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  • What has happened to this show?

    Finally over the past two days this show has realized they were in a downward spiral. The show was much better yesterday without Minka, Please stop treating the public like we are ignorant, Present the facts and give both sides, Stop being only on the attack and acting so smug and superior. Your show has been so bias over the past three weeks and I was getting frustrated because you were so obviously biased that is was ridicules . I thought this show was supposed to present both sides. Get back on track with being fair and reporting all sides of issues.
  • Joe is such a fraud!

    The guy can't seem to make up his mind. Conservative, Rhino, Moderate, right of center, left of center. He talks over people in an effort to be funny when, as it has been figured out, he's completely unfunny. Their guest are intellectually corrupt. And Mika is such a complete moron. BTW, your father is and always has been a POS.

    Joe is a frat punk. BTW, nice sweaters princess..
  • Not Enough Coffee to take Morning Joe

    Morning Joe, stop presenting your opinions and just present the facts. Your show, like many other mainstream media outlets, is extremely biased and is not reliable. They, just like CNN, are big corporate entities that present paid stories they try and pass off as real news. MSM is a danger to society, because with the lack of factual news the citizens are left to argue amongst themselves, which is inherently unhealthy.
  • These people are insiders and entitled-it is a time to change, get them out

    used to like "morning Joe" but now you can clearly see that this show is saying to the outsider like Trump-"Bring it on. We are going to bury you 10 feet deep" The show is saying to anybody who dares to challenge the privileged class - we are insiders and this town would chew you up ad spit you out, don't you dare to challenge the status quo. It is truly amazing to see these guys making millions of dollars chatting nonsense in the Washington sponsored channel who would basically tell us, the slaves of this country "Shut the f up, you shit. We know what is right for you, We know who is holding the chain here".
  • Its Time Has Come and Gone

    This show is a bore, led by two spineless enablers. It's raison d'etre has long passed. What a waste of valuable and concerted time and effort, manifested so acutely by their painfully long and essentially valueless coverage of the Trump/Clinton campaigns over months and months of time, ultimately facilitating the win by Trump. Really, the genuineness and sincerity are simply no longer to be found in these two hosts and they really would do the world a favor by moving on. They may be fun loving drinking buddies at the neighborhood bar, but that's about it.
  • This stuff is unwatchable!

    This show has come to the point that you can't watch it anymore. This is the epitome of fake news! Joe Scarborough and his concubine continue to try to be relevant as their ratings drop to the floor. He's a has-been congressman the thinks he's going to be president one day. because he ran off with a woman that has a famous last name. This man is a fraud plain and simple. What should be reported on is the source of these trasonous leaks....
  • The morning joe show is a waste of time.

    The morning joe show has no talent. It has no entertainment value. Only idiots would enjoy it. Do not waste yourtim with it.
  • Objectivity is lost

    So sad you have been drinking the progressive koolaid. Marching in lockstep does not become you. Please review your decision to sell out. You are wasting a fine mind by joining the herd and rushing toward the cliff's edge. Question and explore .......
  • Joe and Mika have toliet tissue for you!

    This show is one of the worst I've seen, today watched to see how they handle the breaking news on Donald Trump and Russia, my last doubt removed .. Joe I know everything and Mika always look lost blow off the story... This why stopped watching the train wreck show. Hey! Joe and Mika have toliet tissue for you so u can wipe tip your noses from being so far up Trump's ass!
  • Tuning in and turning off!

    Every morning I awake pour my first cup of coffee and turn on Morning Joe as I have done for over five years. With increasing frequency I am turning off the program earlier and earlier. As an Independent voter I try to listen to both side of all political issues in order to form my own opinions. I have a hard time listening to voices coming from the far right and the far left, favoring those that are pragmatic rather then idealistic.

    Since the presidential campaign began and continuing with increased voracity since the election it is increasingly difficult to find commentators that state the facts as they seem them rather then spewing negative, nasty and in too many cases outright lies about those they oppose. This is true on both sides of the isle and even more so on Morning Joe when they stack those with similar opinions one on top of another in their daily lineup.

    This is my first time being moved to take time to respond and I do so out of frustration with those in politics and the media who seemingly form the majority and appear to be more interested in themselves, their positions and their power then to their responsibility to the country.
  • Turning it off; tired of the sad faces

    I have been a faithful viewer of this show for over a year. Always felt that they strove to be balanced sometimes leaning left, sometimes right. But since the election, they appear to have returned to the East Coast Pundits Bubble that they talked about so much before the election. If I turn in one more day to see Mika looking like her puppy was just run over I will scream. Joe use to have some political courage to argue issues that were not main stream but now he too looks like his puppy has been run over. All the doom and gloom is just BORING. If Joe and Mika can't change at least bring in some other opinions. Sadly you have lost this viewer!
  • I rarely watch it anymore

    I use to watch morning Joe faithfully before work every morning. Joe seemed conservative and Mika seemed democratic, it was a fair and balanced mixed. Now they are both so pro-Trump it's ridiculous. Joe blames every Trump failing on Whitehouse staffers and Mika just agrees with everything he says. It seems most people at the table agree with every move Trump makes. I turned it on for 5 minutes and Joe was talking about how wrong the judges were for upholding the restraining order for the ban of 7 countries. Joe didn't even mention how the judges said Trump did not submit proof of imminent danger from those countries. He just parroted Trump and stated the judges were political. That is why I now watch CNN, if I want to see Trump gushing all morning I'll watch Fox.
  • mikammika

    This show is so one sided ! Mika and Joe have obviously been given strict orders to trash the president every day. Folks, the reason we have president Trump is because many are fed up with the bias from all the networks. Obama's lies got us into hot water all over the world. Now we have to crawl back.

  • Trump's 2 biggest fans

    this show sucks. Joe &Mika are 2 brown-nosers. BTW, where is Nicole Wallace
  • Joe Puke!

    He's such a typical republican. Coddled babies with blinders on. Every once in a while he'll come up with an intelligent question but it probably wasn't his own. Then he constantly talks over top of Mika. I can't stand that! Also, why doesn't he buy some socks? Even panty hose would help. CNN is my new home in the morning. I really don't know how Scarborough has lasted this long. Puke!
  • where have all the guest gone?

    I could force myself to put up with Joe and his abuse of Mika and guests. But now the people sitting around the table are few and uninteresting. Where is Nicole Wallace? Steve Schmidt?The table seems to populated by reporters for MSNBC. It looks like people who used to be guests can no longer put up with Joe and his shilling for Trump.
  • Scarborough becoming Trump apologist

    I watch morning Joe less than I used to simply because of his new apparent role as a Tromp[ repeats Trump administration talking points verbatim and has begun proselytizing about the lying "mainstream media recently repeating a Trump press secretary talking point about Betsy Devos and her grizzly bear answer to Senator Chris Murphy concerning guns in schools,despite that being exactly,word for word,repeated by the mainstream love to bash the press,despite its being codified in our Constitution and considered the 4th estate because of Wartergate,Iran Contra and the Bush Iraq war,the Pentagon papers and a host of reporting that exposed ethically challenged administrations including Clintons sexual close ties to Trump were exposed at the end of the last election and frankly I have fact checked many things that Scarborough claims that are simply false.
  • Can Not Watch Anymore!

    Joe is completely rude, ignorant, and without any decent arguments. I just watched him beat up Mika for her belief that Trump popped off again without having any proof and then turned around and said SEVERAL TIMES "You don't know that, but I . Complete ignorance and arrogance! He can say things without proof, but Mika can't. He truly is a shameless Trumpster. Very insulting that this is what you think your viewers want/deserve. DONE! Won't watch ever again.
  • Difficulf to warch.

    The show has gone in the tank since Joe and Mica have been sleeping together. And they have allowed Trump to jump in there with them. Difficult to watch. They censor, block comments on Facebook. Show should be canceled,
  • Please!

    Powers that to all these loyal MJ watchers and make a change! We are hanging by a thread here. From the small effort made by Joe and Mika in the last month, it looks like you tried to get through to them, and I must admit Mika is a little better, but Joe has reverted back to his blow hard self, and frankly it is giving the whole network a bad smell. It's a matter of pride and reputation now, and you simply cannot ignore the problem any longer. This group will stay/return for Joy/Nichole/Mike/Chris or any combination that gives us straight, honest and entertaining info. If you don't make a change, I can guarantee you the viewers will keep leaving.
  • Getting Pathetic

    We have watched this show for over a year now, but anymore we can no longer watch this piece of trash show. Joe has a big mouth, that if anyone disagrees with him he blocks them out and he also flip/flops all the time on issues. This is no longer a talk show, but a joke. It really should go over to Fox Network.
  • Shamefull

    We use to watch this show faithfully and over the past few months it seems they are spitting out Trump

    propaganda and lies. When the march was on for the muslim ban was going on all other stations were

    showing people marching, not so on Morning Joe according to my wife.

    They should move the show onto Fox and Friends because they are 75% of the way there now. At the next christmas party maybe Trump will add another insult to Mika by grabbing her by the pussy. And on top of all this Scarborough is interrupting people that disagree with him with a lot more gusto.

    How does Trump say it.

    SO SAD

  • Just awful

    Morning Joe was my morning cup of coffee for years. Not anymore. The first reason is that Joe and Mika are much too cosy with Trump. This morning Joe criticized a young White House adviser regarding the immigrant ban but had no strong words for Trump. He also claimed that Democrats have had a tepid response. Not true! The second problem is the sexist relationship between Joe and Mika. He interrupts her daily, seldom letting her finish a sentence. As a result, she has become a poor role model for all women, despite her books and symposiums.
  • pathetic Joe

    being a resident of Pensacola for 20 years I can assure you he couldn't get a job as a dog catcher here. He truly amazes himself each morning laughing at his humor. he should do standup comedy in New York. It is painful to watch the show and his interesting group around him who must agree with him completely, in his most recent statement in regards to Donald Trump fighting with the lame stream media, and things it would end up bad. We will see who wins this fight and you're right it will not be pretty but I'm betting on president Donald Trump
  • At :Least Be Honest

    Mayors supporting sanctuary cities - won't work with Trump supports - pretty much what you said regarding those who have committed felonies. Please show one piece of footage showing one mayor or governor saying they won't work with the feds when it comes to illegal felons. Also, please show the footage of all mayors saying that their focus is on individuals with minor traffic tickets etc. Also, please show the footage regarding waterboarding where you imply he didn't say torture. Play it again and show the section where he does show torture. If you are going to show footage at least show the entire footage and accurate footage.
  • r0le playing

    .joe Scarborough spent the better time of a segment with his round table of contributors role playing Sean Spicers's interaction with the press and American public. In so doing he revealed and validated his own . with his audience. Sean Spicer serves the president, seemingly Scarborough serves MSNBC. Paraphrasing Trump, SAD! . He became so lost in his own performance, he allowed a glimpse of his duplicity. Who does Scarborough serve? I certainly think this is worthy of debate or perhaps he's simply an entertainer aka politician
  • Nicole & Willie

    There must be some numeric reason J & M continue to host this show. Replace the principals with Willie and Nicole. They are always smart, on point, insightful and clever. They understand the art of the interview and derive the utmost participation and information from the guests. The oxygen returns to the room when Mika and Joe "have the morning off"! Haven't seen Steve Schmidt in a while; perhaps he couldn't tolerate the nonsense about Trump another day. Joe and Mika love to drop the fact that they just chatted with Trump and/or Ivanka. Aren't they they not know he's using them? As their good pal would say, SAD!

    I cannot believe that Joe Scarborough made a statement this morning that Barack Obama never lied in 8 years! Joe needs to do a little research on this subject and stop his own bias lies! This is the MOST negative morning news show on the air.
  • Terrible

    This show sucks. Tons of commercials and little if any content. Mika and Joe are pathetic maybe they need to take a break from riding the hobby horse together
  • How are they bootlickers? The double standard and liberal bias in these reviews are astounding!

    These two hosts have mocked and insulted Trump. Yet I guess MSNBC viewers (liberals) don't like it when once in a while, they compliment him to balance it out (it's called being fair). These viewers are the same people that think the CNBC republican debate moderators were good. That CNN isn't biased. They like to pretend that the liberal media (90% of MSM) didn't conspire with Clinton and the DNC to undermine every candidate. The education level in America is in serious danger. If people are this sensitive and biased, if they can't stand objectivity or fairness, if they don't even know what those two things are, we are seriously screwed because this is one of the reasons that got Trump elected.

    Liberal censorship is getting ridiculous. They'll support anyone who mindlessly bashes Trump, with or without facts, but as soon as they compliment Trump, they shun them. It's like once in a while when NYTimes writes an objective or positive article about Trump, the comment section goes nuts and insults the author or calls the article stupid. Thank goodness I'm an Independent (and I actually am, unlike the liars that claim they are yet bash Morning Joe who is more fair than CNN and ABC combined). I refuse to be apart of this childishness. Anyone with half a brain and integrity agrees. Anyone with good principle won't vote for a corrupt politician or a jerk.

    I have no love for the right-wing media anyway, and by right-wing media, I really only mean Fox as they're the only one on TV, AFAIK. They're biased too. It just so happens that it's Christmas for them in that they barely have to lie with all the hypocrisy on the left that they take advantage of. I ask Independents and honest individuals to judge for yourself. You're not a Trump supporter just because you scold a hypocrite. :) If this review gets downvotes, you really know how right I am. Good luck. The world isn't going to blow up like some sick people want so bad just so they can say, "Ha!"
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