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  • pass out soiled diapers and baby bonnets rev.

    What a bunch of goofy cry babies. extreme mental illness on steroids with a hemroid

    6/30/2017 after trashing trump for months he hit back and today these nasty dirt bags

    are victims of trump ahh poor foul mouthed low lifes. basically the communist fake woman with fake boobs

    and fake guitar player boy friend with a stupid looking muffin head bufont hair du doing fake news has a fake face and a huge butt. is any one really surprised I heard he turned from communist to indepent .

    I guess we are supposed to turn into brainless dirt bag shit people like joe and mika so we can be like them.
  • Read these comments MJ

    One day you will get to the studio to find that your last three fans stopped listening because they got tired of Trump Russia this and that and the NASTY comments from your wench of a fiance !!!
  • Cm'on man

    Give it a rest already, surely there is something else happening in the world other than Trump/Russia.
  • Please do us a favor

    To Henpecked Joe and Facelift Mika - Mika stop Huffing and Puffing and constantly making Faces - you are a very bad Actress and all that motion to that face is going to ruin the Facelift - and by the way it did no good . Mark Halpern you are much to intelligent to be on a show with these two idiots and that other NOTHING BARNICLE Boston didn't want you
  • Disgusting & Shameful

    I was never a regular viewer of MJ, but through the years switched over enough (usually the day after something major) to get another perspective. Never cared for Mika, but enjoyed Joe's take & analysis. Early in 2016, it surprised me how chummy they were w/Trump. Then during Rep. convention I tuned . High & Mighty mocked the speakers, said they were "low rent" & just a bunch of nobody's. Really? She didn't care for the former soap opera actress who opened up her own small business & quite articulately expressed the frustrations & walls w/regulations. And how can you call the co-founder of Paypal who happens to be gay a Nobody?

    Not sure what Trump did to get on their bad side but my how they've turned. Dragon Lady has cast her wicked spell on Joe. For 6 figures a week, day after day, the hatred, venom, hostility & classless bashing of Pres Trump is an embarrassment (for those of normal/objective minds). But for the network, it's just business. MJ just had their best qtr. ever. So does anybody think they'll stop now? It seems like a game of how soon & how far do we need to go to destroy him. Very Sad & I will never watch anything on NBC or MSNBC again.

    Put Donny Deutsch in the nasty scumbag category too.

    Ever notice how the more Trump wins (which of course you'd never know by watching just the main stream media), the more foul mouthed they get? This is an is serious. President Trump's tweets back are minor to what they are hitting him with daily. These people are so condescending & have such an aura of superiority. No clue on how everyday people live.

    I am proud to have a president w/a spine & backbone. He will not be taken down. But the glory day will come when Joe & Mika are going to look at each other & say, "What the hell were we thinking"?
  • What the hell?

    I tuned into this show twice now while flipping through the morning shows. For the life of me I could not figure what they were carrying on about for so long, it was trivial, not news at all. It was such a train wreck that at first I felt sorry for the hosts Mika and Joe. After the second viewing I realized that they don't deserve pity they are just plain idiots. Raging, ranting, giggling idiots.
  • Mika is a nut

    I had the unfortunate opportunity to be TRAPPED at a conference where Mika was PAID to speak to women. I guess she thought none of us had a brain and she pushed her liberal agenda hard. Her LOVE Of HILLARY is unprecedented... It was enough to make me sick as I could be. She is and always has been a hater of ANY conservative person and has never been anything but that. So if she got called out for her bad behavior... I say AWESOME. She is no victim and I cant stand anything about her or this show which is NOT watched. The only bad thing from this is that People might see who the hell they are Good riddance to you and the show.. Stop being so FAKE that you are a VICTIM... you two are the biggest BULLIES i have ever seen
  • Shut it down!

    It would be nice to watch something that didn't upset you every morning. These two are so negative and nasty. Stop with the comments and then maybe there won't be retaliation. I'm done- switch the channel to fox and friends!
  • Bullies and negative

    I can no longer watch this show. Joe and Mika spend day after day spewing hatefulness and negativity. It used to be a decent show but it has become so negative and horrible.
  • ME TOO!

    Totally agree with your well written analysis of the Current Morning Joe Show and I'm also to the just not turning it on place as well. Remember when your parents warned you about that bad boy/girl you liked and how it made you like them more? I think that's what happening between the media and Trumpers. Like you I didn't vote for him but I'm worn out from so much of the media setting their hair on fire over every tweet. I don't think he really cares what they say , just so they are talking about hope him.

  • Disappointed Viewer

    Since 2008 Morning Joe has been my favorite show. I even recorded it and watched old shows when I returned from vacation. I am an independent voter that was very anti Trump, but I cannot stand to listen to the discussion on this show anymore. I have gone from a News junkie to limiting myself to very little news and cannot watch Morning Joe anymore. I am so disappointed because I have always wanted to be well informed about current event topics. This show always gave me the best two sided perspective that I could find. I still don't like Trump and think he is not doing a good job, but I have been totally turned off by the slanted liberal/democratic news that has been going on since the primaries started. I didn't vote for Trump, but I couldn't vote for anyone else either (first time ever). What happened to this show? I read that the ratings are up, so I guess I am the only one that thinks this way. I did hear Joe say that people can make their careers by bashing Trump. It is obvious to me that Joe and Mika have decided that bashing Trump continuously will mean more money in their pockets. I have had to change my mornings because watching this show just made me angry and upset. Hope some day Joe will come to his senses. If the purpose of this bashing is to turn people against Trump and go to the Democrats, it isn't working. I think the behavior of the Democrats since the election is horrible and I cannot think of one that I would be wiling to vote for in the future. I don't like many Republicans either so I guess I am just out of luck!
  • Saying Goodbye

    I used to start everyday with Morning Joe. Can no longer stand the total bashing of President Trump.

    Switched to Fox News.
  • Talking Over Each Other

    Mica and Joe are constantly talking at the same time or interupting each other. It is becoming unbearable. Guests often look embarrassed and are reluctant to say anything. The show is becoming hard to watch. It's almost childish. Please stop!
  • Joe use to be believable and Mika waste of air space.

    There was a time, prior to 8 months ago, when Joe was a real person that appeared to know what was going on in the world and real life. Now he is just one more of the same Liberal bull shitters that spew out false information and rhetoric without any facts and lie about the truth. Joe, You used to be fair and kept Mika in line when she started being stupid. Now it appears that Mika has somehow sucked the common sense out of you and left you without a brain. Her facial expressions tell exactly where she is coming from. Her leftist views spew her true identity and hatefulness of the rest of society that doesn't agree with her abnormal way of thinking. . It is too bad she drained your brain and left you without the ability to face reality. I hope your show gets cancelled soon. It is pure hate now and not worth the time to even watch for more than 10 seconds. I really feel bad for you because you used to be a good guy in my book. You and your girl need to face reality and live in the real world to see what is really going on.
  • Hate, negative negative

    I used to watch MJ and enjoyed the banter. Now is is a downer to watch continual hate of Trump. There is zero balance. What is Joe thinking the end result will be? He will not take Trump down with this approach - he will just drive viewers away until he has no show. Maybe that needs to happen for media to see that negative shows will not survive
  • Point, counter point.

    Used to be part of my morning routine. Show has become unwatchable. What used to make the show enjoyable was the cross-fire debate of Joe conservative vs. everyone else on the panel. Now its just a dump Trump tirade that never ends.

    If Joe is now a democrat at least think about putting a conservative on the panel as a counter weight before you slide off into TV irrelevancy.

  • Where Did The Real Joe Go

    I use to watch MJ every morning even tho I could barely stand to hear Mika speak. When an intelligent debate would be taking place she would jump in w/ her 2 cents and sound downright ignorant BUT I watched because of Joe. I am a conservative independent and listening to Joe's objective opinions and knowing he had been a republican representative kept my interest. NOW Joe sounds like a Bernie or Elizabeth ALL b/c Trump disagreed w/ him on topics and agendas that Joe said he held dear. WELL, he is not practicing the agenda he said he held dear shows he is part of the swamp as well. He has now taken on Mika's agenda and sounds downright ignorant as she always has... I cannot spend my morning watching two downright ignorant people who ONLY bring on their show people who are lame, weak, biased, one sided w/ their views and opinions. My last thought is WHY doesn't Joe keep Seth Rich in the seems like he has now been bought by the democrats!!!!
  • Resist morning Joe

    I use to en joy the debates on this show. I liked to hear different opinions . They are nothing but a hate Trump show and I'm not a Trump fan. Joe and Mika are acting so juvenile. Joe used to have it together but he has changed in so many ways. Will no longer waste my 3 hrs watching this show.

  • A Former Faithful Viewer

    I admit to preferring FOX News to MSNBC, but I've always liked starting every day with Morning Joe, and preferred the show to the more folksy Fox and Friends. But it's become too hard to watch. There's no longer any push back on the constant anti-Trump drum beat. Does Joe really believe what he's saying? At times he's incoherent. And I'm still trying to figure out why Mike Barnacle has been a panel member for so long. What contribution does he make??
  • Hate Hate Hate

    Used to be a loyal MJ watcher but it's unwatchable now. EVERY morning the same Trump! Hate Trump! And these two phonies were Trump supporters during the primaries. Gotta wonder happened? Trump didnt kiss their asses? When this Russia BS is over with and nothing found I can't wait to see their hateful faces
  • good show gone wrong

    Apparently Joe has lost his domain - guess he needs a paycheck and is slamming Trump EVERY turn - use to be intelligent debate - now just a hack show like THE VIEW. Lots of us where I live dont watch him anymore. Lost credibility - needs new blood and more challenging views.
  • Another Show Full of Hate

    This show has a daily topic which always revolves around hating Trump and everything he does. It is no longer a show worth watching. Has anybody thought that the average person does not live and breath their whole life around Trump and politics? Time for the Democrats and liberals to stop crying, grow up and become adults.
  • Un watchable

    It's hard to truly convey how much I see wrong with this show but reading the other reviews, most has been said, and people can see through the hosts. My point is that Willie Geist has completely lost credibility and respect from me by being on this show. I thought he was being groomed for a bigger role at the Today show, being part of this morning Joe crew cheapens him.
  • Enough of this twosome

    Such egotism and sense of utter authority!!.

    They have been banished from my viewing schedule.
  • Morning Joke

    I turn on Morning Joe every now and then just to see if they are turning back into a reputable NEWS show. So sorry to say that they obviously have thrown all their eggs into one basket and I say throw because those eggs are all broken. Mika is a complete joke and the others are following the script. No news person can be that dumb so I conclude that they are being manipulated by some higher ups who are controlled by George Soros. There can be no other excuse for being so blatantly biased. But not just biased, they are actually creating fake news.

    It is now so obvious that it is no longer funny. How can they go on about Trump breaking rules when he asked Comey if he was under investigation and yet they never go on about the really BIG laws that Hillary has broken. People, there is a shadow govt in place and the swamp will take a long time to drain as CNN/MSNBC are in it to protect it with their propaganda. Hey Im in Canada and it is so easy to see, even from up here. Americans can't possibly be that stupid.
  • Predictable

    I have been watching this show for years. I am completely disgusted. It is hard for me to keep from switching to FOX after seconds. I feel like I am back at New Paltz in a "political science" class. Completely biased, predictable and downright scary. Mika- grow up. We can see right through you. The sky is not falling. Joe- try to get your head out of Mika's ... As for the other "journalists" on the show, time to get off the sinking ship. This show is comical at this point and not at all informative.
  • Where's Nicole?

    Just wondering what happened to Nicole Wallace? I haven't seen her on MJ for quite sometime. Did that buffoon Joe chase her away?
  • I lose sleep for this?

    I can't stand Morning Joe anymore. Now that Joe and Mika are out of the closet, it is a pathetic show. I live in Hawaii and watched the show for years, staying up until midnight (and 1am) when the time changes. But they are so biased against Trump, Trump, Trump. That's all they talk about. Joe lets Mika run her mouth like it was her show. I particularly hate Republicans like Joe who make their money bad-mouthing other Republicans. The final straw for me was when they described Prez Trump as having dementia. That was it. Joe and Mika are no longer worth my beauty sleep. Joe should change his political party so at least he would be an honest liberal. They don't deserve air time or my time any longer.
  • Manic Mika Morning

    Know your value?! Mika Brzezinski is not even close to being a role model for women of today. She is merely a canned throwback to the days when women of privilege were only notable due to having influential fathers, well-connected brothers, and marrying the boss. The average woman would not fare well following her pretentious "advise" even if they were extremely good at their jobs, which Mika Brzezinski is not. Her huffing, puffing, snorting, and incredulous facial expressions chase me over to Fox and Friends on a regular basis. No hope for the show now that Joe and Mika are engaged to be man and manic.
  • Mika, Mika, Mika.

    Couldn't agree more with ithinkthis, but I would put more of the onus on miss Mika. She is sanctimonious, rude and her fanned indignation at every subject that is "beneath" her drives me nuts. If someone jokingly comments on an episode of Star Wars, or some other show that is beneath her high mindedness, she get's flippant "oh, glad you have time to watch that stupid stuff". Lady, get over yourself. She sits there with her phone going off during the broadcast because she has to call and wake her 20 year old daughter. Um, how about your daughter grow up and you cut the cord. The constant finishing of other peoples sentence is also annoying as hell. She is smart, articulate and knowledgeable, would be great if she could just get over herself. Replace her with Katy Kay.
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