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CBS (ended 1991)


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  • For 6 weeks in the summer of 1991, CBS had what, IMHO, was one of the funniest hours in television history.

    At 8:00 pm, each Wednesday night, they aired repeat episodes of Police Squad (yes, the ABC sitcom from 9 years earlier). At 8:30 pm, it was Morton & Hayes. A Rob Reiner creation, Morton & Hayes was a loving tribute to the golden age of movie comedy teams-the age of Laurel and Hardy, the Marx Brothers, the Ritz Brothers, the Three Stooges, and Abbott & Costello. Each week, Rob Reiner would offer a little history about the fictional comedy team before presenting one of their "lost" short films. On occasion, he'd close the program interviewing some of the players involved, made up to look decades older. The show worked, for me at least, because it was faithful to the comedy era it was a tribute to, never straying anywhere near parody. Morton & Hayes failed to find an audience, however, perhaps for the very same reasons. It must have been disconcerting to tune to a major network in prime time only to find a black and white program with material that seemed more at home on the Late Late Late Show.

    A remarkable and funny actor, Kevin Pollak played the straight man, Chick Morton, while the underrated Bob Amaral (reportedly parking cars at Castle Rock studios when discovered and cast for the part) adeptly portrayed the Lou Costello of the team, Eddie Hayes. The supporting players throughout the series included Michael McKean, Christopher Guest, Catherine O'Hara, and Joe Flaherty. It was a funny, funny show that's never been rerun or released on video or DVD, as far as I can tell. Cast:
    Kevin Pollak……Chick Morton
    Bob Amaral……Eddie Hayes
    Rob Reiner……Host
  • Morton & Hayes was a short-lived 1930’s/40’s style sitcom presented in black and white, except for spots by Rob Reiner. Morton & Hayes portrayed the lives of two comical friends’ good and bad luck in the vein of Abbott and Costello.

    The thing that made this show unique was the way it was introduced by Rob Reiner each week (all be it only six weeks). Acting as if he were presenting a long lost episode of a 1930's/40's comedy team very much like Abbott & Costello, Rob probably fooled a lot of channel surfers into thinking they were actually watching something from bygone days, since all the episodes were filmed in black and white. Perhaps that is why Morton and Hayes was so short-lived. It was probably hard to "get it" if you didn't watch the introduction.

    Nevertheless, I was always impressed with Rob's enthusiasm. It clearly demonstrated his love for Bud and Lou, as well as the type of comedy that influenced him in his youth.