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  • Sick of Joe and MSNBC

    I used to be a true fan of MSNBC, but during the Morning Joe show, i feel like i'm watching Fox news. MSNBC, you have gotten rid of Ed and Keith who brought balance to the network, and changed Al Sharpton's time to when no one is watching. Now, all we get is continuous feeds of Donald Trump.

    What really bothers me is Joe's support for Trump. I have seen him grill other presidential candidates, but handle Trump with kid gloves and he even defends him from the guest panalist at the table that have really serious questions for Trump. It's as if he bullies his guest to go along with what he it's very pathetic to watch. Joe knows that there is no way Trump will ever be president... and the way he defends him is sickening. Therefore... I will no longer watch Morning Joe because of Joe Scarbourough.
  • Sick of Watching Trump every morning on Morning Joe

    Why is MSNBC boycotting Bernie Sanders? When was the last time Bernie Sanders appeared on Morning Joe? Is that the reason why Ed Shultz got fired? So he would not promote Bernie Sanders on his show? In the meantime, Trump is there every morning! I cannot stand him. Please stop promoting Trump. And please don't tell me that you are not reporting on Bernie Sanders because of his poll numbers. We also see Chris Christie all the time on Morning Joe and Chris Christie's poll number are in the single digits.
  • Joe's ranting on Obama, and twisting of statements out of control and sicking!

    Joe is out of control and constantly misrepresenting Obama's statements and everyone seems so reluctant to challenge him. I previously loved this show, but lately Joe seems even more full of himself as if he's either on drugs or drunk, or has a personality disorder. Plus it's obvious he is out to destroy Obama and Hillary, and is promoting Trump--another loudmouth who loves to hear himself speak. Sounds more like Fox every day!
  • Drunken sounding Joe needs to go over to Fox now

    I have been a MJ watcher since it began. 2 years or so ago I had to stop watching due to Joe sounding like he was someones drunken old grandpa reminiscing about his good old days and monopolizing the convos with his rants. I did not watch for over a year. Just started back and was SHOCKED to see he is even worse now. Sounds worse than a Fox news attention getter stirring up hate and lies and repeating them in a raised voice ad nauseum. What was really surprising was how Mika has changed! She was once the voice of reason and could calm him down. Now she gives the appearance of an abused wife, holding her eyes down, afraid to speak up or worse agreeing with him tho it seems obvious she may disagaree but afraid to say so. Worse still is all the guests that now appear seem in lock stop as if they are also afraid of not keeping their monring Joe job. TIRED, RACIST, hate stirring show now. I stopped watching a week ago, decided to check in today and had to turn it off after hearing Joe once again repeat a LIE saying the president said an Isis attack could not happen here. That is NOT WHAT I HEARD when I listened to every speech the President has given publicly. Either the person talking into JOes ear and Joe himself have never listened to the President himself, rather getting their talking points from Fox it seems. It is not just regarding the President his drunken sounding rants go tho. Joe Scarborough has an IQ average at best. He seems far below, but maybe that is organic brain syndrome.

    I decided it was time to find another morning show again during the week of the University President stepping down over the racial issues in MO. Joe kept screaming "AM I STUPID" over and over. And I wanted to scream back YES YOU ARE because I had heard the President make a very racially sounding deroggatory remark to those gathering in protest that sounded even to me(a white 64 year old female) like a racist comment and no one in this mans position should keep his job with that attitude. He made the comment that began with "YOU PEOPLE" and going on to sound like a classic racist talking point. For Joe to keep hounding on this issue saying AM I STUPID showed just how stupid and uniformed he is and whoever talks in his ear is as well. NO FACTS FROM MJ anymore. JUST LIES exceeding FOX NEWS reputation of the most LIES TOLD AS NEWS!!

    MIKA needs to get away from this jerk. He is undermining her intelligence. If she has gotten too far brain washed by him she needs to go as well. Join your Fox friends.

    No wonder no one wants to be on this show anymore and all we get are stale lock step not call anyone a Journalist.
  • joe should go

    I agree with most of the negative comments. Please get someone else (both Mika and Joe). How about Brian Williams. send Joe to FOX. He is very obnoxious. I have been watching Rachel Maddow in the morning as she is often in competition with something else at 9 . I have reached the point where I can't stand Joe. Why have you kept him when you have cancelled so many shows to improve your ratings? There is a need for us liberals to have a morning show, The other network morning shows have become too frivolous.

    Republicans are all down on Democrats (mostly Obama and now the three Democratic presidential candidates) who do not want to use the term radical Muslims to refer to ISIS terrorists and instead insist on using the term radical jihadists. To me this is a stupid argument and almost just a matter of semantics although not quite. One very knowledge man from the US intelligence agency that was on Morning Joe says on the subject that most normal Muslims look upon radical Jihadists as apostate to the Muslim faith. Whether or not this is factually correct, I cannot say but in the Christian world this would be like the tail wagging the dog. We see the Christian equivalent of a jihadist and we call that person a fundamentalist. By the same token if we see a fundamentalist Muslim it would be totally acceptable to call that person a radical (although Jihadist would be okay too). The question is, which one is more correct? From the fundamentalist point of view regardless of the religion, if someone does not live true to the rules of the faith, they are the ones who are apostate and not the other way around. So in this sense, Republicans who want to use the term radical Muslims for a fundamentalist Muslim, they are absolutely correct from a Christian point of view. But because Muslims look at this backward than do Christians, they find this term offensive because they feel it is the same as calling all Muslims radicals. From their point of view the more correct term to use is a Jihadist. I personally think that the Christian point of view used to define such terrorists by calling them radical Muslims is the appropriate term to use. However, we have many who understand this difference that prefer to use the terms radical Jihadist so as not to offend Muslims who are not radical fundamentalists relative to their religion. I feel this less offensive approach and terminology is just the Christian thing to do when defining Muslims who operate in the extreme. Therefore, I favor using the term Muslim Jihadist.
  • Republican Joe and Entourage

    Watching morning Joe became as lame and bias as to watch Fox news. This morning it hit the fan and I just got plain tired and disappointed of listening to Joe and his second and third bananas criticize, as they often have been doing lately, Hilary Clinton just because she does not want to use, and rightly so, the words "radical Islam" to address the terrorists who cowardly engage in criminal acts. As Joe repeated the words, " Do they think we are idiots" to nauseum, I kept thinking if it was alright to call those who kill animals and innocent children as sacrifices to god, in the name of Jesus and invoking all the saints and the virgin Mary, radical Catholics or Christians, or rather, despicable common criminals and /or terrorist who should be haunted down killed or prosecuted.

    My opinion, it's time for MSNBC to make Joe and his entourage, to take his show on the road, vacate the premises and make room for someone with character and a sense of unblemished and unbiased journalism. As for my morning practices, I will continue drinking my 'cup of Joe' but with the TV off since I refuse to watch or listen to anything resembling the Fox News, with the difference being that the former show cashes me off guard but with Fox I know what's coming.
  • Joe " The dictator" and Mika "The soccer Mom" Time to go!!

    I used to start my day with morning Joe (which is a re run staring at 8am!!!) but not anymore. it was originally a good balance with semi independant arguments between democrat and republican arguing about the the politic of the day. Now this is Joe's show: ranting, abusing his guests who disagree with him (This week Mr Joe! asked an apology to one of his interrupting them, belittling them. And yes Morning Joe is now the free platform to promote non existent presidential program except to blow wind. Mika is passing her time to push paper and to roll her eyes about issues as she has the moral power to change the world. Joe morning is going down spiral and I stopped watching it. Joe and Mika are just self promoting themselves. I turned to BBC (Katy Kay should host Morning Joes: smart, class, charismatic and intelligent) or Al jezeera. Good by Morning Joe. This is time!!!

    She's so far up joes backside it's pathetic!!! She is so overly concerned with Jo's approval of her that she republican bashes stories or makes odd comments over and over to show her support or alligence in some way to Joe. GOD ITS PATHETIC TO WATCH!!! Spineless and not a strong independent woman she's an embarrassment to woman AND DEMOCRATS!
  • It's time!

    Get rid of Mika and are they against Hillary Clinton maybe its because she hasn't committed on coming to their show. Don't blame Hillary... BASHING HILLARY should be the new name. Plus the show is nothing but a repeat starting at 8.
  • Nurse Mike

    I don't know what has happened to this show. I've enjoyed watching it since Obama's first presidential run. Lately it has devolved into Joe talking non-stop. It's also turned into a Trump love fest, too bad because now I have to wait until 9am to get my news #GETRIDOFSCARBOROUGH
  • I think it's an alright show

    I really don't have a problem with the show joe is smart and brings honesty to the show the two guys they have with them are ok I guess and Mika just seems like a standard liberal it's always a challenge to look at her face sometimes tho not a pretty sight but beautiful compared to rachel maddow tho yikes
  • I'm leaving and might return when the elections are over.

    I turned on Morning Joe first thing in the morning for years and really enjoyed the show. The show has not been the same in the last few months. I finally got tired of Joe and Mika bashing Hillary and talking up Trump non stop. I switched to CBS, which I have to admit was hard. I mean, let's face hard to break a habit. The one thing that I started noticing was that I was calmer because there is less drama. Charlie Rose, Gayle King, and Nora O'Donnell are wonderful. They don't interrupt each other. They don't make faces when they disagree with a guest. They actually act the way that adults are suppose to act. I might check in on Morning Joe when the elections are over, but being a creature of habit, I will probably just stay with CBS.
  • When I was in Congress

    You would think that being in Congress is the equivalent to being the president or the pope, no wonder Joe can keep a wife I know they get tired of hearing that too. Or maybe they are like me and want to know what really happened to the intern who was found dead in his office. He's got most of his cast reduced to just head shakers!

    If you like morning joe,I think FOX & Friends is a much better choice for you.
  • Joe Bashers: GET OVER IT!

    Joe Scarborough is not a Hillary basher, nor has he changed the way he conducts the program. Hillary has initiated her own problems and that is reflected in the polls and the way she has handled herself (and her press conferences). Joe has simply reported the news (or facts). Mika has become more docile in what she says about Hillary and I believe it's because like many Dems, she is confused and disappointed by the way Hillary has responded to the e-mail questions.. So all of you Morning Joe bashers, get a life .. or watch another channel. Morning Joe is still the #1 morning program with many important people.
  • Jumping the shark

    Mika has turned from some one with an opinion to a Joe Head shaker, Hillary basher. joe is scared to say anything bad about Trump, and all others are silent. I think they have jumped the is my favorite morning show, now it just makes me sad or mad. don't let trump, Christie, and Palin drag you down.
  • Replace Mika!

    If Mika is on, I switch to CNN. She is petty, self-absorbed and self-righteous. Mika is not the role model I want for my daughter and grand daughter.
  • feel like crying

    have been biggest fan of this show until a few months ago. sick of Joe's big mouth Mika SPEAK UP!

    You used to be the liberal Not so sure now. Stop pushing Trump and bashing Hillary.

    Started watching CNN not thrilled but can't stomach what's happening on your show. PLEASE do something to get me back!
  • Finding a new morning show

    I, too, am tired of Joe and Mika. Are they Trump's campaign managers or what? They have him on more than their own faces are on in the morning. I'm tired of Joe bashing Hilary. I'm sure if he had to apologize for something he too might be a bit flat, but I'm not so sure that he would ever apologize for anything. And, Mika, please stop with the clicking of the tongue! I thought her were Dem-lending. Sure doesn't seem like it any more. I'm done. Will find something this is a bit more balanced than this show turned out to be.
  • IT's time to send morning Joe to sleep with the fishes...


    Either they go, or we do.

    We're tired of you foisting this petard upon us.

    you smell of fishmongers...

    Peddle your stale wares elsewhere....

    We want our network back.

    We will BOYCOTT you until then.

    Good luck with the ratings. Say goodbye to your advertising revenue.

    au Revoir.
  • Sooooo Tired of Hillary Bashing!!!!!!

    My favorite thing to do in the mornings (when not working) was to grab a cup of coffee and switch on my favorite enjoyable news show, Morning Joe. My life has now been thrown into a tailspin. I can no longer stomach the non-stop rantings and ravings of Joe against Hillary, and to make matters worse, Mika has joined the anti-Hillary troops. guess I'll find a new and fresh morning news show. Mika, I am distruaght, and you above all should be ashamed. I may turn on and tune in when Hillary becomes president just to have my own little personal moment of satisfaction. Till then, Bye Bye.
  • My opinion

    I use to love this show, it had substance and fair sided views. The viseral hate towards Hillary Clinton is at such a degree that I will not watch this show again. I wish that there was a journalist with enough integrity to report the news regarding Hillary without a negative tone or opinion.
  • Morning Joe Faux New redux

    Sick of watching Joe S bash Hillary Clinton and Mika's simpering false "oh it's so terrible and sad". Both are creating a false narrative and attempting to swing polls against Hillary. Then they act so surprised when polls change. This behavior is completely inappropriate for news commentators and completely beneath what MSNBC used to be. Stop it or take them off the air!!
  • go MOrniging Joe to faux

    nothing more than a fox regurgitation stopped watching
  • reich wing fox2

    What happened to MSN?? It USED to be an actual news show! Now all you spew is repeats of Faux. You give misinformation. You are loosing followers. Even Maddow has crossed over. NEVER a decent word for Hillary Clinton, just inuendo and misinformation AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! All of Hillary's followers are calling for a boycott of fox, MSN(fox2). You've become a NYTIMES AND ENQUIRER
  • What the heck happened to msnbc?

    II used to watch Msnbc and Morning Joe a lot because I thought they were a counterpart to the lies on Fox news. However they now seem bent on destroying Hillary and Joe thinks nothing of telling lies as if they were the gospel truth. I am now boycotting Msnbc and will encourage others to do so.
  • MSNBC you are a joke !!!

    MSNBC, you hv got to be effin kidding me ! You just gv these two morons another 2 hours of your show I hv almost quit watching MSNBC, the constant rw propaganda is too much. All the Trump worship and HRC bashing is a joke. I will stick to getting my news from reliable sources..... the Internet.

    Cable news is a joke. I used to respect and watch your channel until the campaign season started. I am tired of u insulting or intelligence and trying to cram your bs down our throats.

    Kick rocks MSNBC ! You, MJ, & Mika can kiss my a** !
  • what the hell!

    Who does the scheduling? Joe Scarborough is a right wing nut job and Mika is a Casper milk toast. I can't stand this program and now there is 4 hours instead of 2? And what happened to all the great afternoon hosts? I am done with your channel.
  • Hilary Bashing and Trump loving all the time, unwatchable.

    I was a loyal devoted fan of MJ for 8 years. But a month ago, since Joe and Mika started in on Hilary and bashed her every chance they had and for HOURS-I was sickened. Then there is their love for Trump-this national joke is making America into a joke to other countries and all Joe and Mika do to suck up to him and devote TONS of time to him. I can no longer watch the show and have turned to CNN. I miss Barnacle.
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