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Mortal Kombat: Conquest

(ended 1999)



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Mortal Kombat: Conquest

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This series is a "prequel" to the movies, chronicling the early adventures of Kung Lao, who will play a critical role in the upcoming battles for Earth in the Mortal Kombat movie (at least, in the video games). In the (more or less) 19th century, Shao Khan and his minions strike from Outworld and are opposed by Kung Lao and his two friends, Siro and Taja, while Lord Rayden provides cryptic advice.

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  • I miss watching this on saturdays.

    I wish they'll put it back on the air like they did Hurcules.
  • The beautiful people playing Chess with sexed up Martial Artists. Now this is my type of show!

    Having only watched from episode 14 to 22 I got a shortened version but this didn't stop my enjoyment. I loved the highly sexed up show and every actress was picture perfect. I have never seen so many beautiful people in one show in all my life.

    But here it was, not so cheesy as Hercules or Xena. But a more brutal adaptation of a very successful video-game. There was a very strong element of watching a chess game between Gods, Emperors, Kings, Queens and all that are powerful.

    The Martial Arts thrown in is my type of show. I just wished it would of lasted longer.moreless
  • Kung Lao along with two characters that have nothing to do with the game set off on a journey to fight evil.

    The only reason i chose to watch this show is to see how creative the makers of this series will get by showing us all the different characters of the game. Im quickly starting to lose interest in the story-line of the show, but at the same time there is a part of me who wants to watch the whole show so i don't miss any characters. I can't wait to get done with this show put it aside and never watch it again. For all the mortal kombat fans, im sorry to say but you will be very dissapointed.moreless
  • Good show. To many questions.

    Overall the show was decent. The Ending i believe could have been better or they should of added more to it. There was to many question left behind and to many stories left untold. Characters like Subzero, noob sibat, scorpian, and the whole reptile army. Also master cho. They should of finished up there stories or mention what had happend. Also i would like to know or think would have been neat if they were to mention if this was something after liu kang, sonya, and such, or before. I know they are two dif stories but believe it would have been better if they did put the stories somewhat together, evan if it were just tales. Over all good show till the end.moreless
  • Kicked Butt on a weekly basis.

    I really loved this show. I started watching it because I thought the first movie was great. I never played the games much so I just loved the movie at first. But when I saw the show it was great. I loved how the three main characters got along. Plus one was a women who kicked butt. Sometimes the acting was okay, but other times they had really good tv actors that have been around. It was some thing different on tv. Thats; probably why i liked it so much. It was more than just fighting, they had a story to tell about its three main characters.moreless

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