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  • Love that they stand up to fraud behavior.

    It's frightening how many Trump supporters are so vicious to attack those against Trump yet defend every evil thing he does. Just like Trump you criticize any news outlet that criticizes him yet you never hold Trump accountable for ANYTHING!! Mika calls Trump a liar because he is a LIAR!! Thank God for NOT FAKE news like Morning Joe. You expect them to apologize when Trump spews whatever conspiracy that fits his agenda every other day. These are serious accusations or things which have been proven false time over time again. Yet you Trump supporters don't expect him to ever take responsibility for his actions. He is like a spoiled child and his supporters continue to condone his bad behavior. How can the rational people in this country who fear for our children trust him in a real national crisis when everything says is bull and self motivated.
  • Morning Joe Fake news I can't tell the difference between Jerry Springer show .

    Morning Joe it should be called Hillary foundation network ! Al Sharpton is always the best guest. !you would think he is watching a Jerry Springer show.
  • was TV best politicalshow

    For years I have recorded then watched most of the daily 3 hour program. In the last few weeks what was once the best and most middle of the lane political program has lost it. I have removed it from my DVR. It appears they cannot even be bothered to turn up for work on a regular basis. I hope they recover their senses or this program is done.
  • Eat Crow Joe and Mika!

    It was so funny listening to this morning's show where the whole bunch of idiots (Joe and company) went completely out of their way to still try to justify their past weeks' crucifixion of Trump wrt his surveillance comments on Twitter. They just couldn't at least try to walk back some of their ridiculous persecution remarks, given yesterday's findings by Mr. Nunes! Joe and his minions I guess don't know how to say "sorry" either, just like they have continued to criticize Trump of not being able to do.
  • Hate makes for an ugly show

    Mika is so ugly now with her face of hate, I cannot watch anymore. This woman was with the Trumps on News Years eve and this is the best she can do? What a fake, ugly person on the inside she must be with this much ugly hate shown on her outside.

    I will not watch it again. I will tell my friends and family that there are happier things to watch than her bitch of a face!
  • Joe Missing Once Again

    Where's Joe? Mika's biases keep her from rational thought. For many years I watched Morning Joe for two hours every morning. Now the best I can do is watch the ranting for ten minutes. One of my favorite shows has been destroyed by unadorned hatred. Bye, Joe.
  • fake news morning joe and rachel

    Mika and the legendary mike and donny boy really suck all they do is put down Trump also so1 does rachel and chris hayes. 1
  • Done with Morning Joe

    If you need a good definition of "fake news" just tune into Morning Joe/Mika and spend some time listening to the vile, uninformed, opinionated, drivel they talk too all morning. Except for the parts where they use their platform for more info-tainment than actual news. I was a long time viewer, I valued the quality of the discussion and the different points of view expressed. But now the show is nothing more than a one sided screaming match without referee. Mika's constant whining about her former best friend now president has just become stomach turning. The lineup of close minded cronies from day to day, and the flipping back and forth from hate this to hate that, is just too much. Get out of New York and Washington and go see what's really going on in this country, then see if your one sided pretentious ideals still hold water.


  • Enough !!

    Like many of the other reviewers, I've watched Morning Joe for years. However, I'm also about to become a DROP-OUT. I'm beyond weary of the constant menu of venomous Trump-bashing; this morning I lost count of the times Trump was called a LIAR. Mica, with not only her over-the-top rants, but also her childish facial poses, has become beyond insufferable. And Joe, when he's not reminiscing about his glorious Congressional days (beyond boring), has joined in the hateful chorus. If the show is not an official arm of the DNC, it should be. They and most of their panel remind me every day why President Donald Trump is occupying the White House. Aside from Mark Halperin (who, I've noticed, often sits with eyes lowered - making me muse about what he's really thinking - and, when speaking, offers cogent commentary), the panelists maintain a myopic focus on Trump-bashing. In so doing, they not only reveal their lack of understanding of much of America .but also remove any glimmer of journalistic integrity. Enough. I can surely find more intelligent morning material.
  • Morning Joe is now Morning Mika

    Change the name to the Morning Mika, or grow a set and get in tune with what most of America thinks, not just the goody two shoes in Manhattan that everyone hates. In one breath you mention that people are looking past the nonsense in the White House, and are only looking at policy, then you spend the next hour talking about the nonsense. Willie said this morning we have all these important topics to talk about but we have to spend all this time on the nonsense. NO YOU DON'T, you choose to talk about the nonsense. I took the show off my DVR this AM/. Sad day, but i am officially done. I am a moderate Republican who used to vote across party lines. I am now firmly entrenched on the right because of the media liker this.
  • Former Loyal Watcher

    I keep trying to stick with this morning show. It has now reached the point that I can't even stand to watch more than three minutes in a row. It's become stale and repetitive. How many times can we be subjected to Mika's theatrics and downright hatred of Trump. She precedes every interview with her opinion of Trump. Her facial expressions are juvenile and unbecoming a professional. She is possibly the all time worst news person on tv. I think this show might have a chance if she was removed. Her bantering with Joe is not entertaining. He was much more respected before he joined forces with her. There are plenty of high quality journalists who could replace her and save the show.

    I'm just say'
  • I Agree About Joe

    I agree about Joe over talking people. It drives me nuts. But, they are trying to alert us that some major damage may soon be done to our democracy. Joe is clearly a conservative. Fortunately he does not have his head in the sand. He is an accomplished enough questioner to cut through the pompous garbage people like Tom Cotton are spouting. Anyone who doesn't see that the Obama wiretap allegations are a major, harmful lie, designed to deflect from Trump's Russia issues, are fooling themselves. Trump has the ability to clear this up in a minute, but knows he has no proof, and hopes that by calling for legislative investigations, can buy time to let it go away. This show is making up for it's early obsequience to Trump by holding his feet to the fire now. Despite some petty flaws, Morning Joe is a valuable, necessary show. With the wide range of political philosophies of the guests he has, it is truly fair and balanced, unlike many other shows which make that claim. Go Joe!
  • Smirking/Hysteric Mika and RINO Joe Lost My Viewership Late Last Year

    Morning Joe used to be my go to show in the AM for news. But, mid-2016, I couldn't take the vitriolic anti-Trump rhetoric any longer. So, I switched to Fox & Friends, on at the same time. I also had to ditch Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews and Bill Maher (on HBO) for the same reason. It's kind of sad to watch any of those shows anymore. They have only one message: We Hate Trump, and spend their whole show beating their chest and wailing about it. Guess what? Many people LOVE Trump. So, unless you guys want to lose more viewers, I suggest you find some other news to cover other than anti-Trump rhetoric. Not everyone believes as you do, Libtard network MSNBC. Sad I had to let you go, but not sad not to be watching your tired old bluster.
  • Once a HUGE fan watching Morning Joe Daily.. now I can't stand to watch!!

    We get it you obviously don't like President Trump.. but do the Millions and Millions of Business People and Americans a favor who voted for CHANGE.. to try and support this mission even just a little! I use to wake up every morning and your show was the only show I would tune into 1st.. Now.. I can't even get through a single I constantly change to ANY other show but yours.. as the garbage that your show promotes makes me sick.. We ALL know this Country is BROKEN and here is a man that broke all odds to become President of the greatest Country on earth.. and all you do is bash him and what he stands for to "Make America Great Again" Prior to Trump's Election I had all but lost hope in the direction of this great Country.. and now at least we have a CHANCE... with control of all three branches of Washington.. Do us all a favor and stop the Trump Bashing and this alone "may" help save your failing show.
  • What has happened to this show?

    Finally over the past two days this show has realized they were in a downward spiral. The show was much better yesterday without Minka, Please stop treating the public like we are ignorant, Present the facts and give both sides, Stop being only on the attack and acting so smug and superior. Your show has been so bias over the past three weeks and I was getting frustrated because you were so obviously biased that is was ridicules . I thought this show was supposed to present both sides. Get back on track with being fair and reporting all sides of issues.
  • Joe is such a fraud!

    The guy can't seem to make up his mind. Conservative, Rhino, Moderate, right of center, left of center. He talks over people in an effort to be funny when, as it has been figured out, he's completely unfunny. Their guest are intellectually corrupt. And Mika is such a complete moron. BTW, your father is and always has been a POS.

    Joe is a frat punk. BTW, nice sweaters princess..
  • Not Enough Coffee to take Morning Joe

    Morning Joe, stop presenting your opinions and just present the facts. Your show, like many other mainstream media outlets, is extremely biased and is not reliable. They, just like CNN, are big corporate entities that present paid stories they try and pass off as real news. MSM is a danger to society, because with the lack of factual news the citizens are left to argue amongst themselves, which is inherently unhealthy.
  • These people are insiders and entitled-it is a time to change, get them out

    used to like "morning Joe" but now you can clearly see that this show is saying to the outsider like Trump-"Bring it on. We are going to bury you 10 feet deep" The show is saying to anybody who dares to challenge the privileged class - we are insiders and this town would chew you up ad spit you out, don't you dare to challenge the status quo. It is truly amazing to see these guys making millions of dollars chatting nonsense in the Washington sponsored channel who would basically tell us, the slaves of this country "Shut the f up, you shit. We know what is right for you, We know who is holding the chain here".
  • Its Time Has Come and Gone

    This show is a bore, led by two spineless enablers. It's raison d'etre has long passed. What a waste of valuable and concerted time and effort, manifested so acutely by their painfully long and essentially valueless coverage of the Trump/Clinton campaigns over months and months of time, ultimately facilitating the win by Trump. Really, the genuineness and sincerity are simply no longer to be found in these two hosts and they really would do the world a favor by moving on. They may be fun loving drinking buddies at the neighborhood bar, but that's about it.
  • This stuff is unwatchable!

    This show has come to the point that you can't watch it anymore. This is the epitome of fake news! Joe Scarborough and his concubine continue to try to be relevant as their ratings drop to the floor. He's a has-been congressman the thinks he's going to be president one day. because he ran off with a woman that has a famous last name. This man is a fraud plain and simple. What should be reported on is the source of these trasonous leaks....
  • The morning joe show is a waste of time.

    The morning joe show has no talent. It has no entertainment value. Only idiots would enjoy it. Do not waste yourtim with it.
  • Objectivity is lost

    So sad you have been drinking the progressive koolaid. Marching in lockstep does not become you. Please review your decision to sell out. You are wasting a fine mind by joining the herd and rushing toward the cliff's edge. Question and explore .......
  • Joe and Mika have toliet tissue for you!

    This show is one of the worst I've seen, today watched to see how they handle the breaking news on Donald Trump and Russia, my last doubt removed .. Joe I know everything and Mika always look lost blow off the story... This why stopped watching the train wreck show. Hey! Joe and Mika have toliet tissue for you so u can wipe tip your noses from being so far up Trump's ass!
  • Tuning in and turning off!

    Every morning I awake pour my first cup of coffee and turn on Morning Joe as I have done for over five years. With increasing frequency I am turning off the program earlier and earlier. As an Independent voter I try to listen to both side of all political issues in order to form my own opinions. I have a hard time listening to voices coming from the far right and the far left, favoring those that are pragmatic rather then idealistic.

    Since the presidential campaign began and continuing with increased voracity since the election it is increasingly difficult to find commentators that state the facts as they seem them rather then spewing negative, nasty and in too many cases outright lies about those they oppose. This is true on both sides of the isle and even more so on Morning Joe when they stack those with similar opinions one on top of another in their daily lineup.

    This is my first time being moved to take time to respond and I do so out of frustration with those in politics and the media who seemingly form the majority and appear to be more interested in themselves, their positions and their power then to their responsibility to the country.
  • Turning it off; tired of the sad faces

    I have been a faithful viewer of this show for over a year. Always felt that they strove to be balanced sometimes leaning left, sometimes right. But since the election, they appear to have returned to the East Coast Pundits Bubble that they talked about so much before the election. If I turn in one more day to see Mika looking like her puppy was just run over I will scream. Joe use to have some political courage to argue issues that were not main stream but now he too looks like his puppy has been run over. All the doom and gloom is just BORING. If Joe and Mika can't change at least bring in some other opinions. Sadly you have lost this viewer!
  • I rarely watch it anymore

    I use to watch morning Joe faithfully before work every morning. Joe seemed conservative and Mika seemed democratic, it was a fair and balanced mixed. Now they are both so pro-Trump it's ridiculous. Joe blames every Trump failing on Whitehouse staffers and Mika just agrees with everything he says. It seems most people at the table agree with every move Trump makes. I turned it on for 5 minutes and Joe was talking about how wrong the judges were for upholding the restraining order for the ban of 7 countries. Joe didn't even mention how the judges said Trump did not submit proof of imminent danger from those countries. He just parroted Trump and stated the judges were political. That is why I now watch CNN, if I want to see Trump gushing all morning I'll watch Fox.
  • mikammika

    This show is so one sided ! Mika and Joe have obviously been given strict orders to trash the president every day. Folks, the reason we have president Trump is because many are fed up with the bias from all the networks. Obama's lies got us into hot water all over the world. Now we have to crawl back.

  • Trump's 2 biggest fans

    this show sucks. Joe &Mika are 2 brown-nosers. BTW, where is Nicole Wallace
  • Joe Puke!

    He's such a typical republican. Coddled babies with blinders on. Every once in a while he'll come up with an intelligent question but it probably wasn't his own. Then he constantly talks over top of Mika. I can't stand that! Also, why doesn't he buy some socks? Even panty hose would help. CNN is my new home in the morning. I really don't know how Scarborough has lasted this long. Puke!
  • where have all the guest gone?

    I could force myself to put up with Joe and his abuse of Mika and guests. But now the people sitting around the table are few and uninteresting. Where is Nicole Wallace? Steve Schmidt?The table seems to populated by reporters for MSNBC. It looks like people who used to be guests can no longer put up with Joe and his shilling for Trump.
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