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  • Mika same as Donald Trump

    Does she watch the show and see her own performance? Facial mannerisms, goes on immature rants, behaves like a professional. Who is that Trump or Mika. Both
  • Another Planet?

    What does the word Journalist mean? Mika must have stayed awake all night while packing her bags for a trip on a space ship. She reminded me of Donald Trump last evening and his babbling. Was she even watching the Debate?
  • Joe and Mika out to lunch

    I used to love your show. Not anymore you two are really sucky newspeople. Your treatment of Trump is really unfair. I am a lifelong Democrat and I'm voting Republican this time. How can you put Trump down the way you do and say you report fairly. Hogwash. I'm sick of the race card. Every time Trump says any thing about Blacks he's racist but Blacks can say whatever and that's okay. Trumps not racist just states the facts. ALL LIVES MATTER by the way. I wonder what would happen if whites got a group together called WHITE LIVES MATTER we'd be arrested and you'd call them racists. Joe you are a Republican and should be ashamed of your treatment of Trump By the way he won the have you and everyone forgot Bengazi





  • When I can't remember what I like about the show

    I've been an almost daily viewer for several months now. I'm an independent, and have voted for candidates of both parties, but tend to lean left.

    I watch to get information. My issue is that Mika seems to lose track of the purpose of the program. When she slips into "telling people what to do" mode, I start asking myself why I watch. Then it's time to either fast-forward, or turn it off. Even having a tendency to agree with Mika's perspective, I find that, beyond the first statement of the point of view, the repetitive rants don't provide any information, and so are a waste of my time.
  • Joe and Monkey Mika

    Morning Joe should be put on at 1-2 in the morning when people are sleeping. I used to watch it till him and his side kick Monkey Mika started to bash Trump after kissing Trumps hind end to get exclusive interviews with him. Monkey Mika just does what the teleprompter tells her and the same with Joe. They both make my Anus Sick....
  • stupid and childish

    I have been watching this never ending attack on trump, Hillary Clinton is a criminal who belongs in jail, but that is never mentioned her and her husband the most corrupt scumbags in American history, America for sale, amazing they must think americans need them to tell us what to think. Is Joes hair really a muffin head bufont he looks as stupid as the statements he makes. Mika is so ignorant and just plain stupid is she a communist. allowed to spew her stupidity on television she should ware a nazi uniform. typical democrats stupid with extreme behavior problems. Novembers coming dirt bags cant wait.. mika should give Hillary a rectal exam on the show to boost their ratings.

  • Money talks

    It seems like Clinton won, they were all sweet on Trump for a while, now it is Clinton. It is like they auditioned for both nominees and Clinton won. I go out of my way to avoid drama filled hateful people and now I have to do the same for my morning shows. Maybe a little 'balance' would help your ratings, rather than acting like a couple of condescending elitist snots. Just look at the people sitting around your table(minus Barnacle) if you need some help on how to act professional.
  • Voting Trump 100%

    This show is a total joke. 4 terrorist attacks in one day, 3 of them within 10 miles of the studio the show pollutes American airwaves with, and they spent a total of 2 minutes discussing it. I flipped back and forth from MJ and Fox and friends, and when fox says "fair and balanced" they mean it. They should rename the program "Liberal They are so far left, with an attitude, I have blocked it from my cable box.

    On the rare occasion they have someone on with an opposing view, they spend the entire interview trying to make the day's news cycle by embarrassing them. Pastor Mark Burns, KellyAnne Conway, Gary Johnson, all fell victim to their liberal hatred. I'm not sure which I want more, Trump to win the election, or this show to be cancelled Adios, morning Joke!
  • Trump Bashing

    My once favorite show I've watched for many years on east and west coast whenever I travel or at home. I feel betrayed. Yes, I know what Trump said and yes, he should not say these . It is obvious that because of his comments, Joe and Mika are taking the "low Mika is acting like a child and a a female myself, I am ashamed at her conduct. The once Mika who bashed Hillary over and over when Mika was pulling for Elizabeth Warren is kissing "Hillary's _ _ _ Joe is coming to her rescue as he was no being the #1 Trump Basher. So long, good-bye, Morning Joe


    I actually became a fan for the few months Trump was given a fair shake on this show. Now, Mika is so obviously bitter, partisan and out of touch, its sickening to watch. I doubt she will have a job much longer, in today's economy, I doubt even MSNBC can weather such an exodus. Its really too bad, loudmouth liberals have ruined even the appearance of "real journalism", NO ONE believes this station is anything but HRCNBC now. Get a clue. I WILL tune in, just to see her reaction when Trump is elected though!
  • what happen to The Morning Joe show?

    I used to watch this show every morning. I tend to be a moderate independent and it was enjoyable to watch a balanced show (although most of the guest speakers and daily co-hosts are certainly left-leaning). But I had to stop watching due to Mika constantly sighing, rolling her eyes, and expressing her hatred for Trump. It's like she is obsessed with him (negatively). I'm not a big fan of him either but the show has become about the most left-leaning show on MSNBC. Honestly they need a new co-host. Mika is so arrogant and condescending. It would be great to put Nicole in Mika's spot (or Willie). At least they act professional and unbiased. That's all viewers expect. I have to think their ratings are falling, or will very soon. I used to like the show but have switched to FOX. It's not the best morning show but it beats Morning Joe. My wife and others have done the same. Thanks for allowing me to speak.
  • NY bombings vs Anti Trump

    If I want news I go to local channel, if I want to hear Trump bashing I go Morning Joe. I am an almost 80 independent woman voting bipartisan most of my life. Tuned in msnbc to see what the latest was on the bombings instead the first 1/2 hour is spent mostly the usual reporting on the ineptness of Trump. No mention of how weak and dazed Ms. Clinton looked on her Sunday am brief questioning about the terrorist bombing. Don't know what drugs she is on but her handlers/ medical staff need cut back a tad.

    Didn't think anything or ANYONE could make me vote for Trump, but "Mika and the Elites" are making me rethink that! ENOUGH ! Been a Morning Joe watcher from the beginning but hit the delete button on the DVR this morning. Do want to say thank you to Willie, Halperin, and Nicole for your professionalism
  • Birther Thing

    I was at the San Antonio convention gathering in 2008 and the thing I recall from younger Hillary supporters is the belief that Obama might not be able to run because Hawaii was not a state when he was born. When dates were compared, it became apparent he WAS a born citizen because Hawaii WAS a state. That was the end of the discussion. No one started any crazy rumor that he was born in Kenya.
  • Morning Joe

    Morning Joe it should be called Hillary foundation network ! Al Sharpton is always the best guest. !you would think he is watching a Jerry Springer show.
  • Time for Imus to return

    I have watched Morning Joe since the beginning, back when he replaced Don Imus, it's time to bring Imus back. The show, until recently, would provide a fairly balanced account of the news with Mika to the far left and Joe attempting to steer the show to the middle with his conservative views. But now, either management has forced Joe to follow their liberal agenda, Clinton Foundation has promised Joe a position on the Board or Mika has discovered a "method" to control Joe, whatever the case I can no longer view this show, it's a disgrace to be labeled a news show.
  • Used to LOVE Morning Joe but now ...

    To spend hours bashing Trump is like calling half your viewers deplorable. It used to be great when Joe was a Republican reporting on politics fairly but now it is just constant bashing of Trump. The only good host left is Willie Geist an I do not see much of him anymore. Mika is so annoying I want to smack her figuratively. Honestly this show has gone down hill since they decided to bash Trump for hours on end. Not watching any more. PS: Get rid of Mika.
  • joe and mika to work for clinton foundation

    I have a feeling Joe and Mika don't care what happens to the show they will get a gig with the Clinton Foundation . Joe can give speeches titled "when I was a congressman" and Mika can take reading classes and keep Joe happy.
  • Where's Joe?

    Joe seems to miss a lot of the program that is named for him. Mika does, too, but the posturing and face making are not usually missed.

    Is Joe ill or just not interested in the show any more? I used to watch because I felt like I was getting an intelligent view of the conservative perspective.
  • Anti Trump Pulpit

    Mikka and her companions just spent the last 30 minutes making faces and bashing Trump. I used to love this show, but now I can't stand it. I continue to go back to it hoping to listen at least a just and fair reporting but is nothing but wishful thinking. It's nauseating!!
  • Yellow journalism at it's best

    I used to watch Morning Joe to capture morning news. As an Associate Professor of Theater and Communications I am interested in non biased reporting. Mika is ignorant and insulting and Joe Scarborough appears desperate when I thought he used to be balanced in reporting. I will no longer recommend students of communications to watch as we try to teach fair reporting. Another example of media yellow!
  • Ugh!!

    The show is becoming unwatchable. Mika with the faces. Joe losing his backbone. It's bash Trump all the time. I don't know if there is now more than a personal relationship between the two hosts, but I think they should rename the show Morning Mika. Joe is whipped.
  • Daddy

    "One has to understand what the enemy is all about: the enemy's history, the enemy's culture, the enemy's aspirations. If you understand these well, you can perhaps move towards

    Zbigniew Brzeziski
  • Mika This . on Trump

    She is easy on the eyes of this old man. But this morning I looked deeply into them while she was talking about Trump and realized for the first time Mika is mentally ill. She needs help, at least a check up.
  • Aleppo

    Morning Joe sunk to a new low. To purposely set up Gary Johnson with a gotcha question about Aleppo then go on a rant about not knowing and unfit to be President. Very convenient to immediately breakaway to an Ambassador of Iraq and admonish Johnson for not being up to date on foreign affairs. Newsflash: 99.9% of Americans don't know Aleppo except for smuck TV analyst and host. Get over it. Hillary didn't know any Americans were killed in Syria after she announced she funded 3 different rebel groups to overthrow Qaddafi. Talk about a gaffe. I guess she had a senior moment and forgot about Christopher Stevens and the other Americans assassinated under her watch. Then to lie in front of those heroes families when the bodies were flown to the US and declared it was due to a film on the internet about Islam is as low as it gets. I guess she had another senior moment and forgot she emailed her daughter and told her it was a terrorist attack. MSNBC you are a disgrace to journalism. Just call yourselves the propaganda network. Hire some real journalist. None of these airheads have ever created a company, responsible for paying a payroll, running a state government. Guess what: Gary Johnson has and he did a fine job which is more than I can saw for Good Morning Joe and all the propaganda airheads who run that show. You were fretting and lamenting yesterday due to Trump leading the polls and how you could stop him. You have stooped to as low as you can get. Instead of focusing on what his views on issues were. you were too busy cutting him off after the gotcha question. Journalism at its lowest!

    Mika, find something else to do.... I am sure you are a good person, but your tv personality is so condescending as if you know more than anyone else and TO ASSUME your views are shared by all. PLEAZZZZZZE.... YOU NEED TO GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE AND REPORT THE NEWS NOT GIVE US YOUR SAD NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS DAILY... UGH.. I CANNOT EVEN WATCH ANYMORE!
  • Joe and paramour attack A Presidential candidate. (again)

    Thursday, 8 September, 2016. Today's exercise in Trump bashing ranged from mean spirited to just plain old mean.

    Joe Scarborough, a failed politician and Mika Brzezinski, whose claim to fame is the fact she is her father's daughter went on their usual rant with in 5 minutes of opening. The usual suspects all knowing who put them on the air, chimed in like hand puppets with Joe's hand up their collective butts.

    Mr. trump, like or dislike the man is still a candidate for president. Not a professional politician, not a news reader, not a public speaker, but a builder. an actual working man who produces something tangible in the world.

    As I watched, i wondered what, if anything, any of these pontificating heads had ever produced anything? Built anything? Created anything? Sewn anything? Cooked anything? Has Mika, Joe, Willy or their revolving cast of yes men (and women) ever done anything but give their opinions of those in our nation who factually produce those things we depend on to live?

    Not likely.

    Nor is it likely they ever will.

    But lord love a duck can they talk! And like a small group of incesteous folks, when they talk together, they get mean. Ugly even.

    Would Joe know what is required to set up a 500 million dollar loan from a foriegn government? Would Mika know how to set up a building schedule, and insure it had all the supervision to insure it was completed on time and on budget? Would Willy know how to hire 3,000 employees with in 30 days, get signed contracts and get those employees to the job site? You decide.

    Have any of these three, or their usual like minded clones ever been a chief administrative officer of a company with over 5,00, 10,000 or 30,000 employees?

    Have any of these mean spirited un-americans ever had some one give them a chance when they were novices, uninformed, and naive about the ways of a job, game or routine was to be followed?

    Prior to these unremitting attacks, Joe was a fan of the Donald. As long as joe was his on air friend, Mika wisely kept her progressive, hate filled persona under control. The moment Joe, the superficially convivial good old boy got (as we put it in the south) a case of the ass, he turned into a snake in the grass and Mika? Our fake blond side kick (or paramour if one believes the press) She rummaged thru her ever present bag of sharp objects, and threw them en mass at Trump's back. Willy dutifully tagged along, knowing well where his bread is buttered.

    These are not journalists. These are not even adults. these 2, (Willy excepted, what else can he do?) are angry they were called out, angry more people like Trump then even listen to them. Angry they have been shown to have no clothes, rather like their emperor.

    Let Joe go back to the south, and open a car dealership like all failed politicians. Let Mika score another millionaire from her circle of men who admired her father and move to Long Island. Let Willy have his own tv show.

    The rest of America will vote, based on the person who best meets our needs. Be we crooks and liars, or be we working folks who build, create and contribute to this great nation.

    We the people will decide. Trust me, It will not be made based on the opinions of a guy and a gal who together have lowered the intelligence quotient of the national dialogue by a full 50 points.

  • Joe blows

    I just read a dozen or more comments about how bad the show has morphed into a platform for Hillary. I totally agree and I'm a latecomer to morning joe. The choice is becoming more clear daily, vote for a criminal or vote for Donald. Are we equating the bad judgement calls of Hillary which include death, destruction of Syria, squandering state secrets to hackers and foreign governments to businessman Trump who actually builds structures and create jobs. He's actually correct when he says what do African Americans have to lose. This is the most critical time in our nation's history and we need Trump for change and to stop Clinton from making our laws a mockery of justice. Joe and Mica are little players that need to be sent to their rooms until they can speak and act like adults. I can't watch such a one sided show anymore. Management and producers take notice, your losing ratings , and need to have opposing views. Fox News is gaining.
  • Finally!!

    So glad that you guys are calling out Trump for what he is. It seems no one else has the b%**s. Also it's not the same when Mica or Joe are not there. I can't believe that a woos like Trump is the republican nominee. Don't get me wrong, I'm a democrat and from New York. In all of my 69 years I've never heard a New York man whine and beg like he does. He should be ashamed of himself. He probably is lying about where he comes from because everything out of his mouth is a lie. I really hope people see through him because he's taking them for suckers. Just like Michael Bloomberg said "I know a con when I see a con"
  • DNC Khan speech

    I did not feel Mr. Khan was there to honor his son. He was there as part of the Moslem Communities' reaction to plans Mr. Trump has regarding Moslems entering America.

    All these talking heads have discovered the term GOLD STAR FAMILY which proves what little coverage and insight they have about Veterans Families.

    Stories should be told about Heroes. Stories should not use Heroes. I love the stories of Barnacle and Reagan liberating concentration camps. and when Mika and Hillary where ducking sniper fire.

    So no reason to involve real stories anyway.
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