Most Daring

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Episode Guide

  • Season 7
    • Most Daring... Biggest Losers
    • Most Daring... Boneheaded Blunders
    • Most Daring... Young & The Reckless 2
    • Students Gone Wild 3
      It’s campus chaos caught on tape! Scantily clad co-eds start a bikini brawl. Streakers get tackled by a plus-sized football coach and a mascot in a bird suit. And, the wildest college clashes ever!
    • Disaster on the Job 6
      It's disaster on the job when a driver with a bus full of passengers blacks out at the wheel, a handy man falls through an office ceiling, and happy hour turns into bambi hour when deer invade a bar! Plus more office antics and on-the-job chaos.
    • Senior Smackdown 5
      Senior Smackdown 5
      Episode 10
      There’s no age limit for excitement when a skateboarding grandpa wipes out, a dancing grandma goes from booty shaking to booty breaking, and more of the parade of aging absurdity!
    • Horror On the Highway 4
      A bus driver dozes off at the wheel and bulldozes through a traffic jam. Then, a car tries to beat an oncoming train, but is no match for the high-speed wrecking machine. And later, wild women get down and dirty behind the wheel in an ATV mud race.
    • Biggest Losers 2
      Biggest Losers 2
      Episode 9
    • Riots & Rumbles 3
      Check out the baddest brawls and craziest fights caught on tape! Tonight girls in a lingerie football league trade high heels for roundhouse blows! Then, a student protest turns to chaos until cops move in to shut it down. And later, a dance contest gets vicious when one booty shaker hogs the stage.moreless
    • Loonies In the Boonies 2
      In this episode, it's chaos in the sticks! Police confront a man who's speeding through the a chair! Then, a male bonding moment gets physical when a group of drunk hunters square off in the woods. And later, these Dixie chicks look great with a gun, but can they handle the firepower?moreless
    • Dumb and Dumber
      Dumb and Dumber
      Episode 6
      A karate kid thinks he can wow the crowd with a flaming karate chop, but he's no kung fu master. Then, these geniuses flunk driving 101: brake is on the right, and gas is on the left... And later, who's bright idea was it match beauty pageant hotties with horses in heat?moreless
    • World's Wildest Drivers
    • Sudden Terror 4
      Sudden Terror 4
      Episode 4
      A tow truck driver flees for his life when he learns the angry owner of the car he is towing also owns a gun! Later, two skydiving novices jump for their lives when their plane malfunctions, and a jaywalker is almost killed by a speeding car.
    • Bedlam In the Burbs 4
      A drunken mailman gets tagged with a DWI (delivering while intoxicated). Later, class is dismissed when a massive manhunt uncovers a gang of criminals hiding in an elementary school, and a peaceful neighborhood is terrorized by a dangerous arsonist.
    • Jail-Bound Jerks
      Jail-Bound Jerks
      Episode 2
      A maniac threatens to murder a terrified convenience store clerk, a routine traffic stop turns deadly when a teenager pulls her gun on the police, and a deadbeat mom teaches her kids a sophisticated variation of the old "five-finger discount."
    • Goin' Ballistic 2
      When a group of girls visiting Vegas gets kicked to the curb by their limo driver, the booze gives them the courage to fight back! Later, a murder suspect attacks his lawyers, and the gloves (and shirts) come off when two adult entertainers battle it out.
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