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  • Un watchable

    It's hard to truly convey how much I see wrong with this show but reading the other reviews, most has been said, and people can see through the hosts. My point is that Willie Geist has completely lost credibility and respect from me by being on this show. I thought he was being groomed for a bigger role at the Today show, being part of this morning Joe crew cheapens him.
  • Enough of this twosome

    Such egotism and sense of utter authority!!.

    They have been banished from my viewing schedule.
  • Morning Joke

    I turn on Morning Joe every now and then just to see if they are turning back into a reputable NEWS show. So sorry to say that they obviously have thrown all their eggs into one basket and I say throw because those eggs are all broken. Mika is a complete joke and the others are following the script. No news person can be that dumb so I conclude that they are being manipulated by some higher ups who are controlled by George Soros. There can be no other excuse for being so blatantly biased. But not just biased, they are actually creating fake news.

    It is now so obvious that it is no longer funny. How can they go on about Trump breaking rules when he asked Comey if he was under investigation and yet they never go on about the really BIG laws that Hillary has broken. People, there is a shadow govt in place and the swamp will take a long time to drain as CNN/MSNBC are in it to protect it with their propaganda. Hey Im in Canada and it is so easy to see, even from up here. Americans can't possibly be that stupid.
  • Predictable

    I have been watching this show for years. I am completely disgusted. It is hard for me to keep from switching to FOX after seconds. I feel like I am back at New Paltz in a "political science" class. Completely biased, predictable and downright scary. Mika- grow up. We can see right through you. The sky is not falling. Joe- try to get your head out of Mika's ... As for the other "journalists" on the show, time to get off the sinking ship. This show is comical at this point and not at all informative.
  • Where's Nicole?

    Just wondering what happened to Nicole Wallace? I haven't seen her on MJ for quite sometime. Did that buffoon Joe chase her away?
  • I lose sleep for this?

    I can't stand Morning Joe anymore. Now that Joe and Mika are out of the closet, it is a pathetic show. I live in Hawaii and watched the show for years, staying up until midnight (and 1am) when the time changes. But they are so biased against Trump, Trump, Trump. That's all they talk about. Joe lets Mika run her mouth like it was her show. I particularly hate Republicans like Joe who make their money bad-mouthing other Republicans. The final straw for me was when they described Prez Trump as having dementia. That was it. Joe and Mika are no longer worth my beauty sleep. Joe should change his political party so at least he would be an honest liberal. They don't deserve air time or my time any longer.
  • Manic Mika Morning

    Know your value?! Mika Brzezinski is not even close to being a role model for women of today. She is merely a canned throwback to the days when women of privilege were only notable due to having influential fathers, well-connected brothers, and marrying the boss. The average woman would not fare well following her pretentious "advise" even if they were extremely good at their jobs, which Mika Brzezinski is not. Her huffing, puffing, snorting, and incredulous facial expressions chase me over to Fox and Friends on a regular basis. No hope for the show now that Joe and Mika are engaged to be man and manic.
  • Mika, Mika, Mika.

    Couldn't agree more with ithinkthis, but I would put more of the onus on miss Mika. She is sanctimonious, rude and her fanned indignation at every subject that is "beneath" her drives me nuts. If someone jokingly comments on an episode of Star Wars, or some other show that is beneath her high mindedness, she get's flippant "oh, glad you have time to watch that stupid stuff". Lady, get over yourself. She sits there with her phone going off during the broadcast because she has to call and wake her 20 year old daughter. Um, how about your daughter grow up and you cut the cord. The constant finishing of other peoples sentence is also annoying as hell. She is smart, articulate and knowledgeable, would be great if she could just get over herself. Replace her with Katy Kay.
  • Enough JOE and Mika...

    It would be great to have the kind of professional behavior that Morning Joe had today with the two co-host not being there. Get so tired of their rude interrupts or speaking over each other and guest. I want to listen to what others say - not just Joe and Mika. Manners would help us all listen! Not much to ask of adults!
  • I really hope Joe reads this

    I have been a devoted fan of Morning Show for nearly 10 years. With three small children, I have to squeeze in time to catch my DVR'd episodes, but I typically watch at least three episodes a week. I have always wondered how Joe enjoys time with Mika outside the office since she often seems to miss the joke, jokes which Willie picks right up on, (these little side bar banters being one of the things I enjoy most about the But that is trivial, and because I assumed Mika's goal was to take the high road, and keep the show on course, I have assumed that off camera, she must be able to engage in intelligent debate and concede the other side at least some of the time. Understand I am a liberal leaning, professional woman, and want to see more women heading programs like this, not less, but Mika, enough is enough. Your absolute flabbergastedness at all things Trump-related has become so tiresome, I am forced to just ignore you. And I agree with these reviewers who mention your facial expressions, I find them unprofessional too. Joe's 'hyper self confidence in his own assertions' shtick works because he portends to analyze the particular string of events being discussed and then makes some kind of assessment, and it has the appearance of being reasonable and not based on party lines. Mika's opinion can almost always be predicated before anything has been discussed. I would not comment on the facial expressions, or the dramatic presentation, honestly, if she wasn't just so gosh darn predictable. This has all reached its pinnacle since the election of Trump, before that, I still LOVED the show. Now, I find myself annoyed too often. Listen, I despised Trump too, and much of what he stood for, but I do not tune into political news to watch an over the top bashing of anything. We viewers, even those of us who watch MSNBC, can appreciate subtlety, and nuance, so please try and keep things as non-biased as possible. I appreciate hearing opinions, I think the people at the table on a cable show like this do not have to tow the journalistic line of showing no opinion, but make sure it is one that does not so obviously come from a place of ideology. I believe Joe does this successfully; Willie as well. Guests, who do not obviously favor a "side" or at least shield their personal biases well, like Mark Halperin, David Ignatious, Jon Meacham, Peggy Noonan, Eugene Robinson, Richard Haas, and a slew of others,, are great in my opinion, and I will keep watching because it is still smart dialogue. Just keep the conversation constructive and analytical, and do not assume that your point of view is the right one to the point that you become, sorry to use this word but it fits, snarky. You can avoid this by continuing to invite differing opinions, and leave the snarkiness (especially when it is so predictable) at the door. PS Love all the songs before they go to break, which I believe is Joe's playlist. And love when he said Adrien whispering "win" from the hospital bed was the greatest part in Rocky II the other day. lol These are the little things that keep me coming back, I feel like know Joe, and that I'd enjoy having a drink with he and Willie at a bar. Have on more women who I could envision sitting there with you too, "getting the
  • Calling Names

    I can't believe that you could do such a switch over so fast. You Joe, calling people stupid and fools because they have different opinions than you. Being a former, whatever you were, does not make you always right or an expert. Mika does not agree with you a lot of times but won't say anything. You can see it on her face. She said and you said all those negative/truthful comments the last weeks and maybe months about the Pres.

    Now since he did this bombing, he is now a new man. Get real!
  • Amazing!!!!

    I have never seen such a flip flop. One week Trump is a joke the next he is a genius. In my opinion you are the perfect example of FAKE news!!!!!
  • Syria is one great diversion!

    What is the one thing the President does when he wants to divert attention from collusion with Russia? Redirect the conversation. All the commentators were completely sucked in. News reports indicate NO DAMAGE to the Syrian airfield struck by 59 cruise missiles? Of course not! Thirty million dollars of wasted cruise missiles was the cost of redirecting this conversation, and it worked even better than expected! You missed it Joe!
  • Snarky Program


    I have been watching/recording and watching Morning Joe for over 5 years. I was hoping the show would improve after it got over Trump being elected, but alas, have given up. Mika should have been fired a year ago, and now Joe is just as bad.

    Mika, you are acting like a disappointed little girl. I am bitterly disappointed in your behavior! You don't represent women at the "grown-ups" table! Your "girly giggle" and pouty faces are very unbecoming! Get over yourself!

    Joe, you are just about as bad. Actually, you have been just as bad this week. Mika can stick up for herself or get fired. Why are you patronizing her?

    Both of you make me ashamed to have ever voted Democrat! Americans have to grow up and become responsible for solving the problems in America today. Nothing is funny about what is going on in the world today. I used to count on your program giving unbiased information about political news. Now you are just like most "slanted" programing on cable news.

  • Payback will be a Bitch!

    I am really looking forward to the day when all of this Russia crap will finally be put to bed and found to be totally baseless, and then Joe and his morning squeeze Mika will be begging for some forgiveness from the Trump camp in order that they may be able to have him/them come to their show for interviews. Right now with all of the "prejudgments" being made by this so-called news show, they may have just burned down all of those bridges.
  • Love that they stand up to fraud behavior.

    It's frightening how many Trump supporters are so vicious to attack those against Trump yet defend every evil thing he does. Just like Trump you criticize any news outlet that criticizes him yet you never hold Trump accountable for ANYTHING!! Mika calls Trump a liar because he is a LIAR!! Thank God for NOT FAKE news like Morning Joe. You expect them to apologize when Trump spews whatever conspiracy that fits his agenda every other day. These are serious accusations or things which have been proven false time over time again. Yet you Trump supporters don't expect him to ever take responsibility for his actions. He is like a spoiled child and his supporters continue to condone his bad behavior. How can the rational people in this country who fear for our children trust him in a real national crisis when everything says is bull and self motivated.
  • Morning Joe Fake news I can't tell the difference between Jerry Springer show .

    Morning Joe it should be called Hillary foundation network ! Al Sharpton is always the best guest. !you would think he is watching a Jerry Springer show.
  • was TV best politicalshow

    For years I have recorded then watched most of the daily 3 hour program. In the last few weeks what was once the best and most middle of the lane political program has lost it. I have removed it from my DVR. It appears they cannot even be bothered to turn up for work on a regular basis. I hope they recover their senses or this program is done.
  • Hate makes for an ugly show

    Mika is so ugly now with her face of hate, I cannot watch anymore. This woman was with the Trumps on News Years eve and this is the best she can do? What a fake, ugly person on the inside she must be with this much ugly hate shown on her outside.

    I will not watch it again. I will tell my friends and family that there are happier things to watch than her bitch of a face!
  • Joe Missing Once Again

    Where's Joe? Mika's biases keep her from rational thought. For many years I watched Morning Joe for two hours every morning. Now the best I can do is watch the ranting for ten minutes. One of my favorite shows has been destroyed by unadorned hatred. Bye, Joe.
  • fake news morning joe and rachel

    Mika and the legendary mike and donny boy really suck all they do is put down Trump also so1 does rachel and chris hayes. 1
  • Done with Morning Joe

    If you need a good definition of "fake news" just tune into Morning Joe/Mika and spend some time listening to the vile, uninformed, opinionated, drivel they talk too all morning. Except for the parts where they use their platform for more info-tainment than actual news. I was a long time viewer, I valued the quality of the discussion and the different points of view expressed. But now the show is nothing more than a one sided screaming match without referee. Mika's constant whining about her former best friend now president has just become stomach turning. The lineup of close minded cronies from day to day, and the flipping back and forth from hate this to hate that, is just too much. Get out of New York and Washington and go see what's really going on in this country, then see if your one sided pretentious ideals still hold water.


  • Enough !!

    Like many of the other reviewers, I've watched Morning Joe for years. However, I'm also about to become a DROP-OUT. I'm beyond weary of the constant menu of venomous Trump-bashing; this morning I lost count of the times Trump was called a LIAR. Mica, with not only her over-the-top rants, but also her childish facial poses, has become beyond insufferable. And Joe, when he's not reminiscing about his glorious Congressional days (beyond boring), has joined in the hateful chorus. If the show is not an official arm of the DNC, it should be. They and most of their panel remind me every day why President Donald Trump is occupying the White House. Aside from Mark Halperin (who, I've noticed, often sits with eyes lowered - making me muse about what he's really thinking - and, when speaking, offers cogent commentary), the panelists maintain a myopic focus on Trump-bashing. In so doing, they not only reveal their lack of understanding of much of America .but also remove any glimmer of journalistic integrity. Enough. I can surely find more intelligent morning material.
  • Morning Joe is now Morning Mika

    Change the name to the Morning Mika, or grow a set and get in tune with what most of America thinks, not just the goody two shoes in Manhattan that everyone hates. In one breath you mention that people are looking past the nonsense in the White House, and are only looking at policy, then you spend the next hour talking about the nonsense. Willie said this morning we have all these important topics to talk about but we have to spend all this time on the nonsense. NO YOU DON'T, you choose to talk about the nonsense. I took the show off my DVR this AM/. Sad day, but i am officially done. I am a moderate Republican who used to vote across party lines. I am now firmly entrenched on the right because of the media liker this.
  • Former Loyal Watcher

    I keep trying to stick with this morning show. It has now reached the point that I can't even stand to watch more than three minutes in a row. It's become stale and repetitive. How many times can we be subjected to Mika's theatrics and downright hatred of Trump. She precedes every interview with her opinion of Trump. Her facial expressions are juvenile and unbecoming a professional. She is possibly the all time worst news person on tv. I think this show might have a chance if she was removed. Her bantering with Joe is not entertaining. He was much more respected before he joined forces with her. There are plenty of high quality journalists who could replace her and save the show.

    I'm just say'
  • I Agree About Joe

    I agree about Joe over talking people. It drives me nuts. But, they are trying to alert us that some major damage may soon be done to our democracy. Joe is clearly a conservative. Fortunately he does not have his head in the sand. He is an accomplished enough questioner to cut through the pompous garbage people like Tom Cotton are spouting. Anyone who doesn't see that the Obama wiretap allegations are a major, harmful lie, designed to deflect from Trump's Russia issues, are fooling themselves. Trump has the ability to clear this up in a minute, but knows he has no proof, and hopes that by calling for legislative investigations, can buy time to let it go away. This show is making up for it's early obsequience to Trump by holding his feet to the fire now. Despite some petty flaws, Morning Joe is a valuable, necessary show. With the wide range of political philosophies of the guests he has, it is truly fair and balanced, unlike many other shows which make that claim. Go Joe!
  • Smirking/Hysteric Mika and RINO Joe Lost My Viewership Late Last Year

    Morning Joe used to be my go to show in the AM for news. But, mid-2016, I couldn't take the vitriolic anti-Trump rhetoric any longer. So, I switched to Fox & Friends, on at the same time. I also had to ditch Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews and Bill Maher (on HBO) for the same reason. It's kind of sad to watch any of those shows anymore. They have only one message: We Hate Trump, and spend their whole show beating their chest and wailing about it. Guess what? Many people LOVE Trump. So, unless you guys want to lose more viewers, I suggest you find some other news to cover other than anti-Trump rhetoric. Not everyone believes as you do, Libtard network MSNBC. Sad I had to let you go, but not sad not to be watching your tired old bluster.
  • Once a HUGE fan watching Morning Joe Daily.. now I can't stand to watch!!

    We get it you obviously don't like President Trump.. but do the Millions and Millions of Business People and Americans a favor who voted for CHANGE.. to try and support this mission even just a little! I use to wake up every morning and your show was the only show I would tune into 1st.. Now.. I can't even get through a single I constantly change to ANY other show but yours.. as the garbage that your show promotes makes me sick.. We ALL know this Country is BROKEN and here is a man that broke all odds to become President of the greatest Country on earth.. and all you do is bash him and what he stands for to "Make America Great Again" Prior to Trump's Election I had all but lost hope in the direction of this great Country.. and now at least we have a CHANCE... with control of all three branches of Washington.. Do us all a favor and stop the Trump Bashing and this alone "may" help save your failing show.
  • What has happened to this show?

    Finally over the past two days this show has realized they were in a downward spiral. The show was much better yesterday without Minka, Please stop treating the public like we are ignorant, Present the facts and give both sides, Stop being only on the attack and acting so smug and superior. Your show has been so bias over the past three weeks and I was getting frustrated because you were so obviously biased that is was ridicules . I thought this show was supposed to present both sides. Get back on track with being fair and reporting all sides of issues.
  • Joe is such a fraud!

    The guy can't seem to make up his mind. Conservative, Rhino, Moderate, right of center, left of center. He talks over people in an effort to be funny when, as it has been figured out, he's completely unfunny. Their guest are intellectually corrupt. And Mika is such a complete moron. BTW, your father is and always has been a POS.

    Joe is a frat punk. BTW, nice sweaters princess..
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