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    i was largely impressed by the first Mortal Kombat game.

    it was a decent fighting game and it may have been the first to use paticle atacks.

    what impresssed me most of all and holds that game in my list of all time great games,is the fact that it used live motion capture for the charectors wich they themselves wereimages of the actors.

    then it used rendering.then it became a goofy looking 3d.wich was cool because it may have again been the first but in itself it looked odd.

    now we have nintendo ds3d that used the same idea. it isnt true 3d unless you turn on the machine and you are litteraly surrounded by the game. (in that case you might be the charector,wich would be cool.but this makes me think of "eXistenZ")

    after MK2, the list of charectors became vast and ever expanding. all ninja types and thier cyborg counter-parts relied heavily on color rendering. the creators of mortal kombat did not deny this fact nore did they shy from any questions about it. they actualy reveled in the idea of creating so many charectors by using such a simple thing. in most games this idea sucks and is cheap. in mortal kombat games it actualy works.

    then tv shows came out such as Defenders of the Realm (1996)and Konquest (1998(i think). now it is a web based series featured on (redirects to series is called "Mortal Kombat - Legacy" (2011) wich was heralded by a trailer called "Mortal Kombat - Rebirth" (2010). this "trailer" seems more like a prologue to Legacy than it dose a trailer. the origenal idea was to have this as a trailer for a new updated reality grounded movie. instead the movie was turned into a web based series. details can be found on wikipedia there are two episodes released at this time. i amhighly impressed so far.

    i will conclude this rambling by saying: i am not a fan of fighting games,tv shows and or movies based from the fighting games.but this fighting game has interesting albeit redundant story line.hero/vilain breaches protocol and returns to earth realm and rinse wax repeat. my understanding is the most recent mortal kombat game is a slightly diferant version. basicly a "what if" idea. smoke is still human and subzero is a cyborg. this is what i have been told.i have not played the game.

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