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  • Pretty good but could be made better.

    This is a show about an eleven year-old girl with over the top ideas of death caused by embarrassment. Some of the ideas of this show are just so preposterous that it takes away what this show could be.

    Her ideas are so over the top! This show can be improved and could be made a whole lot better. I like it but it isn't very addictive.

    A little more comedy couldn't hurt it either. There are some good laughs in the episodes, but more could be added in.

    This show has potential, and a lot of it, but it needs a bit of improvement!
  • The show is about Taylor, a preadolescent girl who goes through regular stuff. Her parents are hippy-ish and the episodes usually revolve around dealing with their strange ways. She is often with Hector, her bestfriend, who helps her go through stuff.

    I love this show. I am over 20 and I really enjoy it. I watch it on Disney Channel and I have to stay up until 2:30 AM to watch it. I find this really funny and entertaining. I was just talking to a friend about this show the other day and I couldn't help but smile when I recall scenes that I really enjoyed. I love the characters. Aside from Taylor, my favorite character is Hector, her bestfriend. This is a really nice show and it is heart warming too. To sum it up, this show is funny, entertaining and grounded.
  • Best kids show in a while.

    This show is definitely a diamond in the ruff. While most of kids TV is filled with bad acting, abysmal writing and lame jokes, Mortified is a clever and classy program that stands out. And what is much more important to me, it can be enjoyed by somebody over the age of 13. If you compare it to American TV, the closest comparison is Lizzy McGuire. Actually it is very much like Lizzy McGuire.