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  • morning joe sucks

    the dumbest left wing morning show on cable. the biggest moron is mika joe's broken down pig who is obsessed with trump. i heard she did some carpet munchin in her day. how this show survives is a mystery. funny with all their bs never a mention of the guy halperin who she defended for his sexual harassment conduct. she should be muzzled.
  • Whitest Show on MSNBC

    Can we have a little COLOR in the morning? What happened to Black Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Eugene Robinson and Black journalist and Professor Dr. Jason Johnson? Why don't we see any Asian or Hispanic commentators? Joe must be pandering to his Southern White roots.
  • Joe's got to go!

    Apparently I'm not the only viewer that used to enjoy this show but now find it unbearable. I found the political dynamic between Mika and Joe interesting because both the Demoncratic and Republican viewpoints were articulated. Joe was rude and interupted Mika and guest, but at least there was some equality between the two. Not now. Mika has adopted a subservant position who allows Joe to talk over her and undermine her. She manages to get a few off camera utterages in but rarely speaks with any authority. I notice Joe pretends he is pulling her into a discussion but she rarely takes the opportuntiy to respond. The other day, Joe said "what would you do Mika if you were a lawyer,,,,,,,,,," and then went on and on about what she should do until it cut to commercial. She flaunts a "know your value" principle as we watch her give up her power and intelligence to an egotistical man. Even worse, she participates in Joe's childish tangents on silly topics like TV(ie Bachelor, The Muppets) and acts like a giggling kid.
  • A nice break!

    What an unexpected treat this morning. I have the privilege of actually hearing a panelist complete a sentence. I haven't had to hit the mute button once! Take a nice long vacation, Joe! "Morning Mika" has a nice ring to it!
  • Moving On

    I watched Morning Joe for years and enjoyed the different points of view and intelligence discussions from a variety of people. Over the past year or so the show has gone steadily down hill. It began with Mika pushing the sale of her book and then constantly patting herself on the back for her workshops, which may be very beneficial to women but are not news. Then she started the out of control rants, which were off the charts, even for a non-Trump fan. Shortly after that I realized that more and more I was telling Joe to "just shut up" or simply turning off the sound. The final straw was Mika's embarrassing loss of control and inability to handle an interview without stomping out of the room. Speaking as a professional woman, I felt she singlehandedly fueled all the discussion about women being "too emotional" to be in positions of authority. I've moved on to CNN and am remembering what it's like to watch professional people deal with a variety of opinions as adults.
  • When The Wheels Ran Off

    Morning Joe Show was well on the way until about two years ago to being regarded very highly by people substantial integrity. Then Joe and Miki took a hard left turn and the "Wheels Ran Off". Now it is just a matter of time when the cart stops and they wonder, "We were so very good". There will be no answers, just the shadows of Joe and Miki as they slither into darkness..
  • PLEASE Keep cam on Joe when he talks

    I watch this show most mornings but the ONLY way I can watch this show is after recording it. If it has been recorded, I'm able to fast forward through 90% of Joe's comments. But the task is much more difficult if Joe speaks when th camera is not on him so I do hope the producers will keep the cam on Joe when he speaks. I usually agree with Joe but I hate the way he bullies everyone, I hate the way he repeats himself, and I hate the way he never shuts up. Often the guests hardly get to comment! What a waste of GREAT co-hosts and guests! WHY??? Producers, please wise up: SHUT JOE UP!
  • Morning Maddow

    What a difference a year+ makes. Used to watch him a lot during the election. He had some good original insights, used to bring in opposing views and talk about all the issues. Now it's only one topic, Trump in a totally negative view. Ever since he started shacking up with Mika, her views have totally overtaken his views. He surrounds himself with yes men and their one goal on every show is to skewer Trump. Last week they brought in Frank Luntz, big mistake. He skewered them, and all his yes men had the "deer in the headlights look". When was the last time he had Newt Gingrich or some other real conservative. It's few and far between. So sad, now we have nobody in the middle.
  • Mourning Joe,SM--since Mika

    What goes around, comes around. Joe had some integrity a few years back. Forget that! He picked up on the ridiculing and assaulting everything Trump and added his own brand to it. And a very petty, juvenile thing it has become, indeed. Now, like a whipped dog, he allows himself to be ridiculed and bullied. even ON THE AIR, by Mika. What must it be like at home? Beaten down like a dog. What a sad puppy he is; wimped-out is too tame a word to use for someone who likes to portray himself as some macho-Alabama-alumnus-type. Come on--the Bear would absolutely puke in the woods! Hopefully he can worm his way out of this bloody mess he has allowed himself to get in to.

  • No Bueno

    I enjoy MSNBC and watch a few of the shows daily. I can't do the Morning Joe show anymore. On days when Mika and Joe were gone I enjoyed it. When Mika and Joe are on it is so negative. The snobbish ranting has gotten worse and it is not how I want to start my day. No Bueno!
  • Morning joe

    Terrible show
  • What a shame

    I've been a devoted Morning Joe fan for years. I loved the intelligent discussions. Now, Joe is seldom on the set. Regardless of the compelling conversations and interviews the team thinks they are not working. Being connected to guests via monitor is not the same as exchanging opinions in person. If Willie is on point to run the panel, give him the show. He shows up. And, Mika really disappointed me when she threw Wolff off the set. Believe me, as a professional woman I think he's "less than," and has to answer for the Nikki Haley inuendo. But as a dedicated journalist, it appears a more professional approach would have been for Mika to keep her cool and expose him for the fraud he is. At any rate, I'm done. Looking for a new morning show to call home.
  • Mika the meek and weak.

    Now, definitely Mika's pushing Mr. Wolfe off the set today was disgusting. Seems Mika just cannot take it and she acted like a weak and meek woman instead of a professional at the table. And Joe is rarely on set looking like he just fell out of bed and lackluster and when he on set once a week he acts like a giddy school girl. Done watching this most unprofessional display. You have some good people but childish hosts. Friends also stopped watching ages ago but every one in a while I would come back. Never again after Mik'as unprofessional display. Hey, Mika, if you can't stand the smoke, get the sellout of the kitchen. You sounded and acted so pathetic. Expected so much more of you. this week, where in the hell is Joe and Mika; when he is off-set, he looks like he just fell out of a stuper.. How can you have a round table discussion without the hosts. I immediately turn to CNN where the hosts are always on set 99 percent of the is getting rather ridiculous . Can't they even it make it to the set at least four times a week? Hey, get with the program and if you cannot make it on the set, get the hell off the set and let someone else do it better... Having been a fan of The Morning Joe Show for years, I am very disappointed what is happening late. .Either Joe is absent or Mika - seems too frequent; and then for Joe to be absent when Hillary Clinton is to be a guest was just too much. Every day it's rallying about Hillary, Obama or Trump and for him to say to Mika that whatever she says about the Republicans has no basis as she is a Democrat. What a crude thing to say to his co-host. She is ten times Joe. And what is it with his attire - can't he just cut that collegiate umbilical cord? His guests are always dressed properly and then he shows up with that cardigan. Good grief, it's summer. And why not have Pat Buchanan on the show. He is terrific; instead of that non informed racist Al Sharpton. I see that the ratings have gone down and I know exactly why. He asks his guest a question and he doesn't like it, he just interrupts and starts his tirade. I am so done with this show, as well as a few friends of mine. I could go on and on but it's just a darn shame. But I am done.
  • Morning, uh, Joe, uhh, almost unwatchable

    Joe Scarborough can't say 5 words without saying "umm" or "uhh" or "ahh", what happened to this guy, he is nearly watchable. Joe, you would flunk a 9th grade speech class, or should I say you would, uhh, flunk, uhh, a 9th grade, umm, speech class. I counted and stopped at 42 the number of "uhh's" in the first segment of the show and then turned it off to watch CNN which is equally informative with professional staff
  • Racist al sharpton

    I originally started watching Morning Joe because he was fair. He was a republican but would point out if they did something wrong. He's changed to a liberal and that's ok but when you bring on the biggest racist in the country Al Sharpton, I can't watch any more. To bring on Sharpton and call Trump a racist is hypocritical.
  • pass out soiled diapers and baby bonnets rev.

    What a bunch of goofy cry babies. extreme mental illness on steroids with a hemroid

    6/30/2017 after trashing trump for months he hit back and today these nasty dirt bags

    are victims of trump ahh poor foul mouthed low lifes. basically the communist fake woman with fake boobs

    and fake guitar player boy friend with a stupid looking muffin head bufont hair du doing fake news has a fake face and a huge butt. is any one really surprised I heard he turned from communist to indepent .

    I guess we are supposed to turn into brainless dirt bag shit people like joe and mika.
  • Morning Joe Gives a Morning Fill of "umm's" "ahh's"

    Joe Scarborough, listen to yourself for just one morning, you can't talk more than a few sentences without saying "umm" or "ahh" 10 times, you have become very difficult to listen to. Please listen to how you sound and how irritating this habit is when attempting to listen to an otherwise good presentation: use Bill Geist as a role model for speech.
  • Morning Joke

    I turn on Morning Joe every now and then just to see if they are turning back into a reputable NEWS show. So sorry to say that they obviously have thrown all their eggs into one basket and I say throw because those eggs are all broken. Mika is a complete joke and the others are following the script. No news person can be that dumb so I conclude that they are being manipulated by some higher ups who are controlled by George Soros. There can be no other excuse for being so blatantly biased. But not just biased, they are actually creating fake news.

    It is now so obvious that it is no longer funny. How can they go on about Trump breaking rules when he asked Comey if he was under investigation and yet they never go on about the really BIG laws that Hillary has broken. People, there is a shadow govt in place and the swamp will take a long time to drain as CNN/MSNBC are in it to protect it with their propaganda. Hey Im in Canada and it is so easy to see, even from up here. Americans can't possibly be that stupid.
  • Morning Joke

    I am having some withdrawals from the original cast of normal characters not tainted by their personal animus for this President. I used to enjoy their balanced approach to things. That was when Mika was spending more time under the desk. I think now that Mika has Joe by his Scarborough's, he seems to have lost his way. I am done wasting time watching.
  • Done with this

    Enough with the Trump bashing!!!!. I am definitely done with this show. I watched it every day for more than two years. I find both Joe and Mika disgusting and stupid! Same old guests and same old tune every day. Get with the program!!!
  • For the love of god, shut her up

    Mika is having a love affair with her own voice. She talks non-stop, interrupts guests and artfully dodges the fact that she has a much more prominent role on the show since her romance with Joe. She is rude and a bore. I hope they find a replacement for her swollen ego soon.

    Up until a few months ago I watched MJ daily, not anymore.

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  • Payback will be a Bitch!

    I am really looking forward to the day when all of this Russia crap will finally be put to bed and found to be totally baseless, and then Joe and his morning squeeze Mika will be begging for some forgiveness from the Trump camp in order that they may be able to have him/them come to their show for interviews. Right now with all of the "prejudgments" being made by this so-called news show, they may have just burned down all of those bridges.
  • No more morning Joy - Same ole, Same Ole, Same Ole

    I used to be a big fan of this show. Joe was articulate and reasonable though even then all Mika did was sit and make faces. I stopped watching during the last election when the tenor of the show changed to become TRASH TRUMP. So BORING!! Same old people. same old guests, sitting around like robots shaking their heads in agreement with the hosts.

    They ought to take some lessons from Fox and Friends. Even though they slant to the right, their shows are a mix of friendly banter, cooking guests and a very entertaining weather though I voted for Trump,I do think he sometimes behaves like a jerk. But he is the President and won the election like it or not..

    Particularly offensive is Douchebag Donnie. who judges so many republicans so vociferously. Does he sit at the right hand of God? wonder what we would find if we peeked into his past????I often wonder why Mark Halperin stays on this show. He is so above the others.

    I like to hear both of the issues but watching is Joe is too painful.
  • Morning Joke starring Mika Bullsh**tki and Joe Scamborough

    These two do not report or say anything news worthy. They just beat up on Trump and espouse there very stupid, asinine opinions. MSNBC stands for Most Stupid News Broadcast Company and we all know the Morning Joke is just that.
  • How to recognize a sociopathic narcissist

    Sociopathic Narcissist / Narcissistic Sociopath are equal terms

    To recognize them, keep the following guidelines in mind:

    (1) They are habitual liars. They seem incapable of either knowing or telling the truth about anything.

    (2) They are egotistical to the point of narcissism. They really believe they are set apart from the rest of humanity by some special grace.

    (3) They scapegoat; they are incapable of either having the insight or willingness to accept responsibility for anything they do. Whatever the problem, it is always someone else's fault.

    (4) They are remorselessly vindictive when thwarted or exposed.

    (5) Genuine religious, moral, or other values play no part in their lives.

    (6) They have no empathy for others and are capable of violence.

    (7) Under older psychological terminology, they fall into the category of psychopath or sociopath, but unlike the typical psychopath, their behaviors are masked by a superficial social faade

    (8) The sociopathic narcissist reacts strongly and sometimes even violently to negative feedback

    (9) A narcissistic sociopath is unable to tolerate criticism and needs constant praise, as well as deference from other people

    Many with this condition present themselves in the best light possible and are able to easily charm others to gain their trust.

    These people are mentally ill and extremely dangerous!

  • Scarborough,from Scarborough country to Brzezinski fantasy Island

    . I always got a bigugh from Scarborough country and Joe's ham fisted take on the left and Reagan idolatry pointed to an ideology notxpected on Imus crapping the bed and Mika Brzezinski's chemistry with Joe and a new entertaining show was born with the brilliant Willie Geist,massively under rated and we have the best 2 and a half hours in the morn repeat at 8 . most mornings a witty show however Mikas acting like the only woman who ever garnered a raise about it and squeezing every nickel is off putting double teaming a goodan,Bernie SANDERS IS also a he debates Graham or not Sanders legitimately areas for the elderly,disenfranchised and the poor,after being shafted by the DNC in the primary against Clinton is now portrayed by the Scarbouroughsas a ham fisted selfish me,me,memonger is unfair. Jow wrote the time,date and reason that the 22nd was the end of Bernie career politically and we shall see if the Senator who came close to valffice knows morehan an Alabama University scholar????If that show but Bernie caucuses 98% of the time with dems and has some isagreements worthy of the other 2%
  • "Quick Wit Joe"

    I love Morning Joe!! The people on that show actually have IQ's and can talk about politics with intellectual ability. Their guests are some of the best in the world.
  • shocked and deeply saddened

    As a music aficionado, Mr. Scarborough should realize that the maestros all had at least one thing in common; they were all able to perform more than one tune. I watched faithfully for more than a year and enjoyed the back and forth between hosts and guests. I fear that I now find the one note refrain tiresome and intellectually dishonest. A common critique leveled at the current President is that he fails to expand his base and appeal to a broader political spectrum of the electorate. I'm reminded of a saying related to pots, kettles, and coloration.
  • Best morning show on TV

    Glad to have people out there willing to call Trump out on his crap. I see a lot of people whining about them not kissing Trump's butt. One day they'll hopefully grow up and realize they made a terrible choice. Most seem to be on the second stage of grief, anger. Hopefully they'll get too acceptance soon and never repeat their same mistake again.