

    Unfortunately, I've noticed Joe seems to be losing interest in the show as shown by his prolonged absences, loss of focus, and occasional remarks that he would rather pursue other avenues than come to work. In my opinion, despite Joe's many weaknesses (confidence slipping into arrogance, some illogical or inconsistent opinions, his perceived need to trim his political views because he works at a liberal network, occasionally resorting to verbal bullying instead of making a persuasive case, "evolving" political positions-always from right to left, he is indispensable to the show and the network's pathetic attempts to substitute other people during his many absences has shown the show cannot survive without him.

    In fact, I save so much time when Mika tries to carry the show alone or the others are substituted because, after wasting many hours watching their efforts, I can confidently delete the show knowing I missed the straight liberal world view--a strict political correctness during discussion, with superficial or no questioning of ideas, like most of MSNBC's lineup--not anything an intelligent person would find interesting or useful.

    It's a shame, because this was a good show to hear thoughtful people present opposing points of view to help form well-considered opinions.
  • mikammika

    she needs mental help !
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